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Lt. Cmdr. Gogigobo Fairhug - Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Alora DeVeau

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(OOC: This is Gogi’s last sim on Denali. :’( It seems rather appropriate that he’s receiving a purple heart!)


((The Menden-Hall, Floor 8, Anchorage Tower, Denali Station))


To say the past few days had been a whirlwind might just be the understatement of the (admittedly still young) century.


Gogi had come into almost direct contact with a Bajoran Orb of the Prophets, which had left him with radiation sickness that, while treatable, wasn’t going away as quickly as he’d hoped.


He’d also been met with a message on his return to Denali. A message from Starfleet, with orders for him to transfer to Starbase 118 Ops and take up the position of First Officer - a position he had held once before.


He’d had to read the communication multiple times to make sure that he wasn’t hallucinating from the radiation sickness.


With all this swimming around in his mind, he almost forgot completely to attend the Awards Ceremony and so he had arrived in a rush and took up a spot towards the back of the newly opened Menden-Hall, just as the lights dimmed, the music lowered and Captain Oddas made her way to the center of the room.  


Oddas: ::raising her artificial limb, and her voice slightly:: Thank you everyone for coming.


The hum of the various conversations died down around the room and everyone’s eyes settled on the Bajoran Fleet Captain.


Oddas: I know it has been a hectic time since we've been back on the Station, and I hope you have all been enjoying yourselves - I promise, despite my love of long speeches and ceremonies, I will keep this short. I want to get back to the food as well.


Gogi couldn’t help but chuckle at the idea of Aria being a lover of long speeches and ceremonies.


Oddas: First and foremost, the Entire Crew who participated in the previous mission has been awarded the Scientific Discovery and the Explorer's Ribbons, first congratulations to you all and second, personally, thank you.  Thank you for helping me return such a priceless artifact to my homeland. It was a mission which required sacrifice and bravery and courage and so, again, thank you, as a Starfleet Officer, as your Captain, and as a Bajoran who never thought she would be able to be near such an important artifact.


There was a hearty round of applause, which Gogi contributed to as much as anyone in the room. While he didn’t make a habit of preaching to anyone on matters of religion, he, like many Bardeezans, was a very spiritual person and he respected the beliefs of other cultures. He was glad to have been part of a mission that had reunited the Bajoran people with something so important to them and Aria in particular.


Oddas: There were three distinct groups who participated in the mission, making it a success, and each made me extremely proud.  The team aboard the Eagle, commanded by our intrepid XO, ensured we all got home - including yours truly, and fended off some rather unwelcome visitors in the process.  To that end - those who remained onboard the Eagle have been awarded the Good Conduct Ribbon.


Falt: We're proud to be the quadrant's finest space taxi service, sir. For all your space and time travel needs…


Another chuckle from the Bardeezan at the back of the room. As much as Tomas was playing the Eagle’s role in proceedings down, the fact of the matter was that if it weren’t for his leadership and the quick thinking and expertise of everyone on board, Gogi would most likely not be standing there now and possibly not Captain Oddas, Doctor Raimor, Freck or Commander Ton, either.


Oddas: Of course, there was a group who boarded the other ship, bringing back valuable information needed for the completion of the mission.  They put themselves in harms' way, and did it without unnecessary risk, without betraying the values and truths we hold dear. Those who boarded the other vessel are receiving a Captain's Commendation.  Good work!


Vahin: ::COUGHS::


Another round of well-deserved applause. Gogi had been on similar away missions in the past - infiltrating an enemy vessel was no mean feat.


Oddas:  The last of these teams was the Away Team on the ground, almost getting lost on through time.  They managed to make contact with the native population, learn about them, and accomplish the mission at hand.  Without their quick thinking, and attention to detail, we may not have learned what we could have about the inhabitants of Osalu III.  Because of their work, they are being awarded the First Contact Ribbon.


This time Gogi was, in part, at least, applauding for himself. When they had made it to the surface of Oslau III, they knew there was a high risk of temporal activity, however, none of them could have foreseen the actual events that unfolded. Looking back on it now, it was definitely one of the more unique away missions he had been on.


Oddas: Of course, there were officers who showed distinguished service all on their own.  On the surface, the Away Team found themselves in the middle of a plague, a sickness sweeping through a village.  After reading through the reports of the people on the ground, the Intelligence Officer in particular, it became apparent Ensign Raimor took great pains to save the lives of the people on that planet and as such he is awarded the Medical Service Ribbon.  Good work, and congratulations!


Gogi looked over to the Doctor as he clapped once more. Raimor had indeed distinguished himself on Oslau III and the native population of the planet were not the only lives he’d saved.


