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J'Lynn - Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

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Some final sims as the mission comes to a close.  We had a sort of "Romeo and Juliet" concurrent plot and @Gogigobo Fairhug and @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock  did such a great job with it!


((Romulan Embassy Starbase 118))

J'Lynn: We are not as different as we are led to believe. 
She was talking about the Rihannsu people on the whole…or was she?
s'Rehu: It would appear we are more alike than different.
At that moment, she did something she would have never even considered possible before today. Looking into Havran's eyes, she knew he felt the same, but his upbringing would never allow him to make such a bold move in full view of so many people and so, J'Lynn did it for both of them. She didn't care and she wasn't afraid.
Rising up slightly on her tiptoes, she kissed him, once, softly on his cheek.
J'Lynn: You are a good man, Havran s'Rehu.
s'Rehu: Only because I was shown a better way by a better woman.
J’Lynn couldn’t help but smile. Of course, Havran was not used to such openness, maybe he never would be, but that wouldn’t stop her.
He cleared his throat, seemingly in an attempt to regain his composure.
s'Rehu: Come, let them take a look at that.
J'Lynn: Yes. Thank you.
She smiled again as they continued to walk, then her expression changed to a more pensive one. What had happened here today was horrific, but maybe she had been right. Often, it took great tragedies for things to change. While it would be no comfort to those who had perished in the bombing of the embassy, or their loved ones, perhaps their deaths would not be in vain. The wound would take a long time to heal, change would not come easily or overnight and there would still be those who would resist, there always would be, on both sides, but J’Lynn clung to the hope that this cataclysmic event would change enough peoples’ minds to make a substantial difference.
They approached a Starfleet medical officer and Havran explained that they had not been in the embassy and that J'Lynn's injury was sustained during the rescue efforts and the medic went to work to heal the wound.
While the Starfleet officer worked, Havran spoke to J'Lynn. 
s'Rehu: I've been thinking ::beat:: about what happens after all this.
J'Lynn: What do you think needs to happen?
She was genuinely curious. Havran had seemed open-minded from the start, but J'Lynn had witnessed that open-mindedness grow to genuine curiosity and eventually a resolve to change. What he said next would reveal just how willing to change he was.
s'Rehu: Choices need to be made, by me.
J'Lynn: Would you come back to the Republic…?
She wanted to add "with me", but stopped short. The implication was there, nonetheless.
s'Rehu: That is one possible choice.
Judging by the tone of his voice, she knew there was a "but" coming.
J'Lynn: But not the one you're going to make.
s'Rehu: Who would go back to the Free State and tell people the truth. The truth of what happened here. The truth of where we must go in the future.
He was right, of course. Change had to come from within. But not just within the Free State. J'Lynn had learned so much from this experience, too. The two major factions may have many differences, but they were still Rihannsu. They had to learn to focus on their similarities in order to meet somewhere in the middle.
Sitting on some of the rubble that had been the Romulan Embassy on Starbase 118, while a Federation doctor tended to her, J'Lynn reached up to touch Havran's hand once more.
J'Lynn: This is not the end. It is only the beginning.
Once again, she was talking about the Romulan people as a whole, but this time, she was very much talking about herself and Havran, as well.
Unbeknownst to J'Lynn, her father sat unharmed aboard their ship. He had beamed up before the attack and the lock down had meant he was unable to return, but things were never going to be the same for either of them. She loved her father so very much, but she had made room in her heart for another this day. 
(OOC: This feels like a natural place to wrap this up. It has been my sincere pleasure writing for J'Lynn with you all. Thank you to Amanda for inviting me to guest in this mission and thank you to you all for welcoming me and giving me such a great story to read and take part in. :))
Future Romulan Republic Politician
As simmed by
Marine Captain Gogigobo Fairhug
The Lightning Aldabrans
Denali Station


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