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Ensign Z’Vahme - Defective Vulcan

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Just a lovely sim from Denali's Ensign Z'Vahme. 🙂❤️

(( Z’Vahme’s temporary quarters, Deep Space Nine ))

The most luxurious things are usually the most simple. Z’Vahme felt this to be especially true this evening. He was lounging on pillows cushioning him from the floor, with his back propped up against the couch. The coffee table beside him had been made into a buffet, with appetizers and desserts from a dozen different cultures. 

Laying across the couch was one Tommy Uemura. He was clad in loungewear and smelled faintly of cinnamon and tobacco. One hand was draped across Z’Vahme’s chest, the other held a PADD that he read Wharton aloud from. 

Uemura: “I want - I want somehow to get away with you into a world where words like that -categories like that- won't exist. Where we shall be simply two human beings who love each other, who are the whole of life to each other; and nothing else on earth will matter.” 

Try as he might, the feelings that the words conjured in Z’Vahme’s mind would no longer be repressed. A flood of emotions carried him away, tears spilling down his face unbidden and unwanted, but there nonetheless. 

It was like that sometimes. The weight of holding his emotions back, allowing only a little to trickle out here and there. But occasionally a purge had to happen. Those feelings had to be allowed a moment of freedom. And as they washed over the Vulcan’s heart and mind, just for a moment it felt as if they might drown him entirely. 

Tommy was at his side in an instant, pulling Z’Vahme to his chest. The Vulcan focused on the  slow cadence of Tommy’s pulse, using the sound to drown out all the anxiety and fear that he had faced in the last few weeks. The worry of being parted, even for a cause as worthy as Starfleet, had taken more of a toll on Z’Vahme than he had let on. 

After a few moments, he found the strength to raise his head and speak. 

Z’Vahme: I’m so sorry… 

Tommy cupped his chin and directed it until they locked eyes. His expression was somehow both stern and filled with love. 

Uemura: Don’t you apologize to me. Not for this. The whole universe sees your mask. The brilliant, shy, beautiful Vulcan who just wants to help make life  better for everyone. But I’m the only one who gets to see behind the mask. And what’s lurking underneath isn’t the horrible monster you imagine. He’s even more beautiful, because he’s real. 

In that moment more than any other, Z’Vahme knew that he had found his mate. Tommy understood his character perfectly, despite Z’Vahme knowing he couldn’t fully articulate his feelings. He loved him not in spite of his flaws, but because they made him who he was. 

He kissed Tommy before getting to his feet and walking to the washroom to dab cold water on his face. His hands were still a bit shaky, but he felt better. Strong enough to do what he knew was best. He reached into his toiletry bag and grabbed a rectangular box. Returning to the couch, he sat facing the human with a strange expression on his face. 

Z’Vahme: Do you have any plans for tomorrow, my love? 

Tommy eyed him curiously, trying to gauge his mood. Just for that moment, Z’Vahme made sure he was unreadable. 

Uemura: Nothing too pressing…. Why?

The Vulcan pulled the box out of his robe pocket, opening it slowly and methodically as he spoke. 

Z’Vahme: If you’re not terribly busy, I was wondering if you’d have time to marry me?

Relieved of its lid, the box revealed a thin bracelet made from Pentharian silver and Vissian turquoise. The two materials were woven together into a flat bangle, and inscribed on top was the word “Beloved” in the scrolling, elegant font of Golic Vulcan. 

Z’Vahme: Were I less in love with you, I could speak about it more readily. But…you remain everything to me. I made this months ago and have been struggling in vain to come up with the perfect scenario to give it to you. 

The Vulcan finally looked up, his eyes locking with Tommy’s. It was the human’s turn to break, but he did so with much more grace and acceptance than Z’Vahme. Tommy wiped at his cheek with his palm and then nodded in a comically over-animated way. 

Uemura: Uh…yeah, I guess I could clear up my schedule… 

Both men broke out into embarrassed laughter. They shared a kiss before speaking again. 

Uemura: I feel like I’ve been bamboozled. I thought I was getting the big, tough Vulcan who could protect me from everything. You’re just as big of a sap as I am! How are the pair of us supposed to exchange vows? 

The Vulcan in question broke out into more laughter. 

Z’Vahme: Bamboozled, eh? Perhaps you should call the High Command and tell them your Vulcan is defective. Maybe you can get a refund. 

Tommy wiggled his brows, a roguish look on his face

Uemura: Or a replacement model. You know I’m partial to emotionally unavailable men with…

The rest of his clever quip was silenced by another kiss. There would be a lifetime of opportunities for Tommy to tease his Vulcan. And that lifetime would start tomorrow. 


Ensign Z’Vahme

Science Officer 

Denali Station


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