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Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!


Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!

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LT Aine Sherlock - On Your Own, Part 2

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I don't need assigned quarters, she said.  I'm going to look in the commercial district, she said.
Be careful what you wish for.  😉
((Freedom Beach, Little Risa, StarBase 118))
The Commercial Sector of StarBase 118 reminded Aine of something she'd read about in ancient Earth history. The city on the North American continent named New York had once been referred to as The City That Never Sleeps. She'd never been there but imagined it was much like the cities she had been to. Sure there was always a vibrant nightlife, but for the most part the majority of a city just slept. The Commercial Sector wasn't like that at all. Some of her appointments to view apartments were even scheduled late into the night. Thankfully she didn't have anything else really going on and luckily this one was during the day.
Her first appointment was set for a small highrise in Little Risa just off the beach. And by small it was still nearly as big as the resort she'd stayed in when she was on the actual Risa. As she approached the building, she was amazed how they'd gotten the environment to match so well. About the only thing that it might be missing was Risa's three moons.
The lobby of the building was very typically Risian. Wide open with big leafed plants everywhere. A woman approached her dressed in what might be considered formal were it not for the very short skirt and very low collared shirt. And much like her short time on Risa, Aine felt overdressed in her typical leggings and flannel shirt.
Keana: Hello! ::grabbing and hugging Aine:: You must be my 1500?
Sherlock: Yes, ::reaching out to shake hands:: Lieut...um...Aine, I'm...Aine.
Keana: It's lovely to meet you!
The woman was overtly chipper and it caught Aine off guard. She had to remember that this was a civilian area of the station. Formality probably wasn't something they practiced much of, especially in Little Risa.
Keana: Well, as you may have noticed, we have direct beach access. This building also has its own dining hall, complete with fully stocked bar. It has synthale if you prefer.
Sherlock: Oh, no, I definitely prefer the real thing.
Keana: Excellent!
Keana's smile was huge. The kind of smile Aine was sure she practiced for every potential tenant.
Keana: Within walking distance, there's many shops, bars, and specialty services ::giving Aine a wink::. You're never alone in Little Risa!
Sherlock: Great. ::nodding her head slowly:: oOIs this for real?Oo
Keana had led her to a lift which promptly took them up to the sixth floor. After a short walk down the hall and some small talk Aine was sure Keana practiced like her smile, they came to the apartment for rent. When the door swished open, there was a burst of cool air. Walking in, it seemed more like an extended stay resort room than anything else.
Keana: You have your living space, kitchen with a replicator if you prefer not to cook, and a half bath. And over here, ::pushing Aine along with a hand in the small of her back:: Is your bedroom. And a wonderful master bath.
This was one of the most important things to Aine, a water bath. It was something she always looked forward to when either the Resolution or the Excalibur came into dock. She always reserved a room on DeepSpace 224 just for that. Yeah a sonic shower got you clean, but there was nothing quite like laying back and soaking in steaming hot water to relax. The tub of this apartment looked like it could hold four people, not that she'd want to have three others with her in it.
Keana: You also have two balconies overlooking the beach. ::leading Aine to the balcony of the master bedroom:: It's a wonderful view!
The door slid open and the warm and slightly humid air rushed in as Aine stepped out to the railing. From here she could see Trinity City and Ashalla. And something else...
Sherlock: ::pointing to a couple on the beach:: Um, what are they doing?
Keana stepped up next to her to see what she was referencing.
Keana: Oh! Jamaharon.
Sherlock: Oh god! I...uh...need to go.
Aine quickly turned and went back inside, and straight for the door. While the view and weather were great, she didn't feel comfortable with that happening right outside her door. It wasn't that she didn't understand, it just wasn't her thing to watch.
Keana: ::yelling after Aine:: Well, let us know if you change your mind!
Lieutenant Aine Sherlock
Tactical Officer
StarBase 118 Ops


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