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Ensign Luxa Lorana - Rule of the Jungle


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I LOVE baby @LuxaLoranabefore she turned into a nuisance ;)

good job! great first mission in the ronnin! (just don't murder anything small and feeble XD)

((OOC - this is a little time jump for me to end the mission for Luxa as I imagine that Luxa was unconscious during the implementation of the plan outlined in previous sims)) 


((Dream state - The Lorana Preservation Jungle, Draivon, Cait))


In this dream, she'd hear words that had lost meaning to her. The cub had not learned what they meant. 


Transporters. Buffers. Sencha. Radiation. 


They were spoken in panicked tones, and they'd blow through the trees in the jungle. 


She knew that somehow she was supposed to listen to them. She wanted to care about them, except she had more important things to do. 


A young cub was on the prowl. She had assumed a position on all fours, and she stalked her prey. Her bright, amber eyes had locked on to the winged, furred creature that leapt from a tree branch to a spattering of flowers that grew from the jungle's undergrowth. 


More of those words whispered from the trees. Familiar names. Alieth. Kel. Niac. Ronin. 


This time the creature looked up to the streams of light that pushed through from the tops of the trees. Luxa followed its gaze and there was something up there. Clouds that looked like faces. 


She knew them. Or at least she thought that she did. They spoke to her but she couldn't understand the words, it was a language lost to the dream. 


The creature flew from the flowers to a log, mere inches from this little cub. 


Luxa was completely still in that moment as the little creature crawled along the log towards her, unaware of the danger it would face.


One more step … 


Luxa grasped at it, its little body jerked and scrambled against her paw. It was too late. She'd ensured that its wings could not flutter against the soft pads, and her claws kept it imprisoned. 


Its tiny gold rimmed eyes looked out to her. Wide with fear, and still with a sad, panting resignation of its soon to be fate. 




((Deck 10 - Sickbay - USS Ronin))


Luxa's felinoid eyes opened and she was no longer in the jungle. Her prey vanished. 


Above her the concerned faces of Doctor Kel, the nurse and the medical team. She knew them now. 


She knew herself again. 


Kel/Any: Responses


Luxa opened her mouth, and found that only a low shrill whine came out. She coughed and tried again.


Lorana: Did you reverse the effects of the radiation? :: attempts to spring up, alarmed :: Commander Alieth?!


Luxa looked around the room. She couldn't see the CSO and her eyes looked upon the crew intently. Her heart broke in a thousand pieces.


Was it too late? It was all her fault. 


Kel/Any: Responses


It took several seconds for their words to sink in. 


oO she's okay Oo 


Lorana: Where is she? 


Kel/Any: Responses


Luxa flipped her legs over the sides of the biobed, at first she felt a little lightheaded, her vision blurred and she leaned on Doctor Kel for support. 


Lorana: I should get back to work. I need to review that data. 


Kel/Any: Response


Lorana: :: unhappy :: If you insist Doctor Kel but I'd rather rest in my quarters :: lower so that only he can hear :: I don't like Sickbay. It's the scents. It lingers. 


Kel/Any: Response


Luxa allowed the doctor to administer a hypospray and then with assistance got to her feet. She felt her strength return quickly. 


Lorana: Thank you doctor. 


Then she, with care, exited the Sickbay and made the slow trek back to her quarters where she'd fall into a deep and immediate sleep. 


She dreamt of her jungle, and a small, fragile creature trapped in a cage of claws. Her claws. 


End of Act Three/Mission for Luxa Lorana

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