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  1. Discovering an Inheritance by Captain Tyr Waltas A ships log, nice touch Tyr, it is funny how something that as a Captain we do every day can cast such a long shadow, it makes us realise how insignificant we are, and yet we can touch history, what one person can achieve, I liked that Tyr took the story away from himself thinking about the people who had touched his life and put their mark on history... In UFOP we are explorers looking at the great unknown to inspire us, but rightly so, we are still such a mystery to ourselves, what drives us, what paths our own desires take us on.... Nice, quite a tough group this time around Tyr, lots of ideas.... I always enjoy reading peoples stories, I find the voting the hardest... In my honest opinion you are all winners... Keep up the good work Tyr, always a pleasure...
  2. The Eagle’s Cry The Eagle’s Nest was the chosen name given to the recreation area of the Starship known as the USS Eagle, the eagles nest was a space set aside for all the ships ranks and guests, it consisted of a well stocked bar, food and drinks replicators, and a small kitchen area. Several well placed tables and chairs in order to both give the best viewpoints of the view out of the viewing windows and the other seating areas to help set a mood of calm relaxation. There were one or two other blind spots that gave that little bit of extra privacy for those occasions that needed it, this was the scene of the unfortunate but necessary infighting that breaks out every once and a while under Captain Taboo’s command, it is an occurrence that in the young Captain’s eyes, he knows he must win.. It was a lesson that every young officer should learn at some point in their careers, and for some a lesson that if not learnt would no doubt cost them their lives.. The half Betazoid male sat against the wall of the eagles nest with his back pressed hard against the firm bulkhead pillars, outside through the viewing windows the cold vast expanse of space rolled away into timeless dark satin sheets of emptiness… Stars that had once flashed past as the ship sailed through this infinite cosmos of space at speeds of warp plus nine had seemed like a life time away… The rush of exploration was now taken over by the rush of battle.. His heart raced, his head spinning with the tactical training exercises from as far back as his childhood.. Even with the very advantageous skills of his telepathic and empathic abilities they were of little use to him now, the sheer lust for Victory from his foes only metres away was without question… Surely they could taste it, he was after all outnumbered, at least twenty were on board but now they had been whittled away by his fallen command officers.. Carefully he popped his head around some cover quickly to assess the enemies response, it took mere seconds for a shot to whistle past his ear and hit the thick toughened plasteel glass of the viewing window behind him.. Not bad. He thought to himself… The Betazoid half breed was still clearly out numbered, and closing his eyes for a few seconds he could perfectly visualise their exact locations around the room, a skill he had mastered over the years, and one that had seen him through more than enough s[...]es in the past.. both of the exits were blocked by two very keen officers, and another two of the young officers were slowly skirmishing towards him in a series of leopard and monkey crawls. He had very little time to think and act before they would be right on top of him… What a way to go, he thought to himself, with all of his experience in the fleet he was going to be taken down by officers who looked no older than first year cadets, was this what Starfleet was coming to..? The complete lack of respect for authority, Daydan shook his head, a wry smile formed on his lips.. and then a grin… He could not help but to admire them for their earlier boldness, they were no different than he was at that age, and most of his command team for that matter.. full of life and energy, full of new idea’s… full of such great dreams. It was at times like this that he longed for those early days again… No responsibility, just him in his small role on a starship back in the Science department.. He could only imagine what his old co’s would be thinking of him right now… It did not matter to much really, he was enjoying this, the only way to truly learn is to experience these things for your self… Taking a moment longer to get himself ready for n assault, he flopped down again looking at the last two rounds in his hands at his disposal, four against one and with only two shots left… Maybe he could surrender and end all of this needlessness, but then again it was not the Eagle way to give up.. What lessons would be learned then? His senior staff fought bravely that evening, just as he expected they would do, he puffed his chest proudly as he made ready with what would most likely be his last chance to regain some kind of honour… He readied himself, and once again and peered cautiously around the corner of an upturned table to give some extra added cover… Almost instantly a shot flew past his nose, a sweet smelling scent wafted up his nostrils. With lightning like reflexes the half Betazoid half El-Aurian Captain