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RULES & ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2021 Halloween Avatar Contest

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Join our 11th Annual Halloween Avatar Contest!

Here's the quick-and-spooky: Each crew chooses a theme – like "Nightmare Before Christmas," or "Mugshots," or "Sesame Street" – then, each person on the crew is assigned a character and changes their forum avatar to an image of that character. A panel of judges (one person from each ship) helps decide the winners!


  • Each crew must pick a theme. (You should already have an OOC email thread about it!) 
  • For a member of the crew to be considered part of the team, they must:
    1. change their avatar here on the forums
    2. check in to crew's official thread in this forum (more on that below) with a funny quote, quip, or greeting. (i.e.- "Trick or treat!"). Please keep any other extraneous posts out of this thread as it will be used to count the ship's participants.
  • Regarding check-in threads:
    • The second post in the check-in thread must an announcement of the ship's theme AND confirm that all rules have been followed.
    • Participants must be checked-in to their ship's thread in this forum by Monday, October 25 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.
  • Avatars must remain in their costumed forms until at least Sunday, October 31 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.
  • Each crew entering the contest must upload their avatars to the wiki following this tutorial to the letter. Please follow each instructions closely and exactly – your crew will be disqualified if you do not follow the instructions! 


    • Originality of theme: You may not use a theme that involves Starfleet crews we've seen onscreen or in beta canon – so no Enterprise, Voyager, DS9 crews, etc.! You are welcome to use other Star Trek themes if you want. Beyond that, just get really creative! 
    • Design quality of avatars: Check out past entrants and winners for some understanding of what we're looking for.
      • Important note on design: Avatar designers should ensure that the avatars, as they appear on each person's check-in post, works best. Many ships create a "unified graphic" with all the characters on it, and then just slice that up. But this often leaves text unreadable once each person puts the avatar onto their profile. So focus more on making the avatar appear correctly on the forums. Keep in mind that the unified graphic is not judged or required, so while it's a bit of fun to bring all the avatars together and show the theme, don't assume that unified graphic will win you the contest! 
    • Number of crew members checked in: This is a multiplier to the previous two qualifications. For example, if the official crew roster (maintained by the ship CO and FO) says there are 12 crew members, and 5 people are checked-in to the thread, then your multiplier is 42%. 
    • We'll ask each ship to send a volunteer – they can't be the ship's CO, and they must not be on more than one ship. 
    • Each judge will rank every ship's entry on the originality and design quality per above.
    • Judges will not be able to rank their own ship in the first position. 
    • We'll use Ranked Choice Voting to determine the winner for each category. 
    • Once we have the scores for each of the two categories, we'll multiply by the number of crew members checked in, per above.
    • The crew with the highest score in each category will be announced as the winners. 


  • How do I change my avatar? A detailed tutorial is found here.
  • What's the deal with the funny quote, quip, or greeting required on the check-in thread? It could be a quote from the character you're using, or something funny that you just make up on the fly. But make it good -- ask your teammates for help if you need inspiration! 
  • Can my team use a theme that's previously been used? Yes, as long as you use new images.
  • Where do we get avatar images if none of us on my team are good at graphics? Check out the graphics request forum. Ask nicely for best results!
  • Do the avatars have to look like the characters? No.
  • How is participation counted? What about secondaries and disabled members? The number of possible participants will be pulled from the official ship roster (maintained by CO and FO) on Monday, October 25. We will discount properly marked secondaries and any members who are disabled and cannot access the forums, as per the CO of the ship.
  • When will winners be announced? Near the end of October/beginning of November.
  • What do the winners get? A forum badge everyone can put in their signature, and serious credibility.
  • What if I have other questions? Head to Discord and ask them in the "🎃ghouls-and-gargoyles" channel. 
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