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Glinn Corbin Terek - A Swift Solution Supplied

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Utterly thrilling to read from start to finish, and @Jo Marshall properly sets the tone for the final act of "Fight the Power", our current trip into all things Skarbek.

Glinn Corbin Terek - A Swift Solution Supplied (google.com)


((City Streets, Witherington, Indre III))

A calm settled on Witherington's beating heart. The oppressive calm—a curtain that hung over the city, clinging to the nooks and corners, testifying of the iron-clad ferocity that reigned supreme—was not the delightful silence of a peaceful night. Fear hung over the cityscape, creeping into every nook and corner where bombs and incessant barrages of artillery had pummelling, shattered, and damaged the structures.

Glinn Corbin Terek stood amid the breathtaking spectacle, his scarred visage a testament to his battle-readiness and discipline within the Cardassian Order. He shattered the silence with his strong, assertive rasp, slicing through the tranquillity. His words, a powerful proclamation, reverberated.

Terek: This, ::he intoned, his voice a chilling echo in the deadly quiet,:: is the price of defiance.

Cardassian troopers ushered a lone figure forward, away from the huddled Bajoran civilians, now orderly and safeguarded. Tarn, a protestor long given to penning the kinds of divisive rhetoric and falsehoods that were disseminated through journalism. Terek seized him by the collar, kicking the back of his knees until he fell down to the damp cobblestones in a splash of puddled rainwater.

Terek: It is the toll exacted by justice, not malice. It is the price paid by those who choose the path of disobedience and seek to undermine the harmony we collaborate tirelessly to achieve. It serves as a reminder that Cardassian rule is unrelenting, as everlasting as the galaxy and as unwavering as the movement of celestial bodies. It is a light revealing the grave repercussions that await those who are lured by the seductive call of revolt.

Terek drew the Cardassian side arm from his Glinn uniform, its metallic gleam catching the stark city light. He pointed it at Tarn's bowed head, inciting a ripple of hushed whispers that wafted through the assembled crowd.

Terek: This, ::he finished, his tone as relentless as the grip of gravity,:: is the price of defiance.

The discharge of his weapon cut through the air like a blade of silence, ending Tarn's resistance with a swift, decisive finale. Tarn slid to the floor, his lifeless body crumpling on the ground as a single horrifying shriek pierced the silence, reverberating through the onlookers. A grin carved itself deeper into Terek's scarred countenance.

His weapon, now a symbol of rightful authority, retreated back into its holster, tucked beneath the cover of his coat. A subtle, authoritative flick of his wrist, a silent command, rallied the Cardassian guards to attention.

Terek: Kill them all.

They pivoted, their imposing figures towered over the audience, their weapons primed but silent, a testament to their disciplined restraint. The murmurs of the gathering were swiftly and mercilessly ended, their whispers swallowed into the cold void of the pacified colony as corpses littered the street.

Glinn Corbin Terek
Obsidian Order Expeditionary Force
Cardassian Union



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