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Doctor Gott - Errand of Mercy

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((Ferengi Yacht 'Billable Hours', on Approach to the USS Arrow)) Teeth scraping and gnashing together as he worked through the last of his second dinners imported tube grubs, Gott sighed with culinary contentment as he sipped a glass of Sluggo Premium Latinum Reserve and considered how he'd ended up aboard his newly purchased vessel and the purpose for his impromptu trip.   Word had reached him in his small but gradually expanding counseling suites aboard Deep Space Thirty Three that the USS Arrow, home to many of his current roster of patients, had experienced grave trauma during the course of their last mission.  It had concerned him to learn that many people had died and many more had been injured, mostly because he wasn't immediately able to book them for urgent crisis care for which he charged a significant premium.  He'd been horrified at the thought of all that trauma and the associated anecdotes he could use to flesh out his next book going to waste so he'd decided to make his inaugural journey aboard the Billable, a spacious and luxurious yacht built to his exacting specifications and paid for with a small portion of the latinum he was making via his Interspecies Medical Exchange consultancy fee.   Although it had taken far longer to complete then originally planned, largely due to his constant need to augment and improve the interior design features, Gott had to admit to finally being satisfied in a vessel that could serve as both home and office quite literally anywhere.  The craft's overlong and tall body contained three decks and an observation dome, decorated in a style some would call 'ostentatiously garish' and which those same opinionated observers would silently envy.  The lower deck, where the various engine bits and...pipes, he assumed....held little interest for him aside from containing the lobby to his office, where a tranquil fountain and soothing bogs created the gateway to his mid-deck, which contained a palatial end to end counseling suite that even the Nagus would be hard pressed to improve upon.  The living carpet, bioengineered to give warmth and tactile feedback via his delicate feet, stretched from wall to wall and his 'listening couch,' upon which he could recline for maximum psychological insight, created a soothing liquid filled crescent around half the interior wall.   Soothing lights, a robust media and sound system and a sumptuous bedchamber that would make terrestrial kings and emperors green with envy made up the top deck and extended all the way forward, where wrap around viewports provided a spectacular backdrop for his...personal entertaining.  Although his invitations to the stations Commanding officer, a ravishing woman named Agatha, had so far been rejected with increasing amounts of hostility, Gott knew it wouldn't be long before his obvious charms won her over.   All of this passed through his mind as Atraxia, his digital assistant, handled the mundane details of piloting the green and gold warp capable vessel on it's final approach towards the Arrow.  Her synthetic and sultry voice called to him as he splayed out on the couch, his iridescent Tholian silk robe hanging open around his shoulders. Atraxia:  Doctor Gott, we're on final approach to the Arrow but they're a little confused about our presence here.   Gott clucked and straightened up slightly, brushing back his earhair into a well kempt mane.  His voice was sharp and shrill when he answered.   Gott:  Put me on the radio with them then!  I won't have my clients go unserviced...or worse...stuck with only Starfleet counselors to treat them.   Or steal away his client list, he failed to add out loud.  Atraxia dutifully opened a channel and Gott loudly cleared his throat.   Gott:  =/\= HaAcCGgGGGnGGGcchh =/\= Wilkenbean: =/\= Uhh....This is...Arrow flight operations.  Please state your identification and purpose for approach. =/\= Gott finished clearing his throat and responded to the confused but officious sounding voice.   Gott:  =/\= Hello?  Hello?!  Is this thing even on?! =/\= Gott thumped on the comm pickup as his yacht drew closer to the Arrow, handily killing time as they approached.   Wilkenbean:  =/\= This is the Arrow, we are receiving your transmission....are you in...some form of distress? =/\= Gott clapped his hands together at the sudden opportunity and siezed upon it.   Gott:  =/\= Distress!  Yes, very distressed Mister...Mister? =/\= The voice on the other end of the comm didn't seem to quite know what to do and fumbled out an reply.   Wilkenbean:  =/\= Petty Officer Wilkenbean...and you are? =/\= Gott stood at the sheer nerve of the question.   Gott:  =/\= Well of course you know who I am, Mr. Winkenbreen!  I'm Doctor Gott...famed author, esteemed practioner of the therapeutic arts, noted interior designer. And I desperately need to come aboard your little vessel right this instant! =/\= The voice on the other end of the comm sounded taken aback and the distance to the Arrow dropped to less than a hundred kilometers.   Wilkenbean: =/\= Well I'm sorry, Doctor, but I don't have you on the flight schedule and I don't have authorization to bring a civilian vessel aboard.  Please discontinue your approach or you risk being fined under Starfleet regulation...=/\= Gott cut the man off with a terse cackle.   Gott:  =/\= This is a medical emergency, Lieutenant Franksandbeans, and I'm using my special authority as a medical practioner working for Starfleet and the Interspecies Medical Exchange!  Your crew is in desperate need of psychological aid and I'm coming aboard!  Clear the landing pad or...whatever it is you need to do...we're landing. =/\= Gott closed the channel and watched with a smile as Atraxia competed the approach and, with only a bit of hesitation, the Arrow's forward facing shuttlebay doors slid open and allowed his vessel to park up, consuming most of the interior volume of the tiny bay.  Now all he had to do was wait for the patients to come to him.   [To Be Continued!] ((OOC:  Gott is now available for shoreleave counseling services for anyone who wants to visit!)) ====================================== Gott Ferengi Commerce Authority Bonded Psychotherapist Noted Author Ships Counselor, Interspecies Medical Exchange V239509GT0

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