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Lt. Amuro McKnight - Great Balls of Fire


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(( Had to share this great sim from Lieutenant Amuro McKnight, as he and his wingman flew in their Valkyrie fighters and created a wonderful fireworks display above the Astraeus' saucer as a New Year's celebration occurred! ))

(( Main Arboretum, Deck 7, USS Astraeus, 239912.31, around 2350 hours ))

After Amuro accepted his award, he quietly stepped away from the crowd and nodded to his lady, who was already waiting for him near the entrance. As everyone else was distracted, the two made their way to the shuttlebay and into their fighters where the others were waiting. In total, he got at least 5 of them for the demonstration.
Amuro caressed his fighter with his hand and stopped at his personal emblem, a Knight on a horse. Then, he hopped in.
McKnight: =/\=  Alright, love. Let's dazzle them. =/\=
Powering on his Valkyrie, Amuro took a breath, he synced his craft up with the others. An upgrade from his last ship, the ship's complement of fighters were the latest Valkyries. A good way to ring in the new century by showing off some new toys.
McKnight: =/\= Everyone good? =/\=
He listened to the others chime in as they prepare for launch.
McKnight: Alright, love. Let's go. Control, this is Spartan Zero-One. Taking off.
The 5 fighters came soaring out of the shuttlebay before getting into formation. They came about and headed straight for the ship.
McKnight: =/\= McKnight to Serala. We're coming in, Commander. Everyone better look up. =/\=
On cue, the Arboretum's windows changed so the attendants could view the space outside and see the approaching fighter wing.
McKnight: It's fireworks time.
Getting very close to the ship, Amuro held his course until the last second.
McKnight: Steady....and..break! Break!
Almost too close for comfort, the fighters went up and over the ship's saucer, skimming along the hull as they deployed their "fireworks", creating trails of epic multi-color displays across the ship's outer surface.
Amuro's fighter did a bit more showing off by spinning around in a barrel roll as he flew over the ship.
Normally such a demonstration would take weeks to months of practice for even skilled pilots, but Amuro was able to quickly plan a complex but simple flight path for the fighters' computers to follow. They were mostly on auto-pilot and would only take control for the more hard turns. Syncing all of their systems is critical for this to work correctly, less they start getting into each other's flight paths.
McKnight: We're doing good. Keep up.
Once over the saucer, 2 of the fighters broke off and remained close to the hull. They began to circle the ship from the tip and made their way around, flying in opposite paths, one clockwise and the other, counter clockwise. Amuro's flight path made sure the two would not cross and endanger the pilots or the ships. Once their circles are complete, they would meet at the top and fly straight up, deploying more fireworks.
From inside, the crew can see the demonstration in full with external images looking outward and from many angles so they can get a full picture of what is going on, with the computer changing viewpoints to keep the audience engaged in the spectacle.
McKnight: Time for the finale.
Amuro in the lead with the other 2 fighters came back towards the ship after the first pair had broken off and made their circles. The 3 deployed something that gave the effect of "smoke trails" in space, each with different colors. As they flew past the top of the Astraeus, the "smoke trail" began to sparkle and started to dissipate but Amuro turned his head to look back for one last thing to top it all off.
McKnight: Missile away.
Amuro's fighter fired a flare that flew towards the smoke cloud. It was harmless and designed to explode, igniting the "smoke" above the ship to create one last great fireworks display.
McKnight: =/\= This is Lt. McKnight to Astraeus. Happy New Year's, everyone. =/\=
As the fireworks started to burn out, Amuro smiled a bit at a job well done.
McKnight: Alright, gang. Fun's over. RTB.
And with that, the fighters returned to the shuttlebay to conclude their performance.

Lieutenant Amuro McKnight

Security/Tactical Officer

USS Chin’toka


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