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Ensign Talia Ohnari ~ The ultimate betrayal

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It was quiet. Far too quiet. And dark. How did it get so dark? Suddenly, there was light everywhere. Her arm raised involuntarily to block the sudden and near blinding light. Now, the room was filled with an excited buzzing as a loud, larger than life voice boomed somewhere above her.
Announcer: Gooooooooddd evening ladies, gentlemen, and undeclared!!! Tonight is an ultra special night oooofff....INTERGALACTIC MASTERCHEF!!! 
The excited buzzing turned into a fever pitch of cheering and applause, the light above her narrowed and focused directly on her, all other lights kicked off. A hush fell over the unseen crowd. At least she thought it was a crowd, it had to be, based on the noise level. Where was she? And how did she get here...? And...was she wearing a chef apron?? 
Announcer: In this special event, we've brought you someone straight from the Halii homeworld, Miss Talia Ohnari!!!! 
Again the unseen but very much heard crowd roared to life. Where was she?? And Intergalactic masterchef? Was that show still on...? Besides, she was a baker...was this some sort of prank?
Announcer: Aaaand in this ultra-special prime time event, we've got our reigning champion....THE BUTCHER BOSS!!!! 
The light above her was still blazing hot, but about thirty feet away another bright light kicked on and there was a dark robed, faceless figure with a bloody chef's coat raised his meaty fists in the air, before bowing to the crowd. 
Dear Gods this could not be real. She tried pinching her leg, but somehow she just couldn't move. Frozen in the beam of light. 
Announcer: Now that we've met our contestants let's find out about ouuurr ::booming:: SECRET INGREDIENT!!! 
Again, the crowd was explosive with excitement. Alright. She could do this, she could make whatever was needed and find a way to get out of here and back to....back to....wait, wasn't she just on the beach?? Glancing down, she realized she was in her swimsuit and barefoot under her chef's coat. 
Ohnari: What in the..
Suddenly, she wasn't on a stage anymore, the spotlight was gone, and she was in a kitchen. The strangest kitchen she'd ever seen. It looked more like a morgue...and why was it freezing? instinctively, her hand tried to find what should be her communicator, but it was just a chef coat. A blank, communicator free patch of white. 
Announcer: Now, we all know the rules. The chefs have not been given any clue as to what it was....::a loud groan fluttered across the room:: Well....Butcher Boss may have helped us procure it....Sorry there Tali, winner's prerogative...
Ohnari: It's...uh...ok?
The dark hooded figure let out a menacing laugh that seemed to cut right through her. 
Announcer: So, if our chefs will please remove the table cloth we caaaan....::the crowd roared to life:: GET TO COOKING!!!
Again, all the blinding light and cheering. Barely able to find her own hand in front of her, she was suddenly holding a table cloth in her hands and looking down on....OH GODS. A scream ripped through her. There, in a metal box, was a Trill Symbiot. And not just any Symbiot, it was Rajel. Clambering backwards, the sounds of utensils and pans crashed all about her. The crowd was again deafening, and suddenly the darkened figure was right in front of her. Stepping out from behind him, was a completely healthy looking Commodore. Well...mostly healthy.  Jalana appeared next to her with a gaping hole haphazardly across her stomach. 
Jalana: C'mon Tali, you don't have to worry, I'm fine without him. Butcher Boss was surprisingly gentle. Besides, I've heard it tastes of chicken! 

(( The Space, Starbase 104, Several Days After Arrival ))

Screaming, Talia shot up from her previously reclined position on the cushioned lake chair. Around her, the light had partially faded. It was a dream. A dark, shockingly disturbing dream. She'd never felt so confused and terrified in her life. She reached up to try and check her own pulse when a half eaten cucumber and Andorian pickle sandwich fell to her lap. 
Ohnari: YOU!
Betrayed by that sweet, salty Andorian brine. She tossed the sandwich away as if it was burning her and stood, shaking off the last vestiges of that horrific pickle-induced nightmare. 
Ensign Talia Ohnari, MD
USS Constitution-B
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