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Ensign Corey Wethern - [RACE] - The Marsh/Wethern Manoeuvre

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((Ensign's Joyride - Denali Invitational - Entering the Asteroid Ring))

The boxy shuttle took on a shimmer in the refection of the asteroid field making it actually like a streamlined fighter that it had actually been designed to be rapidly converting current models of ships ready for a defensive action. The crew of the Ensign's Joyride had worked hard building together the team and the freighter up from scratch to the fighting machine it currently was. Despite its age it was keeping up with the crowd.

There were several ships entering the field at different vectors and various flakes of paint coming off them as they had near misses or actual collisions with smaller asteroids, not enough to take them down however would slow them whilst they made repairs.

Inside the cockpit there were only two of the crew and both of them were staying away from the emergency transport system. Corey checked the harness wrapping around the chair.

Wethern: This is going to be a challenging bit of flying Madison, strap in. I'm going to divert the power from gravity to inertial dampeners and thruster control to give you the most flexibility. Whoa! Did you see that ship clip that asteroid. Time to concentrate.

Marsh: ?

Corey watched his colleague clip the harness around her and he felt the adrenaline kick in, the buzz and attentiveness that kicks in with the risk of danger. The thrum of power flicked into the engines as he went through the warning alerts of switching off gravity. He flicked another switch and the cockpit darkened and the computer thrummed and alert "Tactical Overlay Engaged" as a red overlay engaged across the viewports highlighting the ships in front of them in green and the asteroids with trajectory plotting of incoming asteroids.

Wethern: I'm glad we didn't take out all of the experimental systems this shuttle was equipped with, although we never did get out of Zel why this project was abandoned?

Marsh: ?

The shuttle clipped past another vessel so fast Corey couldn't make out its designation however it was an impressive barrel roll by Madison.

Wethern: Nice flying Madison.

Marsh: ?

Computer: Warning Collision Imminent

An alarm blared bringing the two ensigns back to where they were as an asteroid rapidly filled the screen growing larger and larger.

Wethern: Madison, look out.....

Marsh: ?

Corey looked at his console as the his pilot tried to route around preventing an impact that even the shuttles shields at maximum would taken them out of race if not put them on the medical evac shuttle....which would be more than embarrassing being two medics.

Wethern: No wait head straight for the bearing I've sent to your console and rotate 65 degrees port and floor it.

Corey tapped his console and there was a sensation of your stomach flipping much like when you went on a roller-coaster. What in reality was happening was power was distributing away from the support systems to the shuttles minimal defensive systems.

A bright beam from the Phasers blasted the corner of the huge asteroid making a shuttle shaped hole full of debris as they rolled through it harmlessly bouncing off the shields however the pull on the harness would leave a mark.

Wethern: Woohoo! That is some fancy flying!

Marsh: ?

Corey ran his hand through his hair in relief. Not only had they managed to avoid dying they had also managed to get a step up towards the front just not the very front.

Wethern: All I'm saying is Ksivi-Sava would not have approved of that manoeuvre and if we win we need to trademark it.

Marsh:  ?


Ensign Corey Wethern
Medical Officer
Starbase 118 Ops
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