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Lieutenant Tito: There’s a hole in your philosophy.

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Meant to post this a few days ago. Another brilliant shore leave scene between @Vitor S. Silveira and @Sal Taybrim.


((StarBase 118, Promenade, Donut Worry ))

Tito had ended up in, of all places, in a donut shop. To his surprise, considering how early in the early morning it was, Sal joined him. 
Tito told him about his recent visit to Sil and how it was affecting him.

Tito leaned back. He tipped his head, as he avoided Sal's eyes. Besides the guilt and the fear, now he was also ashamed. 

Tito: I feel… Guilty. I mean, my life isn't perfect but… Even if we are a quadrant apart my relationship with Taisa is strong. I miss Arys, and Egil, but I am getting along much better with others… ::he smirked looking back at Sal:: At least that's what it feels like. I am on a department a little clear from the action and the field I always loved since I was a kid…

He paused, opening his arms, shrugging. 

Tito: My life got back on track. Why did Sil's have to take that down turn? I couldn't… I didn't even tell him about Taisa. It felt wrong after what he's been through. 

Sal leaned forward.

Taybrim: Your good fortune doesn’t mean Sil’s ill fortune.  There is enough good fortune in the universe for everyone, especially the both of you. And I would emphasize that you are part of Sil’s good fortune, despite his bad times.  You were there for him and came through for him.  As for why?  I ask that of the universe myself.  And I don’t have an answer on why the universe is cruel.  Only that it’s not your fault.  Or my fault.  Or Sil’s fault.  It just exists and we have to endure it.

Tito nodded. Sal proved himself again. Not only was he a caring friend and CO, he was also wise and pondered. He smiled, leaning forward, taking his half eaten donut in his fingers. 

Tito: However,  in all this I came to realise something. I have a very scientific approach to donuts now.

Taybrim: Oh?  Do tell.

Tito: Donuts are simple. Just cake around a hole.

Sal smiled.

Taybrim: I think that’s a philosophical approach rather than a scientific one.

Tito frowned even if he was still smiling.

Tito: Really? In Human Classical culture Philosophy was considered the Science of Sciences. But do you think my observation can be extrapolated in such a matter?

Taybrim: The philosophy of donuts?  Hm.  I suppose we could find some truth in that.

Tito: That is one of the goals of philosophy, but go on.

Sal raised his doughnut, as if he was observing it. Tito was curious to see what would be his reply. He took a bit from his own donut as he listened to Sal.

Taybrim: Alright, here’s mine.  I think the smooth frosted donuts are fine, but the imperfect ones, the rough ones are all the more delicious for their texture.  

Tito finished chewing and nodded.

Tito: Now that to me is a scientific observation. Although, like my observation, it can have a deeper meaning. 

Taybrim: Aright, what’s yours?

Tito raised an eyebrow and tipped his head.

Tito: Mine? I don’t think I can make a correct dissertation.

Sal leaned forward with a soft smile.

Taybrim: I don’t think there’s any right or wrong answers in philosophy.  Just an attempt to reach some sort of realization that helps you move forward with your day.

Tito: I might have to make a revelation first.

Taybrim: Response

Tito leaned back, making himself more comfortable. Curiously speaking with Sal was making him move forward from his early feelings.
Nothing like metaphorically picking donuts, in the earliest hours of the day, with the Sun barely on the horizon, to smooth the emotions that troubled him.

Tito: I don’t even like donuts. But to give it a try, I think the most important part of the donut is the most overlooked.

Taybrim: Response

Tito pointed to Sal’s donut, since his was almost all gone.

Tito: The hole. There resides the key to the true nature. Because if it isn’t there the donut is just another pastry. It’s what gives its identity and what gives it… Lets say, meaning.

Taybrim: Response

Tito opened his arms. This wasn’t certainly his field, nor a theme he ever particularly wondered about. But Sal was easy to talk to, and as they kept on the conversation became more interesting.

Tito: I hope you don’t think it's an ambiguous answer, but to me that hole means nothing. ::Tito smiled as he took a longer pause before finishing.:: And everything. It permits us to think, and consider, over what is and is not. In a practical, scientific observation, it’s like matter and antimatter.

Taybrim: Response


Lt. Vitor R.S.Tito 
Science Officer
Starbase 118

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