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[2005: JUN-JUL] One Knight

Daydan Taboo

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((USS Crispin – Passenger section))

:: The lights had been dimmed in the passenger section of the small

Interstellar cruiser, there were not many of these ships left in service

now, capable of a mere warp 3 at maximum speed few governments

gave them a second look.. The Kendra class was a Bajoran work

horse, fetching and carrying supplies and passengers well within the

budget of most of Bajors population.. Daydan rendezvoused with

the transport on the edge of the Romulan border light years from

anyone else that would even consider picking up a pair of mysterious


((Flash back)) ((CO’s Office, prison colony on the Romulan border))

::The Half Betazoid man stood up straight in the corridor outside the

Commandants Office, his head was spinning with idea’s, he was

here to retrieve a Terran who had been kidnapped and imprisoned

for crimes against the Romulan Star Empire, naturally there was no

trial, no chance of reprieve, no appeal.. “The Guild “ had been hired

in order to find the young man, dead or alive. A man known only as

Guy.. The task was simple, find him and bring him home, no one said

anything about stepping into a prison colony and most likely never

being seen again.::

::Taboo scanned the corridors and nearby rooms for threats, his

face eyes and head obscured by the thick heavy cloak and hood

that covered most of his body.. He looked like a monk, hidden

beneath his robes, a classic thick white shirt and tanned pants with

dark boots were simple yet functional clothing… Daydan was

considered as amusement by the guards and marched straight to

the Commandants office, not a perfect plan for rescue but the

best the Betazoid could come up with at the time..::

Guard: You, Commandant La’tek will see you now…

::The guard prodded Daydan with his blaster and grinned, Daydan

entered the dark room looking around shivering slightly.. The walls

decked with manacles chains and instruments of torture, the green

eyes of the half breed Betazoid focused on the smug Romulan who

sat behind a desk at the opposite end of the room. In the very

middle of the room was a simple stool, the guard pointed to it

for Daydan to sit on..::

Guard: Sit fool..

::Daydans head whipped around to look into the face of his accuser

and glared at him from within his hood… The guard arched his neck

slightly before returning to his post on the other side of the door..::

Prefect La’tek: Please sit, you will have to excuse our hospitality,

we do not receive many guests around here..

::The guard tittered only to snap smartly to attention when Lat’ek

raised his hand disapprovingly, on the inside Daydan could feel the

Romulan enjoying every minute… The cruelty in his eyes was evidence

Enough… Why do Romulan’s like to enslave everyone they meet…

Daydan pulled back the hood of his cloak and remained standing

looking at the commandant through narrowed eyes.. He could feel the

intensity of his thoughts building, he knew that if he did not control his

emotions and feelings he would mentally blast everyone nearby.. The

thought sent a cold shiver down his spine… ::

Taboo: I believe you are holding a federation citizen, I demand his

immediate release to my custody before I take this matter further..

::Lat’ek jumped to his feet sending his chair clattering to the floor, the

guard deftly blaster butted Daydan in his back dropping him to his knees.

Another guard stepped into the room, he must have been watching from

Some where else the whole time…::

Taboo: oO Now you’ve done it. Oo

::Daydan fell forwards and flexed his muscles steadying himself.

He so much wanted to shred their minds, both with his mental skills

and his mastery of martial arts, but now was not the time, he had to

find this Terran, he knew he was here, he could hear his screams.

His cries for help. Even with so many other minds there was only

this one that used federation standard.. “It had to be him.” ::

:: Suddenly two guards grabbed him, Daydans firm muscular body

stood fast like a rock, they marched him from the sparsely furnished

room, shoving him forwards at every opportunity, he shunned their

heavy handedness with a defiant glare.::

Taboo: I demand you let me speak to the Federation Embassy for

this sector.. oO Better to play the fool than the hero, at least not

until I know what is going on here. Oo

Guard: Of course Federation, what ever you say..

::The words were spat out like venom from the Romulan’s mouth .::

((Brig 12))

:: When the doors to the cell opened Daydan could hardly see inside,

only a pair of dim green lights that let out little more than a dull glow

illuminated the room, his eyes squinted slightly to refocus, as he

stepped inside he was shoved the rest of the way in sending him

across the room to a low level platform, behind him the door closed

with a heavy boom as a metal bar swiftly shifted over the doors

surface and then came to a halt with a clank.. Daydan turned

shoulder barging the door at full speed only to bounce back

again the same distance..::

::He turned around to the only other source of light in the cell,

a small portal looking onto the world outside, it was black,

almost in complete darkness, the stars twinkled in the distant sky,

ice formed around the edges of the small port hole, Daydan

touched it’s surface, he felt the ice melt onto his hand, a smile

creased his face as he watched it melt into a few droplets

of water, he lifted his hand and dropped the life giving liquid

onto his dry lips..::

Taboo: oO Well, at least I won’t die of thirst… Oo

::The Betazoid was suddenly aware of another mind close by,

movement, beneath that bundle of rags that he had paid little

attention to since entering the cell.. At first he stepped back

preparing to defend himself , then the figure slowly rose

to a sitting position huddled up beneath it’s torn clothing..

