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Ensign Seth Cohen - Going Through the Motions

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(( Starbase 256; One week prior to arrival on the Constitution ))

Cohen: I'm shipping out in a few days. 
Seth hunched over the comms panel, his face lit only by the screen and a lamp set to its dimmest setting in a nearby corner. A duffel sat beside him at the foot of his bed, already packed. Only a few stray odds and ends were left to be packed before he was to leave the station and arrive at Starbase 104 for his new assignment aboard the USS Constitution. 
The face on the other end of the call simply nodded, pursing his lips in that way he often did when he was feigning happiness. Or pride. Or anything, really. It didn't matter. Seth didn't expect much, anyway. 
Cohen: I've been assigned to Engineering.
His father did give a hint of an actual smile this time but seemed to catch himself and take a deep breath, returning quickly to his usual, stoic self. Why was it that he did that? Why couldn't he just let himself feel?
Abraham: That's good, son. 
Seth paused, not sure what to say. 
Cohen: That's it? That's good? I've graduated, Dad. I'm a bona-fide Starfleet officer now, and the best you can muster is, 'that's good?'
Abraham sighed and shook his head. 
Abraham: Well, it is. You've done well for yourself, it seems. 
Seth gave a sigh of his own and sat back in his chair. He brushed his hair back from his forehead, clasped his hands between his knees, and leaned forward again. 
Cohen: I was surprised to be assigned to Engineering, you know. 
Abraham: Why?
Cohen: It was never my favorite discipline, to be honest. I honestly saw myself in security, or tactical maybe. But, Engineering? 
Abraham: Well, clearly they saw something in you, son. 
Seth nodded. He knew that was about as close to an "I'm proud of you" he was going to get from his father. In the background, Seth heard a dog bark and Abraham motioned "one moment" to the camera before standing and exiting the frame. 
oO I honestly don't even know why I try anymore. Ever since mom died... Oo
Abraham came back into frame and settled into his chair. 
Cohen: Let me guess. You gotta go? 
Abraham: ::nodding:: Rebecca is here. She just got back from Risa with Susan. I have to help unload the transport. Becca's pretty worked up after being gone for two weeks. 
Cohen: You know, Dad, I've been gone for two years. You didn't even make it to the grad-
Abraham: I know, son. Look, I was thinking... let me know when you get settled and get some shore leave and I will come visit? It'll be good to see you.
Cohen: Sure... sure, that sounds good. 
Seth knew it wouldn't happen. What's more, he knew he didn't want it to. His relationship with his father had become more and more strained these last few years, though neither of them ever really spoke of it. They just kept going through the motions, for better or worse. Usually the latter.
Most days Seth was okay. It took a conversation like this to send him plummeting back to that place he'd been three years before. Back to that terrible day that he'd just as soon forget. He wondered whatever had come of that memory technology he'd heard that the Daystrom Institute was working on. Or maybe it had just been a rumor. 
Anson: =/\= Anson to Cohen. You comin', buddy? =/\=
oO Finally! Oo
Cohen: =/\= Cohen, here. Yeah, I'm about to head your way. =/\=
Abraham: Looks like you gotta go. 
Cohen: Yeah. A few of us are getting together for a last hurrah before we go our separate ways. Not sure where Anson is landing yet, though. I'm hoping he can get assigned to the Constitution, but we'll see. 
Abraham: I hope he does. 
A hand found its way to his shoulder. Seth guessed it was Rebecca's but she didn't lean in to say hello, so he couldn't be sure. As she walked away, Abraham turned back to the camera. 
Cohen: I'll talk to you later, Dad. 
Abraham: Bye, son. 
The screen abruptly changed to a simple blue screen with the Starfleet logo and the words: END TRANSMISSION. Seth breathed a sigh of relief that he'd made it through the conversation without an argument. At least there was that. 
Cohen: ::tapping his comm badge:: =/\= Cohen to Anson. I'll see you in five. Save me a seat at the bar.
Ensign Seth Cohen
Engineering Officer
USS Constitution-B
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