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Naomi Frayley: Elevator to Hell


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@Kettick I'm deceased this entire thing is the funniest interaction that could have come out of getting stuck in an elevator. 🤣 




((An elevator in Soldotna somewhere))


It was funny, see. Naomi spent the better part of her life in a metal box. It was called a ship. And the metal box she currently stood was not, for once, surrounded by an environment that could and would kill her if it suffered the slightest failure.

So there was no logical reason why she loved ships, while her opinion of elevators involved tactical weapons launched from orbit.


Other, maybe, than the fact that she was not in control of the elevator.


Dekas: Hello!


And possibly the fact that she could not threaten to jettison the bird-people who had the audacity to throw an obscene amount of good-natured cheer in her direction while she was sleep-deprived and heading to a soul-crushingly boring meeting with some egghead about the logistics of who cared what research expedition they needed a shuttle for.


Frayley : :: Tiredly :: Howdy.


Dekas: I’m doing lovely, how about you?


Oh merciful Elvis flerk, he had taken that as an opening for conversation.


Before she could muster a sufficiently scathing retort, the elevator shuddered to a halt. Which, given the doors did not open, and she was in fact sure they hadn’t got the whole way to the next level, was less than stellar news.


As was the fact that Birdy Mc Beakface had pushed a few buttons, and nothing had happened.


Oh, bother.


Dekas: Anybody here know a good joke?


… It could always get worse, couldn’t it?


Frayley: This tin can sounds like one, not sure it’s good though. What do you reckon is happening?


Dekas: Response


Frayley: I thought Starfleet stuff always had redudancies on top of redundancies?


Dekas: Response



They were up the proverbial creek.


Frayley: Ah. But there’s a button to call for assistance, ain’t there?


Dekas: Response


Without anything paddle-shaped in sight.


Frayley: Er… Can’t you use those lapel pins you got?


Dekas: Response


Frayley: Flerkin’ A…


And she heard *banjoes*.





Naomi Frayley

Freighter ship ‘Somebody Else’s Problem’


Simmed by


Ensign Kettick

Engineering Officer

Denali Station





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