Daydan approached slowly, as he did, the malnourished feeble

and half dead human huddled tighter into the corner of the cell

pulling up the lengths of rag with him as if to protect himself…::

Guy: Hnenh?

::Daydan recognised the Rahinsu tongue, it just had to be him..

The stranger slowly leaned forwards out of the shadows, dark

ringed eyes and grey skin covered in lacerations, eyes blood

shot and cold looked back at him.. The emotions that Daydan

felt from the being within that skin was of complete despair..::

::The proud Betazoid moved forwards slowly and took off the

long heavy cloak that was now commonly worn by his guild..

He unfurled it sweeping it high above the prisoner and wrapped

it around his body draping it over his shoulders, Daydan adjusted

it tucking it snugly around the stranger and pulled the hood up

over his head, the black ringed eyes of the prisoner looked

back at him, trying to open his eyes so he could focus on him..::

Taboo: My name is Daydan Taboo, I am pleased to meet you..

::Daydan smiled slightly amid the torrid screams of other

prisoners not too far away in languages and sounds that

chilled the soul..::

Guy: Nohtho...

::He watched Daydan not taking his eye of him, he was not

use to talking, or seeing someone who did not want to either

torture him or beat seven bells out of him.. He huddled under

the Cloak glad of a few moments extra warmth.. They just

looked at each other for a while, Daydan looked around the

cell for a way out, for any means of escape, it was useless,

even the tiny window was far to small, barely large enough

to get a fist through.. It was only after inspecting the porthole

further that he realised what he was looking at.. They must

be on that moons surface somewhere, he could see out up

into the permanent night sky but also to the mountains far

off in the distance to Daydan’s joy he could see snow.. It

was actually snowing outside… Daydan turned and smiled

to the other prisoner..::

Taboo: Last time I saw snow was on Earth… Ages ago!

::Guy seemed to look up in recognition of the name, he pulled

the blanket around him and rest his head on his knees staring

at this stranger, the idea of conversation was now alien to him.. ..::

::Daydan pushed his hands into his loose fitting shirt and pulled

something out, he started to unpeel the paper and broke

a piece off, he pushed it into his mouth and walked across the

tiny cell back to the single bed that Guy was sitting on.. The

aroma of the sweet chocolate on Daydan’s hot breath soon

filled the space around them. He broke off another piece and

handed it to the motionless prisoner..::

Taboo: It’s chocolate, here , take it..

::When he didn’t move Daydan gently opened Guy’s mouth

and pushed it part way in... When he looked up into the

Betazoids face he closed his eyes, a tear slowly streaking

down his cheek, he took in the rest of the small block of

chocolate and started to suck it carefully rolling it in his mouth..::

::Daydan sat down next to the Terran and put his arm around

him sharing his much firmer and stronger bodies warmth, dark

eyes looked back at him weakly from the slightly unshaven face..

He lowered his head onto Daydan’s arm like he was a child

Getting comfort from his father, at first it felt odd, but the

Betazoid soon realised how little humanoid contact he must

have had all these lonely cold endless nights in this chilling

cell with little enough light to grow a snowdrop.. ::

Guy: Daehp... Guy...

Taboo: ::smiling.:: I know….

::Guy wiped his mouth and finished the chocolate cereal bar

crammed with energy and nourishment, Daydan got comfortable

on the cold hard bed and sat next to the malnourished prisoner

and removed the cloak from him, Guy looked up weakly objecting

but too afraid to speak, Daydan then stood up and swirled the

cloak open and around his shoulders and then sat down again

also engulfing the ragged prisoner sitting with him, he pulled

the skinny man in closer by the shoulder as if to hug him, he

then closed his eyes opening his mind up to every feeling,

every cry for help, every lust to inflict pain, every vengeful

thought that was coming from the minds of the guards and

the prisoners around him..::

Taboo: oO Sleep Guy Windsor. Tomorrow, we escape. Oo

::Before long Daydan’s head rest back against the bulkhead of

the cell, his hood shielding his bare skin from the cold of the

walls, he soon started to drift into a reasonably comfortable

sleep in preparation for the day ahead..::

::When the door to the cell opened with a clanking of metal

Daydan opened one eye to observe the figure beyond. Guy

was already standing in the doorway, now his daily routine

of torture so ingrained into him that he knew he would not

get any rest or food until that daily nightmare was over..

As the Betazoid looked on at the scene he saw the tattered

clothing of his cell mate, the shirt on his back was little more

than a collar and upper sleeves, the rest hung about his torso

darkened with dirt and his dried blood.. His pants were little

different. his waist band and one leg had ripped and tied

around him to give him what shred of decency he could muster.

