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LT. Kammus Corelli - First Days are the hardest


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Kammus is his own thing for sure & I want more XD

((Main Engineering - Deck 14 - USS Ronin))
Personal Log - Stardate, today? 2400 something, I don't even know what day it is - computer, fill in the stardate when you close this log.
New ship, new family.  Just when I was beginning to become accustomed to the old one, something made me decide it was time to try a new adventure. The Ronin seems a capable craft, although I have not looked through the entire ship myself; the bridge is intact, engineering exists, and the lights are on.  Generally, people are happy with those three things. I need to properly meet the new staff, the technicians will come and go as they always do, and this pile of PADDs probably will not get smaller.
We all seem to be getting to our feet, no one knows where anything is, who anyone is supposed to be, and the new faces in the halls has me looking at their collar more than their eyes.  Three or four pips, great.  Any less, ignore. My mind can't handle much more than that currently.  126 problems, most can be solved with a good level 3 diagnostic. Six issues are reported critical by the computer, and half of those can likely be programmed out.  However, three issues have me worried. The Captain advised staff from the station was available, but I never liked ground crew.  They always do things by the book, their book. That doesn't work underway. Ships become their own creatures. We need to listen to the ship. It will tell you when it hurts.
Maybe perhaps my dream of serving on a very old museum piece, actually working in space, is not that crazy.
Back to work. Kammus Corelli - Chief Engineer - USS Ronin
Kammus sat at his new desk, shoved in the corner of a tiny office, with random boxes piled head high.  Yet another pile of PADDs lay on the desk.  No doubt a thoughtful technician from Deep Space 33 advised the crew to simply lay the problems on the desk of whoever was going to take over.  That was Kammus. He sat, not thinking about anything, letting the gentle thrum of the core wash over his thoughts. He was trying to learn its intricacies.  The soft den of technicians cursing under their breath made him feel a little more relaxed.  Technicians were all the same.  There were the ones that lifted heavy things and used their capable strength to correct foundation and structural issues that proclaimed their anger loudly, and then there were the ones that delicately corrected faults with tiny precision who focused all their spite inwardly and only flashed burning hatred with their eyes.
This was engineering.
Kammus stood, collecting the three PADDs in front of him in a neat pile. Exiting the office, a petty officer crossed his path.  There was a gentle nod, but work was happening.  Another over eager might have softly asked "anything I can help you with sir" but a still softer gesture from Kammus waved them off.  No, he needed to set the tone, he needed to gain understanding. 
Corelli: =/\= Kammus to Engineering staff, senior engineering staff, primary crew, shift leads, department heads, please report to Main Engineering in 10 minutes. Corelli out. =/\=
He neatly laid the three pads out on the console in the middle of the floor, and waited.  Soon they trickled in one by one, and filled the area around the floor console. 
Tucker / Perez / Quinn / Any: Response
He held up two pads, mostly to get the rooms attention.
Corelli: Right, yes, I understand the whole ship is about to fall apart and nothing is correct, we're all gonna die, that's normal.  What I would love to know is how we are going to tackle these three problems: Cracked EPS Main conduit subjunction T84; Computer power relay fault 30 through 34; Airlock compartment 12 deck 18 leak detected.  So, the warp core is about to fall out the bottom of the ship, the computer's power feed is probably melted and laying in a puddle, and the main plasma feet to the port nacelle has a crack in it? And nobody from the station could fix these things? Who wants to go first?!
Tucker / Perez / Quinn / Any: Response
Kammus stood wide eyed listening to the excuses, but he was most upset with the station facility staff just being lazy.  Once again, they did things by the book, and Kammus wanted to write his own book.
Corelli:  Well, this is not the morning meetings, so I won't call you to attention. But understand this, we need to get these problems solved.  I'm sure your faulty isolinear processor in replicator four thousand isn't really going to affect the running of the ship.  I know someone that outranks you told you it needed to be solved immediately.  But, and just follow me on this, don't you think - I could be wrong - that the warp core falling out the bottom of the ship is maybe just slightly perhaps more important on the level of things that need to be solved immediately than a non-working replicator
He blinked slowly as those last few words trickled out slowly. It took a moment for his speech to sink in.
Tucker / Perez / Quinn / Any: Response
Corelli: Fine. Ensign Tucker? Lovely to officially meet you.  Would you like to put on your cold weather gear and help me fix that airlock?  Quinn, yes? Great.  Can you, possibly, please, find it in your heart to fix the computer's power systems? Yes? No? Finally, staff from DS33, fix the EPS conduit. That should have been done first.  Thoughts?
Tucker / Perez / Quinn / Any: Response
LT. Kammus Corelli
Chief Engineer - USS RONIN
Writer ID: T239807KC3
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