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Lt Vylaa zh'Tisav: The Wager

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A brilliant sim from @Vylaa! Great dialogue between the characters here. So much fun to read conversations between Andorians, and to get a bit of an insight into Vylaa's world beyond Starfleet.

Lt Vylaa zh'Tisav: The Wager (google.com)


((Portside Mess Hall, IGS Phuzh, Orbit Over Andoria))

The big room hummed with the sound of multiple conversations overlapping.  The tables, of varying capacity, bore a good number of the Charal classes crew.  Normally they would naturally spread out between the two messhalls, but when the ship was in orbit of their homeworld everyone wanted to look upon the frozen moon.

Vylaa sat at a table in the corner with Riv and the ship’s XO Jhavao zh'Culna.  She enjoyed dining with her th'se and the ships officers when the ship was in orbit, they had all become friends over the years and it had been quite a long time since she’d been able to join them.  Too many familiar faces were missing.  Some had transferred.  Others, well, their blood dressed the Wall of Heroes.

One face who would probably never leave Riv’s side entered and hurried to the serving counter bearing the trays of fresh, unreplicated food.  He was Oshrin ch’Viannis, a security officer who held the distinction of also being Riv’s first-cousin.  The chan grabbed a plate and hurried over, a familiar half-grin plastered across his face.

Oshrin: My apologies for being late.  I was down on the surface.

Jhavao: With Ipolle again?  One of these days one of her father’s is going to catch the two of you together…

The chan wrinkled his nose.  It was a light-hearted jest, but mostly true all the same.

Oshrin: No, I was at the Academy.  I visited Kys.  Being a teacher suits him.  Oh…  :: He glanced at Vylaa.::  He says hello.

zh’Tisav:  ::Nodding.::  Teacher, eh?

Oshrin: That’s right.  They’re running a bunch of training simulations today.

He sat, toying at his food, clearly having something else to tell.  They all let him stew for a minute.  Finally Vylaa broke the silence, speaking over the mouthful of food in her mouth.

zh’Tisav: So?

Oshrin: Well, did you know some of your pinkskins are participating?

zh’Tisav: Don’t make it sound like they’re pets.  And so what?

Oshrin: Well, Commander sh’Omtala runs the training facilities now.  I think they borrowed one of her programs...

Vylaa paused, a forkful of steak hovering in midair.  Riv and Jhavao both chuckled, until Vylaa speared her husband with a withering gaze.

zh’Tisav: Stop that.

Riv: Well, it’s funny.

zh’Tisav: Oh, you guys are jerks.  Do they know how evil  sh’Omtala can be?

Jhavao giggled.

Jhavao: Doubt it.  I’d love to see the recordings.

Vylaa glowered and chewed her food quietly.  One thing she didn’t like about the Guard was the prevalent superiority complex.  It was a common belief among her people, but the Guard were drawn from the best of the best, which compounded the sentiment.

zh’Tisav: You under-estimate them.  They’ll do just fine.

Riv: Are yu sure?  We’ve had this discussion before.  They’re soft, in more ways than one.  ::He held up his plate loaded with food.::  They fill their bodies with replicated garbage.  Do you really think they can hold up to Andorian standards?

zh’Tisav: Yes.  I’ll wager five strip of latinum on them.

Jhavao: I’ll take that bet.

Vylaa eyed the zhen from the fractured warrior clan with narrowed eyes.  She was the only person Vylaa might ever have had to compete with for Riv’s attention.  They were friends now, but for a minute there...

zh’Tisav: You’ll regret those words.


Lt Vylaa zh'Tisav
Engineering Officer
USS Gorkon



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