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Ensign Herrick: Finding Zen

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I really enjoyed this submission from our newest Ensign, @Josh Herrick. He perfectly captures that undeniable thrill of a first mission! 


(( Herrick’s Quarters, Deck 7, USS-‘Oumuamua ))

Josh looked around his new home; it was certainly quieter than the bunk he had been in since boarding the ‘Oumuamua. He had inquired about his room assignment after he noticed that Ensigns Dahlquist and Tyber were assigned to quarters and had a more comfortable living space. It was at that time that the logistics officer realized that an error had been made, mixing him in with the enlisted  crew when there were available quarters.

Josh had moved in the previous night with what little belongings he had (a poster, a plasma extinguisher shaped magnet, and a few padds). He hadn’t yet seen his roommate, but he suspected that it wouldn’t be long before they bumped into each other. Overall, the young engineer didn’t care whether it was a small bed or a room to himself, but he had found it easier to sleep in the less-tight space.

Herrick: (excitedly) oO I’m going to be on the bridge! Oo 

He did a final once over in the mirror, making sure he looked picture perfect. This would be the third time he’d meet the Commodore, and the first time he’d see the bridge in action; both equally exciting. In the Academy, Herrick had taken the initial command training courses and had been exposed to some bridge operations, but this would be his first real mission as a commissioned officer.

He headed to the turbolift, and extra spring in his step and after stepping inside the pod, he called for the bridge. It was perhaps a bit too excitedly, but no one was around to judge the green ensign. After a few moments, the doors slid open to reveal the bridge.

(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS 'Oumuamua ))

Josh stepped across the threshold and took a moment to let it sink in. Just like his time in the arboretum, meeting Kammus, and seeing everyone at the awards ceremony, he wanted to burn this moment into his mind. He turned his head to each side scanning the room, and while doing so, realized that he wasn’t quite sure where he should be.

Herrick: oO Do I ask someone? Oo

At that moment, he noticed a lieutenant approaching him. 

Katsim: Response

Herrick: Yes, I am. Ensign Josh Herrick, Engineering.

Katsim: Response

Herrick: It’s good to meet you, Lieutenant. It’s my first time on the ‘Oumuamua bridge, so bear with me.

Katsim: Response

The doors of the ready room slid apart and V’Airu stepped on the bridge. As she approached Herrick and Katsim, she invited them to take the co-chairs beside her and asked for the viewscreen to be activated. The blue-gold cloud was beautiful to Josh. The shifts of colour were almost hypnotic in a way; he felt more at ease as he continued to stare at the image.

V'Airu: Before we turn to our sensors, which are likely to operate below peak capacity, let us consider. Have either of you seen a phenomenon like this before?

Josh racked his brain; he hadn’t focused on interstellar space phenomena in the Academy. His studies had mostly focused on making sure that the ship’s internals worked as expected, something he would need to correct as time progressed.

Katsim/V’Airu: Response

The newbie was glad that Katsim had spoken first, it had taken some of the bridge jitters away. It appeared that commanding officer wanted more analysis, as she continued to prompt. 

V'Airu: What do you see? I don't expect a diagnosis, but let's use our own senses, limited though they may be, for a moment. What could this phenomenon be?

Herrick: If we’re going on looks sir, forgetting the gold for a moment, it somewhat looks like a cerulean nebula? oO Was that the right name for it? Oo

It was a shot in the dark, but Herrick wanted to contribute something to the conversation so that he’d be invited back to the bridge again in the future. He also hadn’t remembered a nebula to be so relaxing when he had seen them on his cadet cruise. It didn't seem very scientific but he didn't want to leave out anything that may be material.

V’Airu / Katsim: Responses

Herrick: And, to me at least, it seems to have a calming effect.

V’Airu / Katsim: Responses

Tags! and TBC!


Ensign Josh Herrick
Engineering Officer
USS ‘Oumuamua
he/him/his (player/character)

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