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Major Tatash - Pretty in Blue

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@Tatash, this was so beautiful I was crying.  Or...laughing so hard I was crying...:-D


((Smeagle the Pirates Quarters -- Effie's Section))


Effie: I don't think he should get anything after what he did.

It was a fair point at least. He wasn’t remorseful about it either, despite being in those pudgy and strangely sticky fingers. He was not trained to be a child carer, and all this situation was doing was intensifying his hatred of the snot nosed little runts.

Blackwell: - yes. Does your ship have a replicator?


Effie: Yeah, we do. But I'm not supposed to touch it.  

Tatash: But.. Hnggh.. ::he struggled in that grip:: all the most… fun things are naughty.

Blackwell:::she sympathized:: Weelllllllll…. I can understand it...but if you like.., ::She said gently:: I can help you with the measurements,  that way we know the clothes will fit perfectly.


Yael:  ::loudly again, playing along so Effie would hear him::  You know, I *could* use a new suit.  This jacket’s gotten dirty.

Traitors. The pair of them, absolute traitors. Bad children needed scolding, not coddling and placating. He thought back to when he was a child, his backside suddenly stinging with a phantom pain. Proper discipline.

Effie: I don't know...my dad is really really strict about not going places on the ship without asking.

Tatash:  I’m sure… he won’t mind…

Blackwell: I do actually do some sewing, and knitting, and art things...so...I should be able to help ::And she glanced to Yael and Tatash to play along::


Even balancing at this precarious angle, Tatash could fix Blackwell with a look that was the equivalent of a verbal sigh. Fine. If that’s what it would take.

Yael:  If you could get us access to the replicator, we could help you make a completely new collection. ::calling up to their captured crewmate in an insistently friendly tone::  And Tatash PROMISES he won’t burn the new ones!  DON’T you, Tatash?

All he could elicit was an annoyed grumble from somewhere in his throat.


Tatash:  Oh… absolutely…. Can’t wait.

Effie: You'd better not do that ever again.


Blackwell:  I’m sure we can avoid that happening again. 


Yael:  ::still loudly for Effie to hear::  He's a good guy! He's just *grumpy* because he's not had any lunch!  Let's get him something to snack on, okay?


The first thing he was going to do when he was back to normal size was tan this young girls hide. The second would be tanning Yaels to match.

Tatash:  Oh yes… so grumpy…


If his teeth could grit anymore, they would shatter into tiny little Gorn shards. Grumpy was an understatement, utterly incredulous about how he was having to act to amuse a pirates satanic off spawn was more about right.


Blackwell: And then we can talk about outfits..::she offered::


Effie:  No. No. No. We can't go play with the replicator. I'll get in trouble and they'll take you all away from me. But don't worry, I know where we can get new clothes! But first…


Tatash was carried away, still clutched in that mitt, faced with an angry little sausage waggling at him again clutching some sort of tape.

Effie: You were *bad*, Mr. Lizard, so I have to make sure you behave this time.

Oh no. He couldn’t do anything to resist as that tape started to wrap around him, even when full size that sort of tape was used for holding wires together and had a strength that held most old starships together. There wasn’t even any point in trying to struggle.

Blackwell: Wait, Effie, what are you doing? ::She called::

Tatash: Not.. so tight… Effie


Yael:  ?

By the time he was plopped back down in the lunchbox all he could do was wiggle a little like a sausage on a frying pan, his yellow eyes glowering with a firey rage.

Effie: There! If you're feeling grumpy, Mr. Lizard, you can eat something. You're supposed to eat anyhow. Now! I have something that will help us so we can still play!


Tatash couldn’t see what was coming next, but he could at least still hear the others.

Blackwell: What do you have there Effie?

Yael: ?



Effie: My daddy brought this back for me! Let me show you how it works!

A new toy? He grunted as he was lifted up again, wiggling his feet slightly in a vague attempt to resist.

Blackwell: Effie, what does this do exactly?

Tatash: What the hell is happening...


Yael: ?


Effie: It won't hurt at all! Just hold still, okay? 

He was lowered again into some machine, spindly arms spinning wildly around him with a mechanical hum as something was… wrapped around him, threads, tiny threads weaving and creating until he felt the gentle, soft fabric pressed against his neck. What was it, what was it that had happened. He tried to move his neck down and look, but the tape made it impossible.


Blackwell: Effie! That’s wonderful. ::She was not talking about the Dress, staring at the device:: 

Tatash: What? What’s wonderful? What’s she done to me?


Yael:  ?


Perhaps it was better that he was placed back into the lunchbox, considering the words that were on the tip of his tongue that were certainly not suitable for a young audience.


Effie: It worked! It worked! Yay! ::She looked at the woman and the purple man.:: Who wants to go next?

Blackwell: Well, Yael’s outfit is so dirty. Could you maybe try it on him and let me watch? 


Yael: ?


Blackwell: Oh I just love how interesting that toy is. I didn’t have one like it when I was a child.


Yael: ?


While the others continued he did what he could, leaning his head down to nip at the corner of the tape near his neck, pulling at it with his teeth experimentally before gagging as he got a mouth full of foul tasting adhesive.


Blackwell: I did have a dollhouse, but and dolls with clothes, but nothing like this. ::She smiled:: When did your father get this for you?


Again he tugged at it, forcing himself to tear a little, then a little more. It was enough to loosen up his right shoulder, enough to start to shimmy it off just enough to work on getting that arm free.


Yael/Effie: ?


Blackwell: Well, Yael does look good in Purple.


Finally, he managed to pull, yank, twist his right arm free leaving him able to work on the other. His scales, thankfully non porous, at least giving him a slight advantage in freeing himself up from that tape even if most of it still clung to him.


He looked down over himself, pushing his arms through the holes, only now suddenly realising exactly what he was wearing.


A dress. A pretty dress.


Fine. That, he could deal with, but blue on green was a decidedly disgusting colour choice. That offended him far more.


Tatash: Oh wow I bet it could make us… all kinds of accessories too! Maybe a matching handbag or heels for me, that would be swell!


Please don’t make those items, he thought to himself. But if it can make that sort of thing, it could theoretically make far more with the right buttons pressed.

Yael/Effie ?


Blackwell: That is perfect 


Again he was grabbed and pulled out, making a point of keeping his arms by his side hopefully unnoticed. He stood as proudly as a veteran Gorn could, while wearing a stunning blue gown.


Blackwell/Yael/Effie: ?


Tatash: Yes, I know I’m pretty. Hey Effie, you know what would be fun? You should give him a makeover! Oh wow I bet you have all sorts of grown up makeup.


He pointed a finger to Yael. A cruel, damning claw, condemning him to a face full of lipstick and terrible foundation.


That’ll teach you to laugh at my dress.


He looked at the other too as Effie wandered off to no doