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Elder Pa'rhi - "Ground Control to Major Tom"

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((CO’s Office – StarBase 118 Ops))




The idea of going on a mission had excited Bari. As a member of her community, she had grown up within the limited space of their geodesic home that floated through the stars. She had no memory of anything else. For generations, they had wandered through the vast expanse that played host to a myriad of burning spheres and rocky planets.  That was all she had known, all even the eldest of her people had known.  Their parents had no nothing else either. For the generation before, and the generation before that, on and on. The only information they had about their planets wasn't stories and images, once beautiful, but ravaged and uninhabitable. So they had fled.  They had survived.  For a time.



But then tragedy struck. First one ship.  Then another.  And another.  It had happened all at once but over the course of time, and now only one was left.  Their people were dwindling.  They were dying.


And yet Pa’rhi did not give up quite so easily. Despite the fear, despite the concern, she had felt a strange peace.  As if, somehow, something was telling her it would ultimately be all right.  She attributed that to the Guides, their reassurance.  They had not been forsaken, the Guides would indeed guide them and their people would thrive once more. 


And yet she also knew she could not sit idly by and wait.  They gave her a nudge, an inclination, a desire, and a boldness to do what needed to be done - which meant despite the geriatric status of that particular  Risuan, she’d volunteered to go on a scouting mission.  Why not?  She could do with a little excitement in her life.  And excitement she received.  After a rumbling ride through an ionic storm, she found herself on the other side, bruised by not broken, spirits high and…joined by someone else.  Well, not quite.  She had transmitted a signal, and someone had answered. Now they were engaged in pleasant back and forth, even if they couldn’t understand one another.    


Taelon: Um - whorre? Caxan ug uctolchaxact zis vossaxago?


Pa’rhi: Oh really?  That sounds very interesting.  At least, it would if I could understand, I’m sure.



Pa-rhi chuckled.  It was amusing, the little conversation even if it was completely garbled.  They hadn;t shot at her, they sounded nice, so why not?  Perhaps they would eventually come to meet her or she would find them and they could work on communicating in another fashion. 


Taybrim: Wo’lo slyick te roaxaln yeep raxackuaxago.  Keep spoaxakick.


Pa’rhi’s ears [...]ed up.  One of those words had sounded Risuan.  It was a simple word, but she had understood it in her language nonetheless.  Was that possible?  Or had they simply just had a word in their language that sounded like one in hearse and likely neither of them matched in meaning?


Pa’rhi: You sound like fine people.  I have to admit I’m curious as to who you are.  I could have sworn you said something in my language just now, but I’m old.  For some people, that means I’m inclined to hallucinate. 



She chuckled again.  


Taelon: ?



Taybrim: This is a chaxalfaxaso.  We axalo pit citupp dor space.  Wo worcemo misitels bel cemmolco, education pi locloaxatien.



Now Pa’rhi’s ears flicked a couple of times in surprise and her tail twitched.  She had understood several of those words that time.  Surely that wasn't a coincidence.



Pa’rhi:  Come again?  Are you speaking my language?  Now isn’t that something!



How had they picked it up so quickly?  Granted, it wasn’t all clear, but…



Taelon: ?



More she could understand!  Pa’rhi trilled a little in excitement.  



Taybrim: We are not loaxadic any other mossors, only your small ship.


And that was almost completely intelligible!  Certainly enough for Pa’rhi to understand what he meant.   



Pa’rhi: Ah, just me then.



Pa’rhi might have told them more, but for the moment, she didn’t to give away too much information.  She felt these people were indeed friendly, but she also wasn’t certain.  She would risk herself, but not her people.


Taelon/Taybrim: ?



And now she understood it all.  Amazing!  Pa’rhi tapped upon her console, but the ship’s sensors were damaged.  Still, they were friendly - thus far - and she would trust the Guides had sent her to the right place. She could *get* there.  



Pa’rhi: Would you be up for a visit?  I’d very much like to meet you.



Taelon/Taybrim: ?



Pa’rhi: Wonderful!  If you would just share your coordinates, I’ll be along shortly.



Was she walking into danger?  Some sort of trap?  At that point, it was too late to go back.  And besides, that was what she was there for!  To find people!  Hopefully ones who would be willing to help!  She had to take another step in faith.



Taelon/Taybrim: ?



Pa’rhi: Isn’t that grand.  I look forward to making your acquaintance!



Taelon/Taybrim: ?


Risuan Shuttle
AKA 'Letti'


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