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Lt JG Palen Osiris - Feline Cultural Exchange


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I couldn't not put an appreciation for this, such a fun sim from @Toryn Raga - who's taking bets on the winner?



((Yoga Room - Gymnasium - Deck 5 - USS Ronin))


Again the scent shifted and he recognized that. Didn’t matter what feline species one was, or even feline at all for that matter, playful was playful. Most species' scent just weren’t as pronounced to him as others. Another calm tail flick and the Worene, who was seated on his knees while he checked his belongings, looked to Luxa. 


Osiris: Cubs. ::He remarked to himself:: That depends entirely on the challenge, cub.

His whiskers twitched slightly and one ear turned her direction out of curiosity. 


Lorana: If I'm a cub does that make you an elder?


Palen’s whiskers flared and relaxed a few times as she explained and the veteran former Marine looked at her with amusement. He had only met one Caitian before, his former Captain. Mei’konda. So his knowledge of their species was limited, but he understood that the older Caitians were referred to as elders. 


Lorana: Anyway, I was injured a few months ago :: not sure what to say :: Uhm, a terrorist threw me off a cliff, I shattered my leg. But that's not the issue. I'm healed. Out of practice. I need to get back to playing Rajan again, and that's what you can help me with? 


Osiris: This is for training? ::He asked for clarification:: 


Lorana: Yes. A team sport, only the holodeck … it's lacking. Not the same as … an individual. That's if you're not too much of an elder? :: mischievous :: Too old to compete with a cub? 


Palen nodded and looked at her with a toothy grin that usually caused most non-felinoid species to wonder if they were about to be eaten or not. To her it should seem amused. 


Osiris: I appreciate the clarification. What you described among my people generally leads to mating. ::His tail swished side to side:: I don’t know you nearly well enough for that and I don’t think Sickbay is prepared for the end result. 


Palen had once explained Worene mating to Chief Solana years ago on the Atlantis because the lascivious Orion could not let her curiosity go unsated. He was fairly certain Chief Avae still teased her about the number of passes it took a dermal regenerator to mend the Orion’s back. 


Lorana: :: playful :: I don't think you're prepared for the end result Worene :: laughs :: Caitian females take more than a little exercise to retreat to the mating chamber. I promise it's help with my training. I'd be too concerned that I'd hurt one of the others, especially the bald skins. 


Palen smiled at the Caitian. So there was a spark of a hunter in there. Interesting. 


Osiris: I would be honored to assist your training, especially if it helps you find your peace and spares the gymnasium any further damage. Raga does enough on his own without assistance. ::His whiskers flared with his smile:: Tell me about this sport of yours. 


Lorana: There are several teams, each team must capture objects, known as nips. They used to be living animals, many centuries ago. Now they are synthetic. Players can eliminate each other by knocking them off the platform to the ground below. That's roughly an idea. 


The Worene nodded slightly, though his ears twitched at the explanation showing how intently he listened. 


Osiris: So this sport is a remembrance of the hunt? I enjoy a good hunt. 


His whiskers bristled excitedly and there was a notable rapidity to the movements of his tail. 


Lorana: Does that mean you will join me, elder? 


Luxa held out her paw. He looked at her offered paw quizzically. Clearly she’d been around humans for quite some time.  


Lorana: You can grab my paw, I won't bite. 


Osiris: Ah, the cub has been tamed then? ::He said as he took her paw in his:: Then I suspect this training will be brief.


He watched her deftly move her body along with his pull. Gracefully she slid underneath him, twirled around and leapt onto all fours. Palen was already mid-pivot to face her by the time all four of her paws touched the mat. 


Osiris: Swift and agile. I expect nothing less from such a petite cub. 


Was the Worene taunting? He was. Something he learned from observing his fellow Atlanteans/Chin’tokans/Astraeans for all those years. He suspected that had any of them been present they would have had to pick up their jaws from the floor. Palen did not waste time saying things that didn’t need to be said. 


Lorana: :: daring:: Let's see how you move Elder. 


Osiris: Very well, Cub


The last word ended in a cavernous growl that rumbled through his chest as the Worene matched her posture and lowered himself to all fours. The fur along his uncovered torso flared like an angry shroud. Save for one patch on his right shoulder where the fur was thinner due to the length scar beneath it. The mark from his own great hunt so, so many years ago. The Porava he slew as his right of passage to an adult had not gone down easily. Some of its bones adorned more than a few of the jewelry that he possessed to this day. 


Whiskers spread out like a subspace array as he opened his maw and loosed a hiss at her in an attempt to intimidate. One of the differences between their species was that his still embraced their feral ancestry, and still carried out the Great Hunt. Whereas Caitians had moved away from that feral nature. A fact he may be able to exploit to throw the cub off guard. 


Lorana: Response


Palen circled around Luxa slowly, his dagger sized claws punctured the mat with each step and it was likely that all the mats would need to be replaced when they were done. He took in her scent as he paced. His tail swayed behind him calm, a stark contrast to the ferocity he displayed. And then he charged towards her with some speed. The Dominion War veteran had not lost a step, a fact he had amusingly reminded Mei’konda some time ago when the pair raced each other around the Astraeus’ gymnasium track. 


Osiris: I have hunted Porava, Jem’Hadar and Consortium RoLFs. Where will you fall among such lofty prey? 


Palen swiped both paws at her, claws fully exposed only to retract at the last moment as he attempted to grab hold of one of her limbs and her back in his attempt to pounce over the top of her. It was a simple hunting technique. One charged one’s prey, then grabbed them from the top as you rolled, claws into their back to dig in so as you rolled onto the ground behind them you could either end up with the prey beneath you for the kill. Or fling said prey into a tree or rock. Both of which were plentiful in the preserves on Fescon. In this case, it would serve as a great technique for tossing one’s opponent off a platform. 


Lorana: Response


((ooc: Didn’t want to leave too many tags here. Excited to see how this plays out. :D ))


Lieutenant JG Palen Osiris 

Starfleet Ranger - Scout Specialist


As simmed by


Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

Second Officer/Chief TacSec Officer

USS Astraeus NCC-70652

Astraeus Staff Member

Writer ID: A239410TR0



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