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PNPC Crewman 1st Class Briza-Kar - Wrong End of the Rifle


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It's always fascinating to meet a sim of a species seldom seen on screen/in sim, and I think @LuxaLorana nails it with Briza-Kar. It's a short sim but we already see a lot of his personality and it makes me want to know MORE about him. Keep showing us more of the ginger giant!

((Deck 11, Briefing Room, Security Complex, USS Ronin))


There was a lot to be said in silence. 


Briza-Kar leaned against the back wall, looking towards the new Chief. He was an individual of little words, spending a lifetime around alien species and other sapients who either judged him or misunderstood him. 


He was several heads taller than most, and as wide as most of the doors. His large Kzinti frame dominated most rooms, even if he himself would rather disappear. 


His fur a burning orange, and eyes a bright shining green. He was aware that he resembled the stuff of nightmares to most. 


He was relieved to see Carpenter, if not a little surprised to see that she'd be the chief if not only tactical but security as well. This kid had made good. 


They had served together when he was given a temporary assignment to marines several years ago. 


They weren't friends but he had always thought of her as true to what she said and that's enough for him. 


Carpenter: I wanna start by saying welcome and I appreciate you bein' here. I'm Lieutenant Commander Kirsty Carpenter and I'm yer new Chief of Security and Tactical. I know I don't much look it right now, but that says more about me than it does y'all. 


An equally polite chuckle, Breeze, as his friends nicknamed him, looked to the young ensigns and enlisted crew. Most of them were fresh out of the academy or some remote test centre somewhere. 


That explained why they'd be in the Alpha Isles. He wondered how many would transfer out within the first couple of months. 


Some, believed Starfleet was an easy job compared to the alternatives. 


In some ways they were right. He had worked just about all of them. Didn't make Starfleet any less dangerous. 


Carpenter: I'll be meetin' all of ya eventually, but I want you to know that I'm around and I plan to be for the duration. If you got a problem or you need something our Quartermaster can't provide, you just come see me. I don't cop much for passin' the buck, so...I'm here. 


She cleared her throat, bringing up the map of Olidra on the room's display screen.


Carpenter: In the meantime, our first op. The Olidra System. Brass thinks the Sheliak are usin' the system as an illegal stockpile grounds for...somethin' and Cap Niac intends for us to find out the what and the where. We set out in three days. In those three days, I want a full Tactical and Security Assessment of the system. As well as any and all information we might be able to get ahold of on the ships in and out of Olidra. Holler up at the Science Department if you need to since they got the scopes and the scanners...


She leaned forward on the podium.


Carpenter: Any questions so far? 


Breeze only nodded, tipping his head towards Carpenter to indicate he understood. 


He sensed the nervous energy from the younger team. 


Briza-Kar: Maybe best to run some simulations :: looking at the new ensigns:: Make sure they know the right end of the rifle? 


He had a deep voice that seemed to boom through the Briefing Room, a young Bolian ensign jumped, looking back at him with wide pale coloured eyes. Breeze just glared at him.


Kenmore/Hopkins/Carpenter: RESPONSE


Briza-Kar: ::nods:: Of course, Chief. 


((OOC - Just wanted to leave this here, happy to do some sims in the holodeck or whatever or just doing stuff)) 

Crewman 1st Class Briza-Kar 
USS Ronin
As simmed by:
Ensign Luxa Lorana
Science Officer
USS Ronin
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