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Ensign Marty Tucker - How Many Raktajino's?


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slice of life are my jam, and @Marty Tuckernails one here. Also, 100% that dinner is going to happen next shoreleave, @LuxaLoranaincluded :D


((Deck 14, Engineering Lounge, USS Ronin))


When one works double shifts, three days go by quite quickly. And Ensign Marty Tucker was running on less than zero sleep. He had a minute to himself, so he went into the engineer's lounge and got himself a raktajino, his third one of the shift. It was surprising that he hadn’t spontaneously combusted yet. But with all the repairs, the caffeine was needed; from readjusting the reflector dish to refitting the structural integrity generators on decks two, five, and seven, one had to be awake to repair them.


He sat and pulled out his padd to review his forever-long to-do list. He could pass off some of it, but much needed his direct attention. Tuck figured after he finished his raktajino, he’d pop his head into Chief Corelli’s office and see where we stood. Then he’d need to meet with Chief Kiran about those generators. 


((OOC: Andy Dahl is a Engineering free use NPC))


He looked up from his padd to see Crewman Andrew Dahl approaching him. Dahl came to a stop and came to attention. Tucker spied him over the lip of the cup of his raktajino; he waved him off. 


Tucker: ::he smiled:: It’s all good, Andy; you don’t have to do that every time.::he set his cup of coffee down next to his padd::


Dahl: ::shrugging:: Habit Tuck, habit. ::he sat down::


Tuck chuckled at this as he took another sip of his Klingon coffee. While he loved it, it didn’t compare to the stuff he got back home. The Pacific Northwest was known for its coffee and the shops dedicated to the beverage. 


Tucker: We’ve worked together for a little bit now; I can’t believe I haven’t asked where you transferred in from. Denali Station here. ::he sipped his raktajino::


Dahl: ::finishing a sip of his coffee:: I’ve been here since day one. You should have seen how all this looked before you arrived. This space:: arm sweeps out:: wasn’t even built out. It was a shell and now look at her.


Tuck choked back a laugh.


Tucker: ::hoping raktajino wasn’t coming out his nose:: Dude, it was pulled out of dry dock early. There are unfinished labs and the like. It’s a Starfleet cluster..::with a gulp, he finished his raktajino::


Dahl just nodded in agreement.


There was one thing he couldn’t get out of his brain, no matter how hard he worked or buried his head in projects: that cute Bajoran quartermaster Ico. He still needed to get in touch about dinner. Tuck wondered if she had informed her roommate. He also needed to tell Mav about it; he was going to have to play wingman.   


Dahl: ::snapping his fingers in front of Tuck's face:: Hello? Anyone home?


Tuck took a second before reacting to Dahl. 


Tuck: Yeah, I’m here. Sorry, I was lost in thought. I’ve got a ton of things to do, and sitting on my ass in the engineering lounge isn't getting things done. And he needed to stay on the good side of Lieutenant Corelli. Happy Chief, happy Tuck.


They both laughed at that. 


Tuck picked up his padd and stood.


Tucker: Alright, Andy, time to get back to work.

Ensign Marty Tucker
USS Ronin - NCC-34523
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