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Fleet Captain Oddas Aria: To the Start

Alora DeVeau

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I really enjoyed the 'banter while working' here.


((Allahayer, Near the Starting Line, Denali Invitational))


After the Wharf, Pelasht's pit vehicle and tug and towed the Allahayer from what passed as orbit to 5,000 kilometers from the starting line, and then they had powered up the Engine's to 5% in order to get the rest of the way.


She was glancing out ahead, hoping to see some of the other competitors, there were thirty-two total, but even in a race the vastness of space made it difficult and the limited view she had designed meant she would be depending more on her instruments than the eyeball method anyway.


oO Too late for changes, it was the only way to fit the cockpit over the engine. Oo


Over the comm, she heard muttering - it was the local channel.


Oddas: Everything ok?


Th'vhotrok: With the ship? So far so good.


Oddas: Something else?


There was a series of clicks and flips as the Andorian behind her worked the station to 


Th'vhotrok: ::chuckling:: I understand in Bajoran our ship's name means 'Fast Madness'.


He console showed a power reserve coming up to 110%, which she acknowledged with a tap of the screen and moved on to the next step of the secondary systems' checklist.


Oddas: Close enough.  ::beat::  Power reserves good, next up, life support.


They were actually wearing environmental suits, complete with heads up helmets, it wasn't required by the rules, but it was a case of Aria - and the team actually - feeling it was a small price to pay for safety.  In fact, in a pinch the difference of life support vs none might make a difference in a corner.


Th'vhotrok: Understood. ::beat:: It's odd, but there is an old superstition on Andor about a boy named Li'Hayer, who entered a foot race.  Life support checks out.


Life support showed blue on her console.  


Oddas: Excellent, next up backup internal dampeners.  How did he do?


The checklist moved to the secondary dampeners, which she never planned to turn on, it removed too much maneuverability from the craft.


Th'vhotrok: Well, he was not a smart boy, and at one point found a shortcut - he knew it would let him win, but he would have to go through a nest of ice worms.  ::beep and click:: Dampeners good.  Next, secondary manifold.  He went through.


Oddas: Did he make it?


Th'vhotrok: Oh, he did, he won, and came out the other side quite mad.


Oddas: I suppose there is some lesson there.


Th'vhotrok: Oh, I suppose, but I was never very good in school.


Aria let out a loud short laugh, they hadn't spent much time together, but she didn't think that could possibly be true.


Oddas: Well, hopefully we'll come out better on the other side.




Fleet Captain Oddas Aria

Commanding Officer

Denali Station



Sense is never common. -Robert Heinlein


Wiki: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Oddas_Aria


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