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LtCmdr Rustyy Hael - Die Under a Rock, He Could

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OOC: There was just too much in here for just the quotes thread, so I'm sharing the whole thing!



((Si’Laan Migration Ship - Engineering))



Who prayed for warp core meltdown? He did… 

Velix: Well, not *those* bugs, obviously. Since, you know, they’re invisible.

Rustyy made another kind of face. One of those blank, no lights on up stairs, confused looks. It was pretty easy to see it if one was looking through the helmet of his suit. Otherwise, one could almost _feel_ the same confused emptiness roll off him. 

Were there bugs… were there no bugs… was he about to have to stand in between a very little lady and a massive man to make sure there was no blood spilled? 


Big brother, I choose you…

Ya’faemi: :: Annoyed :: And...?

He stepped back to take up most of the other engineer’s view. He offered up a smile.

Hael: An’ nuthin’ ma’am. Listen my friend ‘ere - he’s got some wicked optics - artificial ::he added in there, cause it was cool:: - an’ thems can pick up on things we can’. It ain’ no offense, an’ we gonna turn our attentions to gettin’ yer ship in ship shape. ::he bobbed his head.:: Righ’? ::he turned to the other two, like younger siblings and ‘keep yer mouth shut” glance.::

Y’zyr:  ::sheepishly from behind his dual mask set up::  Sorry, sir…

Velix: ::upon getting some further readings:: Hm… yeah that’s weird. They’re there but.. not really?

He physically smacked the front of his helmet, which would have been his forehead. Rustyy was the type to express exactly what he felt, when he felt it. And every bit of ‘smoothness’ he possibly had inside of him was used up just a second ago. 

Velix:  It’s like Y’zyr said, they seem to somehow be in a state of hyper-acceleration. Oh! We should gift them to DeVeau, she did bug things.

Ya’faemi: What! :: Hissing :: You brought them here. You have contaminated this place.

Rustyy turned to the polka dotted ensign with pleading eyes. His hands moved; up, down, weird little circles, he put them up to face to ‘whisper’ _stoooooooooooppppp_

WHat could he do… what - he was going to have to break something… something big! Something, anything, to get them to change subjects. This was like listening to mama talkin’ to strangers about his awkward teen years… the first time he pooped in the potty as a toddler. The first time he kissed a girl! … Not going to even think about when that had actually taken place. 

Hael: Listen, real’y - 

Y’zyr:  I promise, we didn’t bring them with us.  ::insisting as politely as possible::  The time-jump may have affected lifeforms on your vessel.  If they’re actually hyper-accelerated, or displaced with chronitons, they could have evolved from microbes in just hours.

Velix: Can we get a container or something? ::she frowned, then made a face:: And Y’zyr should get to give them to her. He found them.

He stood there, dumb smile on his face, praying it would be enough to put out the first fire sized situation out. While the other two went on to discuss bugs. Both freaking him the crap out to think there were tiny little bugs everywhere… they could be in his suit… And frustrating him because, despite being on the dumber side of the spectrum, he knew this was not winning any peoples over. 

When this was done… lets just say he was overjoyed for the size of the station. He could go die under some rock and no one would know. 

DeVeau: =/\=DeVeau to Velix.=/\=

Oh thank Gods - the tension was suspended by the outside source. DeVeau would be getting a hug and a thank you for reasons she would never know about. 

Velix: =/\= Hi! =/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Found that anomaly for you. =/\=

So much had happened, Rustyy could honestly say he had no idea what was being discussed. But it didn’t matter - it wasn’t about bugs.

DeVeau: =/\=If you could alert the others on the Si’laan, and perhaps help with repairs so we can get them under way, that would be the best course of action.  We have a two day trip ahead of us, and it will reappear in five and a half days.=/\=

Velix: =/\= ::very excitedly:: Sure can do, I’ll let the others know. Oh! We found interesting bugs, well, Ozai did, not me, but I helped… uh… I mean… ::beat:: Absolutely, Commander, I will make sure appropriate steps are taken. =/\=

He mentally screamed ‘shut it!” when she started to talk about what was found. And his shoulders dropped in relief when she cut herself off.

DeVeau: =/\=Over and out.=/\=

Velix: Sooo….?

Ya’faemi: :: Roaring :: Repairs! Get to them.

Hael: Uh - yeah, we-we’re on it. ::he turned to the other two and waved them away… huh much like his mama used to do.::

Velix: ?

Ya’faemi: And stop talking about pests!

Y’zyr:  ::defaulting to obedience, feeling like his mother was yelling at him::  Yes, ma’am.

Hael: ‘Course! ::he said with a smile.::

Velix: ?

Rustyy had gone with the other two, he was attempting to put as much space between them and the angry little lady they had just created. Also… that was where the bug had been found… 

What followed next was a series of animated hand gestures and overall movement. He hadn’t found words yet and all the emotions and thoughts came out in hand waving and tilting side to side. Until - 

Geoff:  ::loudly stating::  Goodnight, dad!

Rustyy gave up for a second, bent sideways at the hip, elbow on the console, bent up and supporting his helmet sized head. He just looked at them, and so much from his childhood made sense. That fact that his mama didn’t drown him like a pup, said soooooo much about the woman. AND she went on to have several more. 

Hael: Ya’good? ::to Y’zyr::

Y’zyr: ?

He stood back up as straight as he could and held his hands out before him.

Hael: We is gonna pretend like none’a tha’ jus’ happened. ::he cut off any protests:: NONE’a it. Keep yer creepy crawly thoughts to yerself. ::he pointed to both of them.::

He could hear his mama…

Y’zyr/Velix: ?

Hael: You two’s is gonna work on life support systems an’ eternal sensors. 

Y’zyr/Velix: ?

Hael: I don’ - I don’ care if’n we done it before, I’m so ::he gave a heeby-jeeby shake.:: I can’ even think righ’ now. All I be knowin’ is ya’ll two can’ be near her ::he thumbed over his shoulder. So go’on.. Find ::he put his hands up.:: anything. ::he made a pushing motion with his hands.:: An’ keep tha; thing outta sigh’ ::he pointed to Y’zyr:: She migh’ kill you an’ it, if she sees it. ::he added brotherly.::

Y’zyr/Velix: ?


He took a steadying breath before he turned away to face the fire and offer his continued help with the ship repairs. 


Hael: Righ’, so ::he tried to not sound like anything had just happened.:: I ain’ sure what this means, ain’ been able to read yer language none, but levels ‘ere look low. Somethin’ we can work on? 


Ya’faemi: ?






Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael

Chief Engineer

Starbase 118 Ops

USS Narendra




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