moved position and let rip with a perfectly aimed shot hitting a Klingon Ensign right on the hard jagged ridges of his forehead, gunge dribbled slowly down his face, and from behind the mess his sharp white teeth snarled back at him, for a moment, his lips curled back angrily, a low guttural rumble of a growl erupted softly and then faded as his shoulders slumped downwards and he headed for the door, next to him a short beautiful young officer in medical blue burst into laughter, her overly stretched arm shaking as the custard pie fell harmlessly to the floor.. she looked at her captain and blushed bashfully before coming to attention and bowing her head politely still grinning like a Cheshire cat, offering to take the last of the captains shots for her two remaining comrades… Daydan also began to laugh, the large room was a mess, custard pie splatters on the walls floor and tables as well as the windows showed that the evening had been a great success with his new officers.. It was the perfect ice breaker and a wonderful tradition.. As he stood up to his full height of 5ft 8inches two very confused faces appeared from behind some cover, both had their hands loaded with custard pies covered excessively in squirty cream… Their eyes were full of life, sparkling happily like young children enjoying their very first Christmas.. He looked between the three of them, there was not a single feeling of hostility in the room, just the sweet smell of custard and cream, and the slight odour of sweat.. There was however an unyielding sense of camaraderie and friendship, a sense of trust and fellowship that would normally take many years to build. A calm looking Vulcan approached, his eyes clear with the taste of Victory, hair and uniform perfectly presented and maintained.. “Captain, you are beaten, surrender..!” Daydan cleared his throat, his own hazel eyes sparkling back, the glimpse of white teeth between his lips gave away his pure unquenchable emotions.. He looked between his newest young officers, the three of them knew that he could not take all of them, victory was theirs.. From the doorways the other officers involved watched with excitement. The annual Cry of the Eagle, where the senior officers of the ship would invite all of the new officers for a presentation, simple rules were announced and then the fun would begin, on the Captains word the fighting would begin and all of the officers in the room would begin. the room was well stocked with custard pies… It was nothing less than a war between friends, Civil, and friendly, but with a clear lesson… It was a brilliant ice breaker, and a tradition that had lived on in Daydan’s heart since his first posting several years ago... “Bring it on.” he yelled with pride and a big smile throwing his last custard pie..
  3. The Good Ship Hospitality by Jackford B. Kolk To say it was an amusing story would be an understatement, I think a twisted almost excited grin etched it's way onto my face with in minutes of starting to read the story, either that or my notion that where ever Farengi are involved there is going to be mischief, and I wasn't disappointed either, I liked the characters descriptions, and on a few occasions the glances between them... It is not easy to let the ideas of a story unfold without just using the words we write, but there was an underlying feeling all the way through of how the story would unfold, I tried to predict the final scene but was left happily way out.... It was a good story Kolk, and I found it entertaining and you gave me some great ideas for some pieces of my own... Keep up the good work, you are on the right track..... Nice job, and thanks for the entertaining read...
  4. Sky/Paradise Portal Outlet, Hospitality? I think the writer delights in his use of words, it is easy to see that they are chosen with care, and some of the words that are needed have not yet even been created... The story rolls out between the characters who seem to delight in philosophy and free thinking, something that most still struggle to understand, although choppy in some parts Xoet has tried hard to try and deliver the story that he had in his mind as best he could, I think the style of your writing is still very unique, [erhaps to unique, but as the Admiral states, these are our opinions and by no means right or for that matter wrong... I see your style develop Xoet 12, and for the vast majority it will be a hard and confusing read, but I do see what you are trying to achieve, keep working on it, being different is what makes us special.... Nice story, keep working at it Xoet, perfection is impossible, excellence comes with practise.....
  5. Test of Loyalty, by Toni Turner A difficult subject, a few writers had the same sort of idea but each tackled it differently.. I liked the idea of putting it into a sort of diary form.. It works quite well.. I found myself reading it back and forth several times, reading over the last paragraph again prior to moving on, I pride myself on being able to anticipate the writers intentions, and while towards the end I had a good idea of the out come I was intrigued with, "So that's why you had me spying on Dad. I thought you were testing my loyalty. Gees Captain, you had me thinking he was a traitor." Now that really got my attention...
