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MSNPC Yeaban - too handsome to live

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(( Clyia's Pleasure Spa, Risa ))

The last several weeks were rough. First, he tried posing as a refugee when the Starfleet officers found him fast asleep coming down from his trip. When that didn't work, he posed as a refugee forced to join the pirates under threat of violence.
Add in a few batted lashes, some sultry tones, and a wink or two, and they bought his story, at least well enough to not throw him right in the brig. It's so good to be this handsome, he reminded himself.
After that, he wandered away from the refugees and sweet talked his way onto a ship. A few hops later, he found himself on Risa. And he had some latinum after all! That sweet widower on the last ship demanded to bestow Yeaban with gifts, and Yeaban was happy to oblige. 
And now, it was time to indulge. Risa is, of course, post-currency. But throwing around latinum didn't hurt. And he decided to splurge and have it with one big go.
And here he was, wedged into a pile of more than willing Risans. Risans loved Yeaban and his looks, and Yeaban loved that about them. 
With the latinum, he sent out for any and all needs for the party: food, drink, towels, more drink, and ice packs. And they had continued to partake in all of them.
In between an ice pack, a liter of water, and a back massage; Yeaban picked up a curious fruit from the table. It looked like a cherry, but with an extra lobe, with two spines sticking out the top. He sniffed it, and watched the Risans pop them into their mouths with glee.
Yeaban shrugged and decided to give one a try. It was succulent! It was plump, and sweet, with just the right amount of tart. The texture was compelling, almost erotic.
As he reclined in relaxation, he let out a loud sigh of satisfaction as he positioned the ice pack.
Suddenly it felt like a singularity formed in the pit of his stomach, and his innards were going through spaghettification on the event horizon. His eyes bulged in fear, and the Risans immediately rushed toward him as the blackness overcame him, and the pain receded.  
A victim of his own indulgence: Risian orpino cherries are poisonous to Talaxians. He was so focused on throwing his latinum around that he insisted on the caterer sending the most luxurious foods "no matter what."
MSNPC Yeaban
Devastatingly handsome

simmed by:
Lt Commander Azura Ada
Second Officer?
Chief Science Officer?
USS Constitution-B
IDIC team member
ASDB team member
(she/her, character)
(she/they, writer)
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