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Ensign Falt - A Royal Visit?

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OOC: Moving the scene with Williams and Falt on. Obviously any of the below could simply be a vision 😊.


((Corridor Leading to JAC Lab, Deck 8, USS Juneau))


Oddas: =/\= Doctor Indobri, Standby. Oddas to Crew, prepare for =/\=


Tomas was only just aware of the Captain on the comline, confused as he was by the sight in front of him. The familiar layout of the JAC lab had been replaced by an empty room, smoke filled and lit by the eerie green Borg light. A single figure stood there, it’s back to them. Tomas couldn’t determine if it was Borg or not, but something about it was odd.


Williams: Response


Oddas: =/\= prepare for maneuvers, brace yourself.  Bridge, monitor for any issues. Doctor, Commander Quinn, execute. =/\=


Indobri: =/\= Acknowledged. =/\=


Tomas became aware of movement above him. A Borg device was lowering an object toward the odd looking figure. For a second or two he couldn’t make out what it was, but as it got closer to the figure he realised what was going on. His blood ran cold.


oO Now would be a really, really, good time to stop these visions Oo


Now complete with head, the figure turned to face them. 


Borg Queen: I am the beginning. The end. The one who is many. I am Borg.


Falt: Well, to whom do we owe this vision.


Williams: Response


Borg Queen: Vision? Oh I assure you I am no vision.


A sudden panic gripped Tomas, what if this wasn't a vision, what if it was the Borg behind all this somehow? He took a deep breath to try and combat his rising adrenaline. 


Williams: Response


Tomas took out his tricorder and ran a quick scan, according to the readout he was alone in the room with Commander Williams. As if to prove the point the Queen flickered for a moment.


Falt: ::satisfaction in his voice:: It seems they've started bouncing the signal of the metaphasic shielding. Vision, manifestation, whatever you are, it doesn't matter. You'll be gone soon.


Borg Queen: Humans. Your minds are so tiny, so three dimensional. So incapable of true understanding. We are everywhere.


Tomas tried to ignore the Queen, expecting her to promptly disappear once the playing had started. He waited a few seconds, nothing happened. He waited a few seconds more. Again nothing happened, except that he felt another rush of adrenaline. The Queen hadn’t vanished, maybe the plan wasn't working properly. If that was the case they really needed to try and find the cause.


oO Best let the bridge know what’s going on Oo


Falt: =/\= Ensign Falt to the bridge. =/\=


The Captain's response was blunt, she obviously didn't have time for pleasantries.


Oddas: =/\= What have you found down there? =/\=


Falt: =/\= We're in the JAC lab sir, along with a vision of the Borg Queen. =/\=


Williams: =/\= Response =/\=


Oddas: =/\= I could use some recommendations, we can't keep this power configuration up for long, gentleman. =/\=


Falt: =/\= Understood sir, we'll check the artefacts here for any possible cause, as soon as we've dealt with this...  vision. =/\=


Oddas: =/\= Response. =/\=


Borg Queen: Oh, are you looking for this?


Tomas turned sharply to look at the Borg, who was now holding a small orb between her cybernetic hands. It was about 10 centimeters across, and shared the same distinct markings as he had seen on all the other Cagnal artefacts. 


Borg Queen: ::turning the orb in her hands:: A curious device, it has a psychokinetic field that manipulates subspace just enough that your primitive minds experience visions. We, on the other hand, can use it as an interplexing beacon. 


She paused and looked directly at Tomas.


Borg Queen: I told you I wasn’t a vision. Thanks to this I’ve been here all along, listening in on all your thoughts and memories. It’s been… enlightening.


Williams: Response


Borg Queen: Oh, you can have it. ::Throwing the orb to Williams:: Now we’re discovered it’s of no more use to us, I’m sure you’ll be blocking our signal in a moment anyway.


Tomas thought the Queen almost looked smug.


Borg Queen: Oh, one last thing before I go. ::smiling:: Do tell Captain Oddas she has a lovely ship. The warp core design is very interesting, I’d love to meet with her and get to know more about it.


With that… threat the Queen disappeared, and the JAC lab returned to its normal appearance. Tomas turned to Williams and scanned the orb still in his hands. After a few seconds his tricorder confirmed what he already knew.


Falt: This is it sir, no doubt about it.


Williams: Response.


Falt: We have to neutralise it. Normally I’d say we should put it behind a forcefield and study it to see what we can find out, but if any of that with our guest was true it might be best to simply destroy it. What do you think sir?


Williams: Response.




Ensign Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801




Really nice and unexpected plot twist, Mr @Tomas Falt 

Now I am worried. 

But it's just a hallucination, so it's fine. 

... Right?  O.O 

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