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Commodore Nicholotti - Starlit History

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I have always been in awe of @Kali Nicholotti's writing style- there is something beautiful lyrical about it. Marissa really makes Kali come alive on our screens and this Simm is absolutely no exception. Watching Kali and Genkos' gentle romance unfold has been a delight to read.
((The Round Table, USS Excalibur - A))
She had all but released the crew to enjoy the rest of the night without structure or necessity, which was something they all needed. Only the universe knew what was coming down the pipeline, and as much as she hoped that they might get to do some tests or actual science, historical precedent spoke to the floods that often near overwhelmed them. That was what she would prepare for, however much she hoped for something else.
As the room descended into the good kind of chaos that came with social gatherings, her crystalline eyes caught the dark shadows of the only eyes she wanted to see in that moment. As his hand touched her elbow gently and his presence washed over her, she smiled.
Adea: Lovely ceremony, Kalianna.
Kali dipped her head slightly and stepped just close enough for the dress to fade into his dark outfit. There was no way to tell where one of them began and the other ended in the dark obscurity of black fabrics against the backdrop of darkness and stars outside.
Nicholotti: It was well deserved by all.
Indeed, the strife that they had all suffered at the hands of the unknown was incredible. There were injuries and there were those who simply would not make it back. Thankfully they were not of her crew, but they were Starfleet nonetheless. How the admiral could live with himself knowing he'd left people behind was beyond her. The capacity to be self centered and full of greed like that was something she'd never be able to wrap her head around. 
She watched as he held up the box with his award in it.
Adea: I wonder what the Admiral would say if he could see this…
Kali shook her head ever so slightly.
Nicholotti: His attention nor reaction is worth much anymore. I can't place much on a person who would not only leave men behind, but walk on with life continuing to leave people behind. 
The thought of what might have happened if they had not been rescued by the Excalibur when they had been was nightmarish. She was all but certain he had intended to bury them and leave them on that planet as well. A glimmer of a frown crossed her face as the barest moment of pain struck her at such a loss. But then she pushed it away.
Adea: Response?
Nicholotti: It is done. I don't think either of us need to reside there, nor in the what ifs, anymore.
Her eyes locked with his and her meaning was clear. She meant this well beyond just the admiral and the events of the prior mission. The past was something that attached itself to you and pulled you down, unless you could figure out how to sit with it long enough for it to fade into the realm of things you could do nothing about. History was history, they had no sway on that, but they could control how they approached things moving forward.
Adea: Response?
Nicholotti: It doesn't have to be right now, and I know it's easier said than done, but for today...
She reached out and stepped up to him as if to dance.
Nicholotti: Dance with me?
Adea: Response?
It didn't matter where they were or who was watching, all that mattered was the two of them in that moment. The starlight shone in on them as the background music softly laid the soundtrack for their gentle movements. And as the universe around faded into the dull roar of social complexity, Kali put her head on his shoulder and allowed herself simply to be.
Commodore Kalianna Nicholotti
Commanding Officer
USS Excalibur - A
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