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Ensign Y'zyr - The Happiest Orbital Theme Park

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OOC: I realised I just kept putting quotes from this in the thread, so decided to share the entire thing.  Now y'all can have context! 😄


Geoff:  ::quietly::  Don’t judge me.


The First Officer stifled a giggle, and Ozai finally, *finally* began to believe this was her real reaction.  Velix had seemed to like Geoff, now DeVeau.  Was it women in general?  That did seem to be who Geoff tried to face-grab the most.


Though his Bajoran roommate broke that mold, as did Rustyy Hael.


Y’zyr:  ::smiling at his spider-bro::  I’m not.  I’m just saying… I guess most people aren’t spider fans.  ::more quietly::  I think we gave Commander Hael a stroke.


DeVeau:  Well, I have two advantages that most people don’t.


Ozai looked down at her curiously, gold irises focusing on the First Officers face.


DeVeau:  First, I’m a zoologist.  I *love* animals of *all* kinds.  What kind of zoologist would I be if I didn’t like spiders? 


Geoff:  Now you can call yourself a cyberzoologist!  You can study me any time.


Ozai gave a painful grin, and reached out to thwack Geoff’s little spider butt with a flick of one of his cybernetic fingers, to silence the little miscreant.


DeVeau: Second, like I said, I’ve met cyborg spiders.  Big ones.  After that, someone Geoff’s size is nothing.  


She motioned for Geoff to behave himself, which he seemed to be doing better at now that the initial face-grabbing was out of his system.


DeVeau: Geoff’s an AI…so he’s capable of learning.  Maybe you just need to learn now to grab people’s faces, my friend.


She poked him playfully on one of those spindly arms, her grin returning to her features.  


DeVeau: And I’m sure not only the population at large would be grateful, so would Y’zyr. 


Geoff:  ::nodding at her wisdom::  Yeah, it sure stresses dad out.


*Dad.*  UGH.


Y’zyr:  He’ll get there.  I’ll keep trying to work that kink out of his programming.  But I’m afraid he just gets more fervent with every alteration I make.  I may still have some learning to do, when it comes to *programming* bots.


DeVeau: Right.  Yeah.  Definitely got some learning ahead of you.  Maybe he just needs his own face to grab so he can fulfill his wish.  Like a mannequin or robot head…


One cybernetic hand formed a fist and came down into the other open palm, as if a brilliant stroke had hit him.


Y’zyr:  That’s weird enough, it just might work!


Geoff:  I *would* appreciate a nice cozy face to recharge on.


Y’zyr:  That’s it.  We’re replicating you a mannequin.  I’ll install a wireless charging unit in it, and you can pick out the face yourself.


Geoff didn’t respond verbally, save to open his little mandibles wide, and he seemed to make an excited gasping noise.  His multiple little eyes seemed to glimmer a little brighter, as if they were responding to his rising delight.


Geoff:  You’re the *best,* dad!


The Trill laughed, still a little uncertain about the spider-bots responses and calling him “dad,” but at least it was a working, testable theory.


DeVeau:  ?


Geoff:  Next you’ll tell me you’re taking me to Disney Station!  It *is* the happiest orbital theme park in the Alpha Quadrant.


Y’zyr:  Don’t push your luck.  No way am I taking a face-happy spider bot into a theme park filled with children.


The very idea was hilariously disturbing.


DeVeau:  ?


Y’zyr:  ::to the 1st Officer::  If you come up with any more ideas, let me know.  ::he paused, and seemed to remember he was talking to the 1st Officer::  It’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.  I think the engineers are starting to consider me a nuisance.


Another reason to be able to do more of his own minor repairs.  He couldn’t keep bothering actual engineers with his personal needs or side projects.


DeVeau:  ?



Ensign Ozai Y’zyr

Tactical & Security

Starbase 118 Ops




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