Falt: Well done, Ensign.


Oddas: Also, when it became apparent some extra - out of the box - thinking was needed to retrieve our personnel from the other ship, Mister Forsyth did not hesitate to come up with a unique solution.  I commend her and I hereby, with great pleasure, award her the Innovation Ribbon.  Excellent work, and thank you for helping bring everyone home.


Another award Gogi was pleased to see being handed out. Alex was growing as an officer day by day and he was proud to see it, having been with her since her final exam at the Academy, until now.


Oddas: If I could have Mister Fairhug, and Mister Raimor approach?


Gogi almost did a double take when he heard his name called. He’d not been expecting anything this time around…not that he ever did.


Oddas: It is no secret that earning purple hearts is against my standing orders.  That said, I do recognize it is sometimes part of our business, our dedication, to put ourselves on the line to complete the mission, to save our colleagues, to make the discovery - to come home.  While I do not approve, I do thank you, and present you both - Mister Fairhug, and Mister Raimor, with a Purple Heart - hopefully your last.


Accepting the award, Gogi pondered that in all his days as a Security Officer and a Marine, he was probably fairly lucky that this was his first Purple Heart.


Oddas: Both, before you go? ::beat:: Mister Fairhug, as I'm sure you all know, has accepted his transfer to Operations and will be taking his old post there as XO.  Mister Fairhug, it has been an honor and a privilege to watch you grow from the clumsy Ensign to a formidable Lt. Commander.  Good work, and good luck.


The Bardeezan couldn’t hold back the grin that spread across his face at that. Aria had been the first officer he’d reported to on Duronis II when he was fresh out of the Academy and there was no doubt that, back then, his skills still needed…refining.


Now, he was a veteran, both in Starfleet and from the conflict on his home planet. Things had changed, *he* had changed and things were about to change again, with his assignment on Starbase 118, but though his time on Denali had been relatively short, he was grateful for it and would never forget the experiences he’d had that had made a huge impact on him.


Raimor: Congratulations, sir. They should be honored to have you. 


Fairhug: ::smiling:: Thank you, Doctor…::turning to Oddas:: and thank *you* Captain.


Oddas: Next, Mister Raimor, your colleagues have been talking about you.  They have noticed your attention to detail, the care you take in your work, and the diligence you attend to everything you do.  To that end, they have recommended you for promotion, and I have to agree. Let the record reflect that on this stardate Ensign Sasus Raimor was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade Raimor, with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities accorded to them.


Raimor: T-thank you, sir. I am honored. 


Oddas: Good work, Lieutenant. 


Gogi clapped the Betazoid *Lieutenant* on the back. It was a fully deserved promotion and he was glad he he’d stayed on Denali long enough to see it.


Oddas: Speaking of promotions, it's not a promotion per se, but effective immediately our newly arrived Mission Specialist will be our Second Officer, so if you cannot find Commander Falt, find Commander DeVeau.  Also, at the recommendation of Commander Falt, Mister Kettick, is our new Assistant Chief of Engineering, specifically tasked with the care of our city and its infrastructure.


Gogi turned to find Alora’s face in the crowd. He was happy for his friend, he only wished he could have had a chance to work with her. And of course, Kettick, there could be no one more deserving of that role. It was a bittersweet feeling to see all of these people he had come to know, respect and like so much, receiving awards, promotions and new roles and yet knowing that he would not be around to witness them continuing to grow and achieve.


Oddas: Congratulations everyone, thank you very much for your continued hard work and dedication as we continue to make Denali Station one of the premier postings in Starfleet, and a beacon to all of those needing a home.  Thank you for keeping my faith in you true, and for your continuing trust and dedication in the mission.  ::pause::  I know you have all seen the gathering crowds out in the streets, the increased numbers of visitors, and seen the promise of even more.  I am confident those visitors are going to find a welcoming crew, a professional crew, and we are all going to rise to meet the challenge of a rising profile with the same aplomb we always have.  Thank you again, and let's eat before everything gets cold.


The lights brightened once more and the party started to restart in earnest. 


Gogi looked around the room and watched as little groups began to form, friends congratulating each other, gently ribbing each other, or clinking glasses together in celebration.


He smiled warmly as his gaze settled on each face. They were a fine crew and possibly even more importantly, good people. He was happy for them all.


For a moment, he thought about grabbing a drink and joining one of the groups, but he had a long day and journey ahead of him tomorrow. Best to get some rest…especially now that he was sleeping better again.


So, instead, he made his way back to the doors he had entered through, turned and took one last look at the smiling, happy faces…and left.





Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug
Chief of Security
Denali Station


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