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Lieutenant JG Anton Richards: AKA The Prophet

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Almost every time @Anton Richards posts, I laugh out loud quite literally. 


((Dark Corridor, Present, Proud Mary))


Richards: The weird symbol, the boy, the fact that every time Greaves thinks about touching his combadge we get sucked into time… I think someone besides Starfleet Command wants us to find out what happened here. 


Greaves: I guess the question then is who… or what.


Richards: I’m not sure that I want to find out. 


Peri seemed at a loss for words.


Greaves: What about that engineering compartment we were in? If we dig around, maybe we could find some rare particles or something that could cancel out the chroniton waves.


Peri turned and offered a small smile.


Katsim: That would be the antichronitons.  Those are what bring us back.


Of course. Anton knew that….


Richards: If we could generate our own chronitons. Maybe perhaps we could balance out the effect. We might need to scavenge some tech though. 


Greaves: Yeah, that too. Good thinking. If we're lucky, it's not rusted to pieces or blasted apart. 


Katsim: Chronitons are difficult to control, but antichronitons are more stable. 


Greaves: All but the most basic particle physics are a bit beyond me. Is there any reason this ship would have a store of antichronitons?


Richards: Maybe something in the engineering department could help us generate a bio-temporal field?


Peri glanced up and down the hallway.


Katsim: We can try.

Anton was just using words that he remembered from the academy. 


Richards: Wait.. Really?


Greaves: Well in that case, it’s back to main engineering, if we can even call it that. Lietenant Katsim, lead the way. (Motioning for the woman to take the lead)


Just as Anton saw Peri step forward, the room filled with a glowing bright light. It was warm, almost inviting. As Anton managed to open his eyes, he and the party were staring a figure that appeared to be composed entirely of light. 


Was this some form of spiritual deity? 


Greaves: Federation Marine Corps, halt!


Well. Let’s hope not.


Potentially for the best, the figure made no acknowledgement of Wes’s command and continued to glide effortlessly past Peri to Anton where it again reached toward his face before pausing. 


Anton had known all along he was the chosen one. His time had come. Ascension was in the midst. Anton focused deep into the figures “eyes”. He was ready to receive his blessing. 


What would it be though? Perhaps eternal wisdom? A meaning to life? An answer to the great question of death? 


The being flicked Anton on the nose and left immediately. What the heck?


Anton looked back and forth between Peri and Wes.


Richards: Well…? Have I transcended?


Katsim: Oh Prophets!


Richards: No need to refer to me as a prophet child. I was once a mortal walking amongst the paradox of time such as yourself. 


Wes and Peri completely ignored Anton. 


Greaves: I’m not so sure What I am sure of is that we’re still stuck on this rotten tug, and unless the Prophets whisk us away, we need to find some anti-chronitons. Let’s move.


Anton closed his eyes and began waving his arms around. He would do it. He would use his newly obtained powers to send the party back to safety…


It didn’t work, and Anton followed Wes. 



Lieutenant JG Anton Richards

Security Officer

USS Thor


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