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MSNPC Captain Gaudemus Bail - Bailed Out

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This is my first appreciation post here, so I am pretty new to this :D A couple of days ago, the Arrow's XO posted here with the appreciation of an MSNPC. He built one of his own and I get strong Ethan Phillips vibes from this one. I loved how it played out in my mind. Great sim, Brian!

((Control Center, Cargo Freighter S.S. Sabrina's Delight, In the Alpha Isles))

Shayne: =/\= Freighter, this is Arrow. We’re beaming your wounded aboard now. The presence of your captain is also requested. =/\=

Gaudemus puffed himself up to his full if less that impressive height and plastered on what he considered a fairly sincere smile.  

Bail: =/\= More than Happy to, Captain!  I'm sure we've got quite a lot to discuss! =/\=

The connection closed and his false smile immediately turned back to a scowl.  His ship was a wreck and having to leave it like this was a bitter pill, but he knew that half the crew had already been beamed away to get treated in the Starfleet sickbay.  As he waited for the beam to take him away he looked to his first mate.  

Bail:  Remember, big reward.  That's our ticket.  This'll be our best run in years!  

Sm'uf shook his head and grimaced at a painful wound on his scalp.  A moment later, the Starfleet transporters took hold and carried them away.  

((Transporter Room, USS Arrow))

Appearing in the cramped Starfleet Transporter room to find much of his crew milling around listlessly, but more or less intact, Gaudemus turned his attention to the one Starfleet crew person in the area.  

Bail:  Ah, hello, hello!  You did a splendid job transporting me, absolutely splendid.  Usually I get an uncomfortable tingle in my back when that one ::He vaguely waved towards Sm'uf:: transports me but yours was smooth as could be.  ::At the woman's nonplussed look, he started over:: But of course, you don't know me, I'm the Captain of the Sabrina's Delight, chartered to your very nice Federation for this...very important aid mission!  And now my ship is badly damaged and my crew are...I mean, just look at them.  Terrible looking, all of them!  I demand to talk to your Captain right away!  Why isn't he here rig...

MacKenna: Captain Bail?

He'd been building a good amount of momentum but the sudden appearance of this crimson haired woman almost derailed him.  Instead, he turned his attention towards her, as she appeared more important than the woman standing behind the transporter console.  

Bail: Captain Gaudemus Bail, Owner and Operator of the Sabrina's Delight, at your service.  Quite literally, got a Starfleet contract and everything!  You could say you and I are on the same team!  Allies doing important work out here in the...Beta...Archipelago...or whatever.  

MacKenna: I am Commander Ash MacKenna and this is Ensign Tarisai. Welcome aboard the USS Arrow.

Bail:  Ah thank you, thank you, I'm sure this is a big thrill for all of us!  Can you take me to see your Captain?  Is he this way?  

Without being asked, Bail began walking towards the doors of the cramped transporter room and into the hallway beyond with no real destination established.  

Tarisai: Responses?

Bail:  Oh I'm just saving time...is that a turbolift?  No?  Well, where is it then!  I've got...vital..ish information...probably.  Your Captain is going to want to hear it!  

MacKenna/Tarisai:  Response

Bail:  I'm sure he's a very busy man but I'm sure he'll want to hear what I have to say immediately.  ::He looked down at his torn garment::  That is, unless you think I should change first?  

MacKenna/Tarisai:  Response


Gaudemus Bail
Owner & Operator
S.S. Sabrina's Delight

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