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Ensign Drex - I'll make things right

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Second part to @Drex0379's story that gives some good insight into family dynamics.




((Bajor Capital, Some Hotel, Drex’s room))

Ayra’s reaction did not surprise Drex. And it was the main reason he waited so long to call her.

He bit his lower lip and waited for her sister to finish her list of invectives. When she finally took her breath he dared to reply.

Drex: I’m sorry. oO She forgot a couple of names this time Oo I just arrived here and didn’t really do anything yet, I cannot ask to leave now. I told you. You should have organized it before I graduate…

Ayra: I did! :: She interrupted him :: And you could not come, either! 

Drex frowned, his mouth half opened. oO What had been the excuse back then? Oo 

Drex: I-I couldn't make it.

Ayra sighed and moved his gaze away from his brother. Drex could imagine her thinking and felt guilty. He was using his job as an excuse, he surely could ask and perhaps received a positive answer, but he was not even going to try.

Drex: I'm not the helmsman of my life right now, you know. I have a lot of people to answer to. I oO That's not an option Drex, don't say it! Oo Maybe...  but I don't guarantee anything, if I'll be off duty... maybe I can call in and take part in the ceremony from the Station.

She kept silent for a few seconds, but they seemed hours to Drex. He knew her too well. He could tell any single word passing through her mind, or at least he could tell the main meaning of those words, and he did not like any one of them this time. And he knew he was an open book to her as well. 

oO I shouldn’t call Oo He sighed lightly.

Ayra: Is it the truth, Drex? :: She returned to face the screen :: Or something happened with Gar?

Drex shocked his head.

Drex: No, I like Gar. I know him and you’ll be fine, I’m sure. :: His tone dropped oO Tell her! Oo :: It’s not about you and Gar, you know I’m happy if you are hap… 

Ayra: Is it dad, isn’t it!!!?? 

She raised her tone. It sounded almost triumphant at Drex’s ears.

Ayra: Oh… :: She pointed at him :: I can believe you’re still mad at him! 

Drex: I’m not mad at him, but you can imagine what will happen if I show up. :: He replied ::

Ayra: So? Are you going to wait until he'll get old enough to lose his memories? It will take a couple of centuries or more! :: she snorted :: I promise you, he will leave you alone.

Drex: You cannot promise me this, but thanks :: he smiled a little :: I don’t want your day ruined because of me, Ayra. 

Ayra: You should let me decide about this.

Drex: Please… let it be. I know I have to settle the matter with dad, I will. When he’ll be ready to listen to me.

She lifted her eyebrows. 

Ayra: It will take more than two hundred years, then. :: She commented ironically :: Com’on Drex. He just wants you to be happy… I’m not saying I approve of what he told you, but…

Drex: Please, stop. :: He raised his right hand to ask her to silence :: You were not there. I have all the rights to be mad at him. 

Ayra: He’s just worried. 

Drex: I understand that, but he should know me. He should respect my choices.

Ayra: He is proud of you.

Drex looked away. Was he really proud? He was once, I knew it because he had told him so. But now? He did not want him to join the Fleet. He did not explain his reason he was tough. Drex could just imagine it had something to do with his uncle, but Jorx never really said a word.

Ayra: You have five weeks. I want my twin with me. Please, try to be here.

The Ensign returned to look at his sister. She made a sweet smile. Drex nodded. But he was not convinced.

Drex: I have to go. I’ll call you, I swear.

Ayra: I love you.

Drex: I love you, too

He closed the call and stared at the black screen.

oO Oh, good job, Drex! Very smart of you. She will talk to him now. If this was the plan you could have told her months ago. Oo

Drex: Oh, shut up! I will call him! I'll make things right. But not today.

He pushed back the chair and stood up.  He looked at the window. It was night. He grabbed a jacket and walked to the door and left the room.

Drex: Some fresh air will help.


Ensign Drex
Science Officer
Denali Station


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