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MSNPC Daimon Kaybay: Rule of Acquisition 34. No exceptions.

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Really enjoyed this exchange between @Kettick and @Jaelyne Isa

(( Mobius, Market District, Denali Station ))

Yhanne: The riskier the road, the greater the profit, Kaybay. You could well have done something like this. If it was successful, you’d have an upper hand on the others and that means more profit. You’d recover your losses in no time.
It was, Kaybay mused, most infuriating to be accused so when one was, for once, probably innocent. At least not directly involved? Once removed at best?

Kaybay: And lose potential customers, Yhanne. Rule fifteen. Dead men close no deals. It applies to both parties. I'm trying to get a foothold, here, not start a war with the friendly neighbourhood superpower.

The Rodulan might have been convinced by this pleading to practicality; in any case, she raised her hands in surrender.

Yhanne: :: raising her hands in surrender :: Fine, fine. It doesn’t matter to me. But if I am going to put you in touch with Captain Oddas, I expect a five percent share of the profits. Plus my usual brokerage fee, of course.
Kaybay outright scoffed at the offer. She had the monopoly on the resource he sought, but she did not have to be rude about it.

Kaybay: If you want me to give you five per cent, you can forget the fees.

Leyisa smiled.It was not a particularly pleasing smile when you were on the receiving end of it.
Yhanne: Four percent plus brokerage fees. Fees are non-negotiable.
It was Kaybay's turn to raise his hands in a placating gesture.
Kaybay: I would never dream of depriving a broker of their fees. You have a reputation to keep, after all. This is why I planned to offer you two per cent.
Rule 189.

Yhanne: Three percent and not one strip of latinum less.

Kaybay: Done. :: He allowed himself to relax visibly, and once again, it was not all feint. :: I stand by my previous opinion. It would have been a shame of you were born Ferengi. You have the lobes for business.

Leyisa laughed and leaned toward him, gently reaching up to tease his right lobe.

Yhanne: My good Kaybay, surely you know that deep down, everyone’s a Ferengi. Wait here. I need to make a call. Can I get you a Slug-o-Cola while you wait?

Her response to his overtly suspicious look was a melodic laugh.

Yhanne: On the house. My way of saying thank you for your business.

Kaybay: In that case, I supposed I have already paid for it, might as well drink it too.
He waited until she was gone to uncap the bottle and help himself to a glass.


So, an explosion, and other dignitaries already here... The situation was interesting right from the start. And Yhanne was right. As long as he could get his claws on a slice of Denali, her hard-earned three per cent plus fees would be money well invested.
It smelled like war. And for anyone, especially an arms and now soldiers dealer like him, war was good for business. Always.
Mere moments later, he was still smiling in his slug-cola when the current owner of the place came back with a smile of her own.

Yhanne: Good news, Kaybay. The Fleet Captain has agreed to meet with you. Of course, I will need my brokerage fee up front. :: producing a Ferengi data padd :: If I could just get your thumbprint here?



Kaybay: Of course. A contract is a contract is a contract.
He obliged with a magnanimous gesture, and Yhanne smiled as she suddenly became richer.

Yhanne: If you will follow me, I will take you to her.



Kaybay: Lead the way, dear friend. A propos of which, I'm here, you're here...
Which meant that one particular razor-toothed gree worm had already claimed part of *his* profits, damn him to bankruptcy...
Kaybay: ... and I'm pretty sure I've spotted one of that redhead Cygnian's flunkies on my way there. I'm not saying we should start a cartel today, but think about it before the market gets too crowded...
They kept talking as Yhanne flagged a transport.

(( timeskip ))

After a short jaunt in a local shuttle, they had arrived at the tower the locals had nicknamed Anchorage (although he didn't see where you could anchor a vessel on it, so probably a metaphor) and were discussing in front of the transport.

Yhanne: You don’t think I’m going to pay him, do you? This little trip is on your behalf.



Kaybay: A man can hope. It could be considered as part of your brokering fees, after all. Putting me in contact with my customers...
Still, he paid with surprisingly good cheer before she led him into the building and approached the nearest Starfleet officer wearing a gold uniform.

Yhanne: Excuse me, Leyisa Yhanne and Daimon Kaybay to see Fleet Captain Oddas. She’s expecting us.



The guard nodded and then signaled the Captain, clearly not believing for a moment that either of them had an appointment with her. A few moments later, someone arrived to escort Kaybay to the meeting, and he waved his newly-appointed broker goodbye.
Kaybay: Thank you for the help, Yhanne. And do think on my proposal. I will make sure to drop by your place to celebrate when I'm done.
The turbolift ride was representative of its species, with a Security officer who tried to look anywhere but in Kaybay's general direction while keeping an eye on him, and muzzak that was probably in contempt of several galactic regulations for the humane treatment of sentient beings.
Being blessed with large ears and near-absolute pitch was... not a blessing in the circumstance.
As soon as the doors opened, Kaybay bolted, leaving the sputtering officer in his dust, and walked towards where the aforementioned ear picked up the sound of the Captain's voice. He never forgot voices. Much less when their owners were of Oddas Aria's sort.
The doors snapped open with a push, and he walked into a packed meeting room. A Bajoran, a Cardassian and... Mithglins, he believed the butterfly people were called, it sounded like the beginning of a good joke.
Well, good if you were him.
Kaybay: Profit! Captain Oddas... sorry, Fleet Captain, congratulations on the promotion. I hope I am not too late? :: Turning to the others, he offered them a polite bow, free of charge. :: Daimon Kaybay, of Aturn VII.


Oddas lifted a hand, dismissing the Security officer as Kaybay stood with a wide grin.

Kir: ::Standing and inclining his head respectfully:: Daimon, we are honored to have you join us today.  I’m Lanin Kir, from the Mithgiln Confederation.
Heh. Whatever these guys were, they were at least polite.

Any: Response

Everyone took back their seats, and Kaybay helped himself to refreshments. They were free, after all.

Kir: Fleet Captain, I did want to ask, will these residences be designated as embassies, and if so, how does the Federation handle control of embassies?
An interesting question, that. Not that he wanted to open an embassy, unless...

Oddas/Any: Response
Kaybay: Do they come with tax and duty exemptions? :: At Oddas' look in his direction, he spread his hands with a smile, indicating he was almost duty-bound to ask ::


Oddas/Any: Response


Kaybay: I intend to be a long-term part of this wonderful project of yours, yes. By the way, if you need any help with the rescue and peacekeeping efforts, I know a few Jem'Hadar with some free time and very friendly rates.


He paused, cocking his head to the side. Too soon?



DaiMon KayBay
Owner of Aturn VII
Commanding officer, FMS Gold Feather

As simmed by

Ensign Kettick
Engineering Officer
Denali Station



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