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Book Club Meeting - SD 240011.03

Gila Sadar

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Hello everyone!

Apologies for the delay, but work was murder this past week.

This here is the 'catch up' topic for everyone to post their opinions on the chapters 4-6 that we read for last Friday. Since attendance was low and discussion was limited for last meet-up, any and all are welcome to post their opinions here instead. I hope for a higher turnout next time (including myself) :D

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It's funny, but reading this book, I am constantly thinking, would this be a good next season? In that sense I deeply enjoy Rho in the her role, with Kira they could have pulled off two seasons just with that. I feel that Bashir is a the constant in this novel. To me he is the one that really has not changed and he takes us back to the orginal series. Everything and everyone else has changed and pushes DS9 forward while Bashir is like an anchor. 


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I liked that the pace was picking up, but my biggest "gripe" is that we barely get to know characters before they are killed off. It makes it feel like we should care more about the death, but it doesn't have much of an impact for me because I hardly know them. Hoping that the plot will keep developing though. The intensity has promise!

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