  6. Secrets and Lies, by Elisa Verde (Lt. JG Karynn Ehlanii) Very difficult this time around to say the least, I take my hat off to everyone that took part.. Your story lines were so different than what came to my mind on reading the brief, but very enjoyable reading all the same.. Poor Korel, no wonder he was feeling paranoid... I felt for the guy myself and was almost reluctant to get to the end, but you just had to know... I think in private he will make her promise to never do any more surprise parties ever again... It was a hard topic but I think the way you kept it moving was a good and creative way of keeping the reader almost afraid to continue but wanting to see it through to the end... I liked the kisses on the cheek which came up several times and her occasional smiles, it always left that air of doubt in your mind that perhaps he was over reacting... Best of luck with the votes Elisa, keep up the good work....
  7. Els by Jhen Thelev Els, a good story with a nice idea, I remember reading it over two or three times, each time I was imagining my own twists and turns.. The Farengi was a good touch, I must confess he added a little venomous humour to the tale... I wanted to understand more about how their little girl had integrated into Bajoran life.. One of those stories where each paragraph leads you into asking even more questions, for a book, it is a great way to reel in your reader, but for a short story I think it makes the reader think that they have missed something.. I did enjoy the story, it was a good read and very well written, it was free flowing and full of thought... Nice job, good luck Thelev
  8. The Most Important Day of Your Life, (besides being born) By Rama.. Started off nice and was a good read all the way though, no twists or turns just the same kind of talk between a father and daughter probably since time began. I liked how even though she was adamant that she wanted to pursue her own goals that she still respected her farther in every way... There is a hint of the adventurer in this young lady, she likes to push herself and continue to exceed her own expectations, I liked the first two paragraphs, for me I knew I would enjoy the rest of the story.. What I thought the piece fell short was with the ending, not easy when limited to so few words.. I came away from reading this piece with a smile, "Good for her." Nice job.. I hope she makes it in to Starfleet, she'll make a great Fighter Pilot or Helm Officer...
  9. (( Sceptre Academy - Vatican City Rome - Earth )) ::The robed guildsman walked quickly through the shadowy halls of the Sceptre buildings, they were dark cold and uninviting places, their Gothic columns rising up into the sky like razor sharp teeth.. The city was as old as the stones it stood on and more.. It had been a struggle to get this far but he was nearly there, one more obstacle stood in his way... His mind was almost a blank as he could feel mental probes coming in from all directions, he was no novice at this task, he would succeed or die, he had to, the safety of his own beliefs relied on it.. He could feel several strong minds sadistically trying to rape his mind and penetrate his thoughts but he was a skilled Reader, far beyond the understanding of these power hungry Terrans.. Beneath the dark cloak of the guildsman he brandished a small stiletto bladed short sword about thirty centimetres from pommel to tip.. He clutched it closer to his naked skin hoping to hide it from prying eyes, it was not so much the eyes here that was the danger, it was the minds of the many Masters and Aconites that patrolled the halls like Yakuza guards on a death wish.. :: :: All was going to plan though as he paused for a moment looking across the open courtyard, in the late evening sky birds sang as the flew back and forth with nesting material from the small garden area, in the centre a single figure in a long black robe and tall pointed hat like that of a fish head stooped over a fountain pool and gazed at his own reflection.. :: Guildsman: oO Something is not right, I sense others, there, there and there. Oo ::He thought to himself pointing out the location of several points around the court yard garden..:: oO I must flush them out first to ensure my escape.. Oo ::His mind focused on one goal, to kill the Cardinal..:: ::The guildsman took one final look in all directions and then sped across the opening at full speed with his long pointed blade held aloft.. his foot falls were silent and his speed breath taking, with a final scream of strength he struck at the centre of the tall figures back..:: :: Suddenly the figure dropped to the floor falling flat