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PNPC Lt. Commander Anath G'Renn and PNPC Rol'Q - You're a Starfleet Brat Now

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((G’Renn Family’s Quarters - Deck 12, USS Constitution-B))


Anath looked in the mirror and straightened her combadge. In a few minutes she’d have to make sure her nephew had gotten up the first two times she had checked on him and get him ready for school. With Savok needed in the lab early for a project it was up to her to take Rol’Q for his first day of school. Then she’d have to go to her own duty shift in sickbay. After checking her reflection one last time she put on her teal lab coat and turned to the door.


When she stepped out of the bathroom, their golden retriever Ug’yel was already at her feet. He whimpered and tried herding her across the room and to the replicator. It was time for breakfast for the dog. Savok had already replicated breakfast before leaving early for his work in the arboretum based on the food ready on the table and the note in flowing Vulcan script sitting on the counter. But first, the dog needed to be fed. Anath stood at the replicator and looked down to Ug’yel, excitedly pacing in front of her. 


G’Renn: Ug’yel, ba’.


Ug’yel sat as directed, waiting patiently to be given breakfast. Anath turned to the replicator and gave it an order to replicate Ug’yel’s favorite blend of dog food while he watched eagerly.


G’Renn: Computer, replicate Canine Supplement 47.


A small glass bowl materialized in the replicator alcove. She picked the bowl of food up and set it down on the ground in front of the dog. While he ate, Anath crossed the main living area and approached Rol’Q’s room. She briefly knocked before pressing the door activator. When the doors parted, she was glad to see that he was already awake and dressed all on his own.


G’Renn: Ready for school, puqoy? ((Translation: Klingon term of endearment for one’s child.))


Rol’Q was sitting on the edge of the bed, letting his feet swing back and forth and tap against the frame of the bed. It wasn’t the usual, animated sense of joy she expected from him. Something was wrong, and she had a sneaking suspicion as to what it was.


Rol’Q: Do I have to go?


Anath sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed next to him.


G’Renn: Yes, you still do have to go. I know that preschool on Vulcan wasn’t fun. And that you liked your school in San Francisco. But this is home now. We’re all together again. So this is where you’ll go to school now.


Starfleet life was difficult for anyone to adjust to. Especially for children who were already used to a different lifestyle. Within the space of a little under two years he had lost his parents, come out to the Par’tha Expanse to stay with his aunt and uncle, then move to Earth, then move back to a different ship in another region of space. For a Starfleet officer used to sudden and uncontrolled changes in environment it was normal. Not so much for Rol’Q.


Rol’Q: Why did we leave the Chin’toka


G’Renn: That’s how Starfleet works. Sometimes we go between different ships. And each time it’s a new adventure. Do you remember your first day at the school on Earth?


That had been even more of a headache. Before then, Rol’Q’s main experience with school was a Vulcan early learning program. She knew all too well that doing things the Vulcan way often meant that those hybrids and other species who indulged in emotion and did not strive for perfect logic could feel somewhat left behind. But that evening Rol’Q had come back excited to tell her and Savok every detail of his day at school.


Rol’Q: Yeah…


G’Renn: This’ll be just like that. You’ll get to meet the other kids on the ship and meet your new teacher. ::She wrapped her hand around his and gave a reassuring squeeze.:: Can we at least give it a try for today?


Rol’Q: Ok.


Anath could pick up on his unease through her touch telepathy, though she didn’t make too much of it. She glanced down at the boots that her grandfather had gotten for Rol’Q. The laces were still untied, leaving them only lightly secured.


G’Renn: Alright. Breakfast is ready once you’re done getting dressed. Do you need help lacing your boots?


Rol’Q: I can do it myself!


She nodded in recognition of his determination to tie the shoes on his own and got up from the edge of the bed. Out in the main room she picked up a plate and helped herself to some breakfast. Sliced gespar and mapa bread toast with a Vulcan jam spread on top. She paired it with a cup of mint tea fresh from the teapot sitting on the counter.


As she ate, Ug’yel sat by the door, having finally gotten the message that he was not to hover directly under the table while his people were eating. Anath recycled her plate in the replicator and sank onto the couch. She watched the dog, still waiting in place and praised his patience before summoning him over.


G’Renn: maj! ::Patting her knee:: chol!


The golden retriever bounded over to her and set his head on her knee. She pet his head and scratched behind his ear, earning a wagging tail of approval. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Rol’Q walk over to the table and climb up into his chair. He had his toast and pre-cut gespar along with a cup of orange juice she had set out. Once he was done he hopped down from the chair, leaving his dirty plate on the table.


Rol’Q: I’m ready!


G’Renn: What do we need to do first?


Rol’Q looked confused for a second before looking back to the table, and then to the replicator. Then it clicked.


Rol’Q: Sorry!


He rushed back over to the table, picked up his plate, and brought it over to the replicator. It was a little high up for him, but with arms outstretched he could barely place the plate in the alcove of the replicator to be recycled. A habit they had been working to instill in him.


G’Renn: It’s fine. That’s something we need to get in the habit of, though.


She reached for the controls to recycle the dish before Rol’Q raised his hand and blurted out a question.


Rol’Q: Can I do it?


Anath nodded and picked him up, giving him enough of a boost to reach the control panel. Rol’Q pressed the appropriate button and the plate was dematerialized for spare energy. She set him back down and did one last check of the room for anything she was forgetting before heading for the door.


Rol’Q: Bye, Ug’yel!


With that the doors slid closed behind them and they were off. Rol’Q held onto her hand as they headed for the turbolift. Rol’Q’s assigned classroom was on Deck 8. Which would also leave time to pick up an order of raktajino at the Brew Continuum on the way to her shift in sickbay.


Rol’Q: Can we go exploring after school?


There was the excitement that came with living on a Starfleet ship again. While being a Starfleet brat meant a life of uncertainty and change, it also brought with it a very interesting environment to grow up in. Anath was an adult and liked to consider herself fairly tranquil. Even still, she was frequently excited by the view out of the windows and the thrill of being out in space, the final frontier. There certainly would be no shortage of places to explore, even if some areas were obviously off-limits to Rol’Q.


G’Renn: I think we can make that happen.



Lieutenant Commander Anath G'Renn, M.D.

Medical Officer

USS Constitution-B




Rol’Q, Son of Kolrriq


USS Constitution-B


===as simmed by===


Ensign Rachel Flores

Engineering Officer

USS Constitution-B


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