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Lt. Vitor Silveira: Present blessings. Past curses. - USS Artemis-A

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A good Sim, in my opinion, is one that accomplishes multiple things: it should characterize your character, give your shipmates a course of action and work to increase the amount of fun being had overall. @Vitor S. Silveira succeeds at these in every Sim he writes, but there is something to be said for the absolute magic that is created when he finishes up an excellent scene, goes into a good moment of trauma to show the Man behind the Face of the charismatic and perpetually cheerful Lieutenant, and at the same time uses the opportunity to facilitate a scene with a PNPC that the owner just earlier that day mentioned they missed simming.

Excellent work! We’re lucky to have him aboard!


(( Holodeck 4, Deck 3, USS Artemis))

Despite his best efforts to carry the night on with a game of cards, even putting it as a challenge, apparently it was time to wrap up their evening. 

Silveira: It is rather simple, but more challenging than poker. Also quite aggressive, I have seen things while playing it that you won’t believe. ::His grin denounced him before he spoke.:: Let’s play… Go fish.

MacKenzie: ::standing up:: It starts as Go Fish, but it always ends in someone getting stuck picking up extra shifts at work, and my job is hard enough. ::raising her mug:: I’ll see you all for the tour.

She nodded to them, called for the arch, and excited with Ana standing up as well.

Lorana: Night, see you soon.

With a shrug Vitor waved at them.

Silveira: Good night then.

He stood up and winked at Yalu who collected his Thermos of glurtch dregs and said his goodbyes. Looking at the stars one last time, he started walking to the arch. It was a very pleasant evening.

Silveira: Computer, end program.

((Timeskip, a few hours after))
((USS Artemis, deck 3, Silveira’s quarters))

Vitor wasn’t comfortable. Not very surprising considering he was in bed laying on his back.
Even since Carson punctured his lung he always had trouble sleeping in that position. It was certainly on his mind, he had suffered similar wounds over the years and none bothered him.
Even the most recent stabbing from Genkos was nothing but a memory. And didn’t even left a scar. Like the stabs he got from that Suliban operative.

But he wasn’t comfortable. He tried to turn and to his surprise he wasn’t able to. Vitor tried to move his arms and they didn’t respond. Even his eyes weren’t moving, fixed on his quarters ceiling. His breathing kept regular, but he was starting to panic. It was happening all over again. He couldn’t move, trapped in his own body like when he was in a coma.

Then he saw them. Leaning over him was Wyke, a devious smile flashing his pale face, his neck with a nasty wound and dry blood, making him look like a living dead.
Opposite was the Suliban. Anger flaming in her eyes and a dagger, menacingly glowing.

Vitor wanted to move, turn, defend himself… Inside he screamed, panicked… Cried.
He felt the dagger every time she stabbed him, the next more painful than the first as Wyke laughed. The only thing he felt was the pain, getting sharper by each stabbing.
His body rigid, not even his eyes moved, frozen in place.

Just pain… And a maligned laughter…

Suddenly Vitor was able to jump and he reacted, moving his arms around, striking the air.
Sheets rolling in his arm and legs he rolled over, raised his hands in defense, eventually hitting the bed's headboard. 

His breathing was heavy and uncontrolled. He was covered in sweat, as if he had finished a marathon. Looking around, like a cornered beast he stood there, ready to jump or react, taking several minutes until he realized he was awake, in his quarters. He eased down and just sa, back to the headstand, legs straight and his fists resting on his lap.

Vitor lost track of the time he stood there. It was long enough for the sweat to dry and he was actually feeling a bit cold, since he only slept with pajamas pants.
Slowly and fully recovered from the nightmare he stood up.

It wasn’t the first one. It wouldn't be the last, but it had been a month or two since he got one this serious. Most of the time he managed to wake up, roll over, or get some warm milk, and get back to sleep. He was only waking up once or twice a night, which was a success for him, sleeping between six to seven hours a day. Not far from the healthy minimum. 

He spoke as he walked to the closet to get a clean set of clothes.

Silveira: Computer what time is it?

Computer: Twelve thirty two hours.

He stopped as he got a clean pair of pajama pants. That was way earlier than it should.
Although by normal people hours, time to be sleeping. He looked at his nightstand, his combadge there and felt tempted to call on Hiro. Not only was he the new Counselor he was also someone Vitor felt comfortable talking to. He knew that if he asked for help he could count on him. 
And he was also certain any of the others would as well. 
But it was late. And he didn’t want to burden them with his own ghosts. 

Throwing the pants to the bed he kneeled down looking for a clean uniform.

((Timeskip some minutes later))
((USS Artemis, deck 6, Elysium))

After a good shower, with a fresh uniform he stopped on deck six, before going to his Office.
He would get himself a nice drink, stretch in the Elysium Lounge a bit, go to his office to get some work done, because there was always PAADwork to be finished or get a start on.
Eventually he would fall asleep.

It was a good plan. 

He entered the Elysium and looked around. Vitor couldn’t help himself to compare it with the Round Table. But he forced aside those thoughts and was walking to the bar when he stopped, as he crossed ways with a familiar face.
He bowed to her, winking when he raised his head.

Silveira: Mir. What are you doing here? I thought you sailed away in the Excalibur. Graveyard shift?

Luniin: response

Vitor shrugged and looked away. He wasn’t exactly in a talkative mood and he hoped Mir would understand.

Silveira: Trouble sleeping. A nightmare that I don’t want to talk about. Old curses. ::he returned his eyes to her, with a slight grin now.:: It’s good to see you.

Luniin: response

He smiled and looked around. It wasn’t as empty as he expected at this time of the night. 
Looking back at Mir, he scratched his plan and popped the question. 

Silveira: Want to join me for a drink? I could use the company and you can tell me how you got yourself in the Artemis. 

Luniin: response


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