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We’ve hit our 2022 fundraising goal! Here are the folks who helped us make it happen

StarBase 118 Staff

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As you may know, it costs about $1,795 USD to run our server – including the main website, the wiki, and our forums. That’s in addition to our domain names and other sundry costs. Each year, we fundraise donations to meet that amount and community members pitch in to help.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors – big and small – we’ve already hit our next fundraising goal, due on May 1 of 2022. This ensures we’ll be able to pay our big hosting bills this November and next May. For this goal, 23 members donated 137 times to help us get there.

Since our last report on May 1st of this year, we’ve had a few new donors: Vitor Silveira, Baylen Anders, Lephi, Scotty Reade, Alora DeVeau, and Wes Greaves! Huge thanks to them for joining the donor club. They’ll be receiving a badge denoting their support and, of course, they have our gratitude!

And, we’ve got a number of recurring donors whose continued support have helped us rack up a sizeable chunk of the fundraising goal: Arturo Maxwell, Jo Marshall, Oddas Aria, Sarah Phillips, Serala, Jacob Horne, Yogan Yalu, and Genkos Adea!

Recurring donors are hugely important to meeting our growing yearly goal. If you can join these donors for even $10 a month, you’ll be helping us immensely!

Can you pitch in and help us get the 2023 fundraising goal started? Click here to donate securely – we’ll never see your credit card information.

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