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Ensign Korras - First things first

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I'm also a sucker for some good old-fashioned backstory, like this from @Korras. 🙂👍🏻


((Outside FO’s Office, Deck 7, Command Center, Starbase 118 Ops))


His meeting with commander fairhug over, Korras decided his next stop would be the medical center. After all, it was on his way to his new quarters, and he was fairly close to the medical center right now already, relatively speaking. Of course, on a station this size, any distance that was less than the size of a small city was considered close.


As he walked to the nearest turbolift, he spent some time thinking. Mere days before, he was waiting for his final exam to begin, in this very station. At that time, he was still a Cadet. Now, he was one of the freshest ensigns in the station. The small amount of personal belongings he had he had already packed, not expecting to be assigned to the same station he had spent the last couple of months in. Either way, it made the move into his own living space all that more simple. For now, this would be home.


A small pang of melancholy. He knew he would probably never see his real home anymore. Nor did he expect to ever see his family again. He shook his head. Years ago, he had made the choice to take the blame for something not of his doing, but by doing so had prevented his family from being unjustly branded a traitorous family.


While in the epic sagas, most klingons would have fought tooth and nail against such things, no matter the cost, the truth of the matter was far different on the backwater planets. There, there were no great houses with fabled histories. There, while honor was still considered a virtue, there was much more of a grey area. There, the one claim to fame his homeworld, Kerret'raa, had was that Kahless had once visited it. There was a shrine to him, and some from Qo'nos visited there occasionally, which led to a slight amount of trade, but otherwise, most of the planet was as backwater as it could be in this time and age. There was no unlimited energy to replicate everything they would want. Not everything was as bright as it was on a Starfleet starship. They had learned to make do with what they had for the most part. He did what he had to do for his family to make it through.


Maybe that was what had made him a decent hand on the freighter that had hired him in. If it had not been for a pirate attack, he probably would have made a life for himself in space. Instead, fate had taken him to the federation, and eventually into Starfleet.


His arrival at the turbolift station shook him from his reverie. He stepped in with the others waiting, and gave his destination.


Korras: main entrance, medical station.


While in the lift, he decided to look forward as opposed to backward. He had made it this far, and he would be successful at it. First things first, to see the doctor.


((brief timeskip, to deck 505, Medical lobby))


Korras walked in, and headed to the nearest nurse station. Once it was his turn, he spoke up.


Korras: Hello. I’ve been newly assigned to the station, and have been instructed to schedule a visit with doctor Shar'Wyn Foster to go over my medical record. When does he have time for this?


Nurse: Response



Ensign Korras
Ops Officer
Starbase 118 Ops



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