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NPC LCARS Message Handling subroutine - return to sender


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((Message handling subroutine, LCARS, USS Constitution-B))
LOG: 239808.12, 11768 messages processed, 134 identified as spam or fraudulent, 245 with incorrect addresses (rerouted), 12 undeliverable; 11 sender notified. 
ERROR: Cannot deliver message "Quantum Tunnelling Event Danger." Recipient record corrupted. Recipient rank: Lieutenant Commander. Recipient name: corrupted.
ERROR: Cannot notify sender of message failure. Cannot record match sender; "Dr. Hfie" at High Energy Particle Systems (Starfleet laboratory, Earth). 
Note: possible partial match; Eyra Hfie, PhD (particle physics); DECEASED, 239304.11. Evaluation: unlikely, no indication of time-delay delivery. Disregard.
ERROR: Cannot deliver message. Retracing message route.
ERROR: Message origination route trace failed: mismatch of identification serial number on subspace relay Alpha-54-Bravo-112. 
ERROR: Message header corrupted.
ERROR: Message signature corrupted.
SEARCHING: message content. 
ERROR: message corruption, estimated 89%.
ANALYSIS: Attempt message reconstruction.
RESULT: Message partially reconstructed. Reconstruction confidence: low.
MESSAGE: [...] do not [...] error in Higgs [...] calculation[/calculator] [...] ANY CIRCUMSTANCE [...] consequences. [...] import[/importance] [...] fix this and try [...] until then [...] before. I owe you [...]
ANALYSIS: possible phishing attempt–threat of danger, identity theft of expert, corrupted message, mismatch of metadata. 
CONCLUSION: Delete message, send metadata to Starfleet for operational security. Noted in ship communications log.


LCARS Message Handling subroutine
as simmed by

Lt Commander Lazarus Davis
Chief Science Officer
USS Constitution-B
IDIC team member
ASDB team member
(he/him, character)
(they/them, writer)
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