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Lieutenant Connor Dewitt - I Hate the Sun

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((Risian Sundown Resort, above Stardust City))

It had taken longer than he had ever expected it to take. Still, after several calls with employees of the Slipka Resort Consortium, he had finally managed to book a bigger room for Ayemet and him to stay in together as part of their provided all-expense stay at the Risian Sundown Resort. He had talked to several people on Risa to secure a proper room on Freecloud - what an odyssey.




Connor had looked up the commlink they were about to contact for their reservation at the Risian Sundown Resort for the all-expenses covered weekend. As he opened the communications line, a popup appeared on his screen.


Please enter your customer number...


On a second window Connor opened the confirmation message they had gotten to check for the asked information. But none had been supplied. He frowned as he skipped through the text a second time. Nothing... With a quiet sigh, he just confirmed the empty input field. The next text prompt on his screen did not improve his mood significantly.


You are 33rd in the queue.


He leaned back and let himself fall into the cushions. Reconfiguring the EPS grid in sickbay had exhausted him over the day. He had taken off three days to enjoy them at the Risian resort with Ayemet. And the only thing he wanted to do before falling into bed was to rearrange their bookings to combine them for a better room for two people.


You are 29th in the queue.


Another sigh as he let his head fall back into the cushions and thought of his last time visiting a resort like this. It had been on earth, a resort on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. It had not been as luxurious as the Sundown Resort promised to be. But he remembered how relaxed he had gotten while being there. And he looked forward to that.


You are 27th in the queue.


His mind started to wander off as he imagined what their time together could be like. A white-sanded beach appeared before his inner eyes; the surge of waves surrounded his feet. He felt his eyes closing slowly...


Support Agent: Slipka Resort Consortium, my name is Taya. How may I assist you?


Connor woke with a start and took a second to orient himself. Seconds ago, he had been at a sunny beach. The darkness of his quarters engulfed him as the attractive support agent appeared on his screen.


Dewitt: I... Yes... I want to rebook a room... Two rooms.


Support Agent: Why certainly, Sir! May I have your customer number, please.


Dewitt: I am afraid I have not been provided one.


Support Agent: Of course, Sir. In that case, may I have your name, please?


Dewitt: It's Connor Dewitt.

Support Agent: Thank you, Mr. Dewitt. Let me check our system for available rooms. ::typing on the keyboard:: Ah, it seems we still have rooms available for the dates you requested. Perfect!


Dewitt: Great! So, how do I proceed with the rebooking?


Support Agent: I'm glad you asked, Mr. Dewitt. I will transfer you to our dedicated rebooking department, where they will guide you through the process. Please hold the line.


The logo of Slipka Resort Consortium appeared on the screen. A small sun in the lower left with a bis smile was dancing on the beach. Another time to frown. Together with Nolen and two other crewmen, they had updated the full sickbay EPS grid in only a single day. He felt played out but satisfied with their progress. And after such an achievement, he was stuck in an ordinary customer service line.


Support Agent #2: Hello, this is Grace speaking from the rebooking department. How can I assist you today?


Dewitt: Hi, Grace. I need to rebook two rooms at Sundown Resort for a different date.


Support Agent #2: Certainly, Mr. Dewitt. Before we proceed, may I kindly ask for your customer number?


Dewitt: I already mentioned to the previous agent that I don't have one.


Support Agent #2: My apologies, Mr. Dewitt. Let me see if I can find your original reservation using your name. Please hold while I check our system.


Dewitt: Of cou...


But before Connor could finish his approval, the Slipka Ressort Consortium logo appeared again. He felt an uncomfortable rage at the situation rise and got up. He took the terminal he was using to move it over to the small dining table in his quarters and tried to breath calmly. The clock on the wall showed the local ship time. 03:21. They had worked after hours to get things done and make sickbay ready again as fast as they could. And his next shift was about to start in 5 hours.


Support Agent #2: Thank you for your patience, Mr. Dewitt. I'm afraid I couldn't locate your original reservation. However, I can transfer you to our reservations department, and they should be able to assist you further. Please hold.


Dewitt: Wait, another transfer? Can't you help me here?


Support Agent #2: I apologize for the inconvenience, Mr. Dewitt. The reservations department has the expertise required to handle these matters. I assure you, they will be able to assist you.


Connor hated the little sun. Why would a sun dance on the beach? He started to walk around the table to stay awake. He started to count the laps to distract his mind from the situation that seemed infuriating to his sleep-deprived mind.


Dewitt: ::mumbling:: look forward to that weekend, Connor!


Support Agent #3: Hello, this is Payo from the reservations department. How can I help you today?


Dewitt: Finally, Payo! I've been transferred twice already. My name is Connor Dewitt, and I just want to rebook two rooms at Sundown Resort.


Support Agent #3: I apologize for the inconvenience, Mr. Dewitt. I'm here to assist you. Can you please provide me with your customer number?


Connor took a deep breath to stay calm.


Dewitt: I don't have one! I've already mentioned that to the previous agents.


Support Agent #3: My apologies, Mr. Dewitt. Let me check if I can locate your original reservation using your name. Please bear with me for a moment. ::typing something:: Ah, yes... Here it is. Your reservation is under the number SR-1244421-2331-23. 


Dewitt: Finally, I'd like to change that reservation to a bigger room for two people.


Support Agent #3: Of course, Mr. Dewitt. Let me transfer you to our rebooking department.


The sun... again. Connor went over to the replicator.


Dewitt: Vulcan Highland Reserve, on the rocks. Make it a double.


The replicator played a confirming noise as another support agent appeared on the screen...


((End Flashback))


But now they were here. With a small overnight bag over his left shoulder and Ayemet's hand in his right hand, he went for the reception desk in an entrance hall that was lush and abundant in size and decoration. The sun was filling the big hall, and all kinds of employees were going their ways. 


Dewitt: I am not even sure if I've ever been in a room this... luxurious... 


Jacin: Response


As they approached the reception, a tall woman smiled warmly. Connor put a PADD on the wooden desk.


Dewitt:  We've booked one of your suites for two nights.


Receptionist: ::Taking the PADD, looking into computer:: Ah, yes, the Dewitts!


Dewitt: I... We... ::looking to Ayemet::


Jacin: Response


The receptionist handed them small keycards and smiled warmly.


Receptionist: We have you in Room 410, one of our honeymoon suites with beach views. All your expenses are covered. Enjoy your stay!


Connor took the two keycards and felt like a little boy as he felt the heat rise to his cheeks when he heard the word honeymoon. As he turned around, he felt Ayemet at his side again.


Dewitt: So the Dewitts now... In the honeymoon suite... Did I miss something?


Jacin: Response



--  Lt. Connor Dewitt Engineer USS Arrow A239901CD3   

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