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Lieutenant Tito: Feeling home.

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I'm a sucker for a "slice of life" sim and here's one I particularly enjoyed from @Vitor S. Silveira. 🙂👍🏻

((Starbase118, Habitat Ring, Tito’s apartment))

Tito swept slowly the brush, in a meticulous sequenced gesture finishing the miniature outer wall. In an unusual change of theme he had decided to start a new project, stalling the other two he already began.

Instead of the more bellicose minis he usually painted, or the ones belonging to the board game he already replicated, he decided for something more… Simple.

Truth be told it had a deeper meaning, perhaps it was his way to avoid the new Counselor.
All things considered the future looked… Difficult. Too many things had changed. But he had found that he wasn't so easily dropping down as before.

There was something that, despite the loneliness, still kept him moving forward.
And more importantly, safe, comfortable.

That was why he began this new model.
It was a little bigger than he was used to.
The base was 70 by 50 cm. The house itself was 40 by 30 in width and length, being 50 cm tall.

It was a Terran country house, two floors high with red roof, and filled with details both inside and out.

He dropped the brush down looking at the several pieces he had worked on.
Tito smiled and he tipped the tiny rocking chair, making it swing slightly.

He raised his head and looked around his place.
The thought made him smile. “His” place. So for once Sil was right when he gave him his former place. It was becoming his home.

Tito stretched and slowly stood up. Looking at the outside view he chose to take a little break. Cleaning up the brushes, but keeping his paraphernalia on the dinner table he decided to go for a run, and headed to the bedroom to change.

((Timeskip, about an hour later))
((Starbase118, Little Risa))

Tito walked alongside the beach line. With full jogging gear, t-shirt, trunks and trainers, he adjusted the little backpack filled with water bottles and small energy bars.

He recalled the first time he was there before sharing a meal with Commander DeVeau, Alora. She had also moved and although they had clashed a bit, he still had a good impression of her.

A family with a little toddler passed by him. He kept walking. Unlike before he wasn’t troubled by it. Tito frowned before smiling.

That was new. And pleasant. Still smiling he started quickening his pace, until it turned into proper jogging.


Lt. Vitor R.S.Tito
Science Officer
Starbase 118


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