The Betazoids hazel green eyes looked over the patch work

of deep hideous scars that littered the Terran’s body.. It did

not take long for Daydan’s mind to fill with hate, his eyes

slowly focused on the guards as they grabbed Guy by the

arms and started to manhandle him out of the cell.. ::

Taboo: ::Standing up.:: Leave him alone!

::The guards stopped dead, one of them checked the settings

on his blaster, the other shoved Guy to one side roughly to put

home the point of who was actually in charge here..::

T’louse: Interesting..

::Said the calm elegant female voice, the Romulan female entered

licking her lips as she circled Daydan looking him up and down,

he could sense her sexual interest in him as she closed in finally

standing toe to toe with him, her dark black eyes looked deeply

into Daydans own sparkling green eyes, she smiled at him turning

her back on him seductively.::

T’louse: What pretty eyes you have Terran. They would look

nice on my desk, or should I give them to my felionoid as play

things… hmmm.. Speak prisoner..

::She grabbed his mouth tightly squeezing his lips into an

abnormal shape.. Daydan flicked his head to one side and

freed himself from her tarantula like grip only to look right

back at her.. The Betazoid stared into her bottomless eyes

forming an image in her mind.. Suddenly she was completely

naked, her body spread eagled and firmly tied to a chrome wheel,

she had her back to him and had to crane her neck to see him.

He stood a few meters away cracking a whip over his

head, each lash hitting close to her perfect youthful flesh.

Each crack of the whip making her scream out in anticipation

of the coming pain.. As much as she tried to keep tears from

her eyes the fear in them was clear enough. The woman in

the cell staggered backwards almost falling over herself to

get clear of him..::

T’louse: Get him away, Telepath, away I said..

::No sooner had the guards looked at each other in confusion

than Daydan lunged at the female striking her hard across the

jaw, she fell backwards already horizontal before she hit the

ground.. The Kung-fu wielding priest soon made short work

of the stunned guards, he tied them up and took their blasters.

The female was out cold on the floor, Guy kicked her lightly

with his toe to see if she would react..::

Guy: Sthe aei hlun...

::He stared down at the Romulan female who had put him

through so much pain.. Daydan was surprised to feel no

anger or vengeful emotions coming from the Terran, he

seemed almost devoid of any emotion that would give

him hope…::

::The Betazoid pushed a blaster into Guys hand and almost

dragged him down the long winding corridors easily avoiding

oncoming guards with his well honed and skilful empathic


::Daydan found his way to an dirt room that had loads of cold

weather and arctic gear inside, if everything went well and he

could coax Guy to walk the five kilometres to the rendezvous

point he could get them beamed up to the small shuttle pod

and away.. He looked at Guy, he hardly had the strength to

walk let alone march through snow.. Daydan shook his head

and went about preparing for the inhospitable conditions outside

and helping dress Guy so that he could at least stand a chance

of making it.. Once they were dressed Daydan opened the large

steel doors, snow flooded in flurries, Guy stepped outside and

dropped to his knees smiling and looking up at the night sky,

he looked back at Daydan through a thick fur hood and thermal

balaclava and goggles, Daydan closed the doors behind him and

patted Guy on his back..::

Taboo: Come on you…Lets get you home!!

::He yelled through the noise of the snow storm and the

howling winds… The two figures pushed on through the

storm, Daydan did his best to shield the frail Terran from

the -40oC temperatures but to no avail, the driving wind

and the cold soon sapped what little energy the tortured

survivor had.. within a few hundred yards Daydan was

carrying the Terran on his back and walked tall the way

to the rendezvous point.. It was slow headway against

the driving snow, however Daydan kept the Terran going

by linking with him telepathically, reliving old memories as

if they had shared those things together.. Guy had a relatively

exciting and comfortable life prior to his kidnapping, it was

only for a forbidden love that he cherished more than life

itself that led him to this nightmare.. It was a long hard two

hours through deep driving snow but when the remote shuttle

pod flew over head and beamed them up Daydan slumped

down with his companion to the ground relieved to be out

of the cold.. Within minutes the shuttle was high in orbit

ducking beneath Romulan sensors and flying towards it’s

next rendezvous point.. ::

((USS Crispin – Passenger section)) ((Present time))

::The hooded man of the Guild lay his head back against

the head rest of his chair and closed his eyes.. within days

they would be at Starbase 118, from there who knows where

they would end up. Guy trying to pick up the pieces of his

past life and for Daydan onto some other job, some other

wrong that needed to be righted.. All that went through

Daydan’s mind was “Why?” He now lived by a code of

honour far older than the Federation...Going back in time

almost two thousand years. To always protect the weak

and to honour courage..::

::Guy looked across at the mysterious Betazoid man and

hugged himself, this stranger who saved his life. There

was a deep respect and presence about the man.. When

Daydan turned to face him Guy closed his eyes and went

back to sleep. He was warm, safe, well fed and with a friend

he knew he could trust. With his eyes closed he slept

without shivering, without the screams of torture and

dared to dream again..::

Taboo of the Guild

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