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Commander Dal - Sux-U-Lux 5000

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OOC: Same scene as Sucky Situation, different perspective, and just as amusing!



((Main Engineering – Pirate Ship Drowning Band))

Secretary Valeria had never been in a real life threatening emergency before.  She had only been in things that seemed life threatening or were merely made-up emergencies.  And in general she was cool under fire – but she had a black sense of humor and that was her main coping mechanism when things got extremely crazy.

Like right now.

Lurtz: Defend with what, dear? We have no weapons, and even if we did, if they are shrunk to scale they may as well be toys.

She huffed a bit, but didn’t argue.

Drevas: Perhaps the best option is to find somewhere we can hide in or to simply keep moving. I think we should all first try and slow down and get our bearings-

Valeria: Slow down or calm down?

Did she mean that as a dare?  A dig?  


Lurtz: Don’t you -dare- tell me to calm down, this is the second time I have had an event going to absolute pot on that forsaken station. Who do you think you are, with your tongue in cheek mannerisms, to address me like some second rate hotel guest. A snap of my fingers and I can bring down entire economies.. I well… I…

She stopped, and her face paled and Valeria’s smug expression of defiance turned to one of concerned panic and action as she dashed forward to ease the matriarch back to safe ground.

Drevas: ::stepping forward:: Your Highness? Is everything alright?

Valeria: She’s so pale… and so warm.

Linn Valeria was not a doctor.  She knew the very basics of first aid to keep a scene safe before doctors could arrive.

Lurtz: I… I need to sit. I feel very lightheaded… my chest…

Drevas helped move Empress Lurtz back to the wall where she slowly slid downwards.

Drevas: Over here, Empress. ::gently taking her by the hand and leading her to the wall:: Here, sit and rest. Is there any other way we can help you?

She tried to respond, but her eyes rolled back in her head.  Linn pulled a handkerchief from her pocket and dabbed at the sweat on Lurtz’s brow.

Valeria: She fainted.  She just dead fainted.

Oh no, not dead.  Please don’t be dead.  Linn wanted to take that back, just in case it actually happened.

At least two sets of footsteps distracted her from her self-admonishment as she looked up, expectantly.  Maybe the Major and the Ensign could help?

Andrews: So what's our plan now? We can't just wait for whatever's next to find us.

Drevas: No, we can’t. We need to keep moving. The Empress needs a moment to rest, though. ::glancing back at the room around then, arms folded::

Ishreth Dal was also not a doctor, but as a search and rescue specialist he was a trained first responder, and was well practiced in basic field and combat medicine.  He moved immediately to Empress Lurtz side, checking her vitals and loosening her clothing in several key constriction areas.

Now he wished he had a medkit.  And they had no idea where Doctor Bailey or Doctor Foster were.  But he could lessen airway and chest constriction, get her comfortable and keep her warm.

Dal: Either I need a medkit, she needs a doctor or both.  Where are we perched?

He was so busy tending the injured he hadn’t take the time to inspect the new locale.

Andrews: We're above their warp core, right? Can't we use that somehow? What if we got down there and did some sabotage? If we could take their warp capability offline, that would be a big help to anyone coming after us, wouldn't it?

Drevas: It would be, yes. Maybe if we got enough people standing on shoulders we could reach and operate the console, what do you think?

Dal: I think a person-chain would be very dangerous.  We’d be better off forming some sort of rope.

He hated to admit it, but he silently wondered how many centimeters of rope would Empress Lurtz’s voluminous skirts make?  And how bad would things have to get that she would allow that without tanning his hide.

Andrews: ::grimacing:: I freely admit I have no kind of experience with this sort of thing. Maybe somebody in our party ::he indicated the civilians:: has some know-how we could use?

Drevas: Maybe. Perhaps there’s a-

His antennae spun wildly, his head snapping to one side as he searched for the sudden low buzz that filled the air.

Dal: Something’s coming…

And then there was a shriek as a large hovering metallic device bumbled into view and sucked up one of the partygoers.  It made a horrifying schlooorp sound as the person was just sucked into the nozzle and held in a large spherical chamber. 

Clearly still alive, pounding on the chamber walls and panicking.

It turned and sucked up a second civilian as the rest screamed and ran back towards the tunnels.  Emblazoned on its side in large gaudy capital letters and Ferengi script was the brand sticker advert: “SUX-U-LUX 5000, THE BEST AUTOMATED SWEEPER PAST ANTARES!”

Andrews: Oh, come *on*.

Ishreth Dal had fought many battles in his lifetime, but this was clearly the first time he had faced off against an oversized Roomba.

Drevas: Complain later! Help me move the Empress – we need to go. Now. Back to the tunnels. It can’t fit in there, can it? Everyone else, back to the tunnel! Now!

Ishreth pushed Valeria out ahead

Dal: Valeria, get everyone inside. ::He showed Drevas and Andrews how to safely carry Lurtz:: Take her, I’ll bring up the rear.

Andrews: ?

Herding panicked civilians was no easy task.  Two more were schlorped up before the group was pushed, practically jammed into the tunnel

Drevas: Who’s still with us?

Valeria: It’s your lucky day, I’m still here.  We have a head count of fifteen now, down five.

The Sux-U-Lux kept mindlessly schloping and sweeping, heedless of the screaming passengers it had inside its belly.

Andrews: ?

Dal: In one piece.  ::A pause, pointing to the drone.::  Its’ on an automated loop, it will come back.

Drevas: ::panting::  Now what? Everyone alright?

Valeria: That completely depends on your definition of alright.

Andrews: ?

He poked his head out, tracking the drone and then gasping.

Dal: We have help.  ::he jabbed a finger forward towards Commander McLaren and Lieutenant Zel.:: Look over there.

Andrews/Drevas: ?

Dal: That’s the trick, they’ll never hear us above the racket of the sweeper.  How do we get their attention?

Andrews/Drevas: ?

Dal: We can all work together to get the engines on this ship crippled and then hopefully get Empress Lurtz the medical attention she needs.

Too bad their micro-surgeon was currently a mini-micro surgeon.  Hopefully the ship had brought someone who was good at medicine on such a small scale.

Andrews/Drevas: ?


Commander Ishreth Dal
Marine Liaison Officer
StarBase 118 Ops


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