to the ground quickly curling up into a tight ball, the guildsman was puzzled by the defensive move and withdrew his striking arm to strike again... The cardinals evasive manoeuvre was enough to give several priests coming from all directions the chance to throw themselves at the guildsman and smother him before he could fell another blow, frustrated with his failure the powerful reader turned his eyes to one of the priests, sparkling with an unbelievable fire the priest was transfixed in his eyes, another more experienced priest yelled at him wildly..:: Priest: Look not into his eyes, he is a triple star six! :: The master laughed at the comment and watched the struggle as the guildsman tried in vain to break free being slowly pinned and manacled with no mercy or regard for his suffering.. Struggling against six other bodies bent on smothering him to the floor the guildsman let fly with many good hard and punishing blows but each priest was numb to every pain so as to capture the assassin.. As he curled up to fend off the blows the guildsman praised himself, the cloaks the priests wore were stealth cloaks making them blend in perfectly with their back grounds, the cardinal was never alone in the first place.. His instincts were correct all along..:: :: The guildsmans target peered back into his burning eyes and screamed in agony, he tried to cover his face but now the link was to strong, the guildsman looked straight through his flesh and into his soul, even as several priests proceeded to kick and beat him insanely trying to break his mental attack on the cowering priest..:: Cardinal: Your efforts were brave assassin, but your attempt futile, such a waste of your talents.. ::The cardinal shooed his priests away seeing no reason for the need of guards with the guildsman securely bound and beaten.. A single priest lay on the floor sobbing unable to look another being in the eyes, he was eventually dragged away from the courtyard. The guildsman struggled against the manacles and chains trying to assess their strength while the old man grinned at him.. The guildsman could feel fresh wounds on his face and knuckles, the taste of blood sweet and sticky in the back of his throat:: Cardinal: You shall be free of pain in good time, do not waste your strength on trying to escape, more worthy assassins than you have tried and failed.. :: The shaved head of the guildsman was brought into view as the Cardinal pulled the hood from his once covered head.. The guildsman stopped struggling and looked at the much older man in his eyes.. Even with his robes of peace and justice the guildsman knew this mans true history, The Coven, the Illuminate, the Masonic brotherhood, The Alliance. All organisation geared to the betterment of the Few by the many or the ignorant, it left a venomous stain on the good work of the guild and until this stain was removed no guildsman would rest..:: :: The old mans bony weak hand struck the younger looking man about the face several times and laughed.. With his wrinkled old hand it did not hurt the guildsman but the tone of the old mans laughter at the guildsman's plight was one of cruelty..:: Cardinal: Such a waste, I have need of a good Assassin, you could work for me and want for nothing my young apprentice.. ::The Cardinal dug his long unkempt nails into the guildsman's jaw and squeezed as hard as he could..:: Cardinal: Do you not wish to live? Guildsman: Through a clenched mouth.. :: Yes.. ::His tone was raw and unpractised..:: Cardinal: You must have known that you would be watched at your every step in these buildings, there has never been a successful assassination attempt under my rule, and do you know why? ::The old mans arrogance grated on the guildsman's nerves, just two seconds free near this cruel monster and he could end the suffering of millions forever..:: Guildsman: Why? ::Looking coldly into the old mans eyes..:: ::Grinning at him the cardinal lowered his face towards him and squeezed the guildsman's mouth open, as he spoke he cringed and spat globs of saliva into his prisoners mouth and face..:: Cardinal: Because the moment you conspired against me your actions were known to me.. You can not defeat me, I know what lurks behind the eyes of everyone in my sight and you are no exception my weak minded little sewer rat... :: The guildsman struggled helplessly against the titanium shackles.. The old Cardinal pushed his face away and kicked him hard in the chest making him fall backwards, the downed guildsman struggled to pick himself back up on to his knees again..:: Cardinal: You are no fun, you are as weak as a Child, I could burn out your will to live with just one look, why do you serve that useless woman, what of you own desires, do you not want wealth beyond your imaginings, or women so obedient that you do not have to lift a finger.. They would wait on your every need until the day you die.. :: The guildsman looked up at him defiantly.. Guildsman: What good is wealth.. Cardinal: Wealth is power.. Guildsman: What good is a woman's desire to please if it is not done with love.. Cardinal: Love is a Myth dreamed up by poets and dreamers.. What do I care of love when I can have any woman I desire.. ::The guildsman cringed as he imagined the old man crawling over some nubile young beauty.. A shudder rippled down his spine..:: Cardinal: ::laughing..:: You think it sickening. :: Laughing again.:: Perhaps you are right, but I indulge in my every desire and crave each depravity more and more. With power comes privilege and I intend to be very privileged my friend.. ::The cardinal clenched his fist into a tight ball and looked deeply into the guildsman's eyes..:: Cardinal: Join us, join us and enjoy unimaginable luxuries, women, wine and what ever you desire.. :: The guildsman bowed his head.. :: Guildsman: And what do I have to do for this fate, sell my soul to the devil? Cardinal: :: Laughing..:: Nothing so vulgar my young apprentice. Go back to that whore priestess of yours and bring to me her bloody heart, do this and you will want for nothing.. Guildsman: But? ::The Cardinal interrupted abruptly giving the guildsman no time to answer..:: Cardinal: Swear on it.. Give me your oath. Guildsman: She is the figure head of my faith.. Cardinal: Faith is irrelevant, power is almighty.. Serve me worm and live, refuse and die... What say you? ::Looking up the guildsman's eyes showed fear and pain, he bowed his head and kissed the Cardinals robes with his blooded lips.. :: Cardinal: YES!! ::He called to some priests nearby..:: Unchain him immediately.. Priest: But master.. Cardinal: I said unchain him.. :: He slapped the priest to the floor, the priest whimpered under the old mans gaze, the guildsman still looked down at the floor clenching his fists forcing them tightly against his bonds..:: Priest: But he is a triple 6 master.. Cardinal.. You fools, I to am a triple six, do you not think I know when someone is lying to me, free him I tell you or suffer unimaginable pain.. :: The priest carefully unlocked the manacles from the guildsman and stepped backwards trembling, there was something about the guildsman's posture that was not right, he was unafraid almost arrogant in his stance.. He bent down and picked up the long blade at his feet and wiped it's surface against his soft dark cloak..:: Cardinal: Go now my young apprentice, bring me back her heart and I will shower you with unimaginable riches.. ::Putting his arm around the guildsman in a friendly gesture..:: Go now and bring Sceptre to it's total domination of all life in the universe.. ::Something stopped the guildsman traitor in his tracks, a single word, a sound, the tone of the old mans voice so close to his ears.. In a large powerful sweeping arch the guildsman's cloak flew over the old man body like a sheet of darkness.. Before he was revealed again three deep lunges of the long dagger penetrated the old mans weak and feeble body.. each blow puncturing several vital organs.. The old man grasped the guildsman tightly trying to hang on to life just long enough to ask one final question as his last breath slipped from his lips..:: Cardinal: You lied.. you lied, hooowwwwww.... Guildsman: oO And so did you old man... Oo :: The guildsman let the body of the old man fall to the floor, the two priests stared at him in disbelief, not giving them any more time to react the guildsman darted towards the buildings and jumped up onto it's uneven surface, the gothic like buildings were much the same as most of the rock faces on earth and Betazed for climbing difficulty, with in seconds he was up on the roof tops and running back and forth across the darkened shadows.. Before the alarm was raised the two priest searched upwards but could see him no more, just visible was a small ship flying over head that slowed to a halt and then sped off in to the night sky and eventually disappeared in a bright blue flash of light..:: -tbc-
  10. Well done everyone who posted a SIMM, this is the best turn out I have ever seen for a writing challange, you should all feel proud.. Good luck...
  11. Great turn out, great posts.. I'm glad I'm not a judge... Sorry for putting one in twice, I wanted to edit it but that function was not available and I know how strict the judges are... You can delete the other one, please..
  12. ((Bajor - Dahkur Province – Town Square)) Looking down the line at his resistance cell Lah’rel felt a great sense of pride and honour as he looked at his friends with a slight smile on his face.. Tobin the scout, Meaco and Dunna the assault team, Anara the medic and himself, the teams technician come sharp shooter.. They were about to be hailed as hero’s by their kinsfolk for their valour during the occupation.. The Dahkur Province had been hit hard by the invading Cardassians who were rounding up thousands of civilians destined for the famous Galitep Labour camp… It became one of the horrors of the occupation where Gul Darhe’el, the butcher of Galitep murdered thousands and tried to kill the survivors during its liberation by the Shakaar resistance cell of which Lah’rel's team were members… For a moment everything was full of chatter the large crowed of well wishers and locals cheered loudly as the Kai candidate for the Dahkur province arrived to hand over the key to the city and to award them their ribbons.. Lah’rel stood up tall and straight, he was not a particularly large man but he was firm and strong and looked good in his Bajoran Malitia uniform with his ear piece gently rocking as he looked around.. It was strange that he found himself here, Keely Lah’rel, the son of a farmer who left home to be an apprentice carpenter, three years later with his training over he wanted to return home and build houses and furniture in the traditional styles of his people.. His step-father had been behind him all the way and encouraged him to work hard for his dream.. Instead the Cardassians came, they murdered, raped and tortured his people, they destroyed the land turning it almost into ash , it took years of hard work with the ecological reclamators to make the land fertile again, now Dahkur is the wealthiest agricultural region on Bajor.. When the welcoming horns sounded Lah’rel and the others came to attention, the crowds cheered loudly as the Kai warmly waved to everyone and stopped from time to time to mingle with the on lookers, Lah’rel could feel his stature rise with the sheer pride and honour of the day. Finally the Kai stood before him and looked up into his face, Lah’rel still looked straight ahead waiting for the woman to speak first… “Lieutenant, my I.” Lah’rel looked down towards the woman who reached up her hand part way to his ear, when he nodded to her she smiled and reached out for him taking his ear between her fore finger and thumb, Lah’rel gazed into the woman’s dark eyes, it was like looking up into a black night sky but with a million stars sparkling deep with in.. She was a middle aged woman with plump lips and an oval face but her hair and eyes were raven black and her figure was strong, she looked like she too had spent her life on the farms, life was tough there but good… While the Kai held Lah’rels ear the crowd was silent, only the soft echo of the horns could be heard bouncing off the buildings in the town square.. “Where is you Pah my child, do you not honour the prophets for your good fortune..” Lah’rel shook his head and looked away from the woman lowering his eyes. “I have lost my faith in the prophets, since the occupation, perhaps some day it will return.” There were murmurs in the crowd as Lah’rel spoke those words, the Kai smiled back at him and took his hand in hers, she stroked it softly with a touch as smooth as silk, with the hands like a woman half her age.. “Do not blame the evils that others do on the prophets, that is not their fault, remember they did guide you to save many people, people you love and people who love you…” Lah’rel nodded politely and looked at his friends apologetically, most Bajoran’s were extremely religious but they were very understanding of those who had, “lost their way.” so to speak.. The Kai held his hands oddly, when he looked down at her she had a big smile on her face, she kissed Lah’rel’s hand and turned to the crowd and then back to him.. “This Bajoran is gifted my friends.” The Kai announced at the top of her voice.. “His pah is in these strong soft hands of his, we have a great artist with us.” Lah’rel looked at her, why did she say that, could she really feel something in his hands.. “I’m just a carpenter.” The Kai nodded and smiled at him as she walked down the line to check the Pah of his team… Suddenly Lah’rel jumped, it felt like a small charge of electricity Just shot up his arm.. He closed his eyes for a moment.. ((Flashback – Mahme Pass)) He suddenly found himself in the past, he knew the area well, It was the rebellion at Mahme pass, one of the first ever successful counter attacks against the Cardassians with only a hand full of men, the cell was the blight of the cardassian occupation killing many Guls and wounding and hampering many Cardassian warriors… There was a crack of phaser fire, rocks burst open fracturing from the Heat, Lah’rel was already down on the floor crawling through the dry dusty ground to a new firing position.. He could hear one of the Cardassians screaming and yelling at his men. Lah’rel took aim and fired, pausing for a second to watch the shot hit home and drop the Cardassian to the floor.. Lah’rel rolled over onto his back and wriggled backwards through the undergrowth to a new position.. It did not take long for the Cardassians to reorganise themselves and a new leader emerge. Again Lah’rel listened for the voices and their new commander, he broke cover looking up just enough out of the undergrowth, the figure doing the shouting was standing a short distance away pointing and issuing commands looking at the body of the dead Gul at his feet.. Around him Lah’rel could hear Meaco and Dunna shouting at each other, Lah’rel smiled himself, they made it sound like their small team was an army.. Alla had Tobin in her arms patching up a wound, she looked frightened but she continued to work on the teams scout even with phaser and blaster fire going off all around them.. Lah’rel took a breath again just breaking cover long enough to take aim and drop the newly appointed commander. He heard the crack of bone as super heated burst of energy entered the Cardassians skull, then the thud and a groan as the body hit the floor. Lah’rel wasted no time crawling to a new position as rocks and dirt were riddled with energy fire from various weapons all around the area he just fired from, to late, the sharp shooter was already gone looking for his next vantage point.. It took a long time for the next leader to step up to the plate, in the mean time there was lots of sporadic poorly aimed fire amidst Meaco and Dunna’s very convincing reorganisation and counter attack.. A young looking Cardassian commander called for a withdraw, Lah’rel again got the leader in his sights and watched as the Cardassians approached the crest of the hill to disappear down the other side, Lah’rel lightly squeezed the trigger, the Cardassian fell to his knees as a chunk of skull chipped away from his dark head of hair, from his knees the young Cardassian warrior fell forwards flat on his face motionless, the remaining Cardassians fled as fast as they could run, no one wanting to take further command of the assault… ((Present)) Suddenly there was a laud bang, Lah’rel looked forwards to see a very surprised Kai looking straight back at him.. The Bajoran wrapped his arms around her pulling her to the floor covering her body with his, the shocked woman look wide eyed up into Lah’rels face.. Nervously laughing from a prone position Tobin looked up and smiled at his friends.. “It was just a breaker overloading, look..!” Tobin pointed to the power grid.. A puff of black smoke rose from the breaker box that was used to power the few electrical devices in the town, there must have been an overload with all the extra lighting or something.. Lah’rel got up to his feet and lifted the small woman by the waist back up onto hers and smiled.. The others stood up also, at first there was a ripple of laughter but then cheers of approval from the crowd “My apologies First Minister Kai, a bad habit.” The Kai smiled stroking Lah’rel’s face with the back of her hand and fingers.. “And soon enough that fear will no longer be second nature to you, we must now embrace peace.. “ Pausing she turned to the small crowd.. “These men and this woman are our hero’s, they bring us great honour and pride today, they are a symbol of our peoples courage, when you look upon them walk proud and tall, what they did, they did for each and everyone of you, honour them proudly, honour them like Bajorans..” Amid the cheers and the music she turned to Lah’rel smiling. ”I need a good officer at my side young man, would you do me the honour of serving your Kai?” Lah’rel smiled snapping to attention.. “Yes first minister, I would be honoured too.” She looked back up at him and stepped back talking softly and smiling. “If only I were ten years younger." She winked at him. "Good, obedience and discipline, I like that in my men..” The short dark haired woman turned and walked away, Lah’rel smiled holding back his blushes, he looked around to see if anyone else over heard, luckily they had not.. The proud Bajoran closed his eyes in a silent prayer to his fallen comrades, warm sunlight hit his face and eyes as he looked up. It was a beautiful day, a clear blue sky with a few wispy clouds slowly drifting high over head, birds were singing and the trees creaked gently in the soft breeze. It was a good day to be alive.. - To be continued - Lt Keely Lah’rel Ex Assitant Chief Engineer EX USS CONSTITUTION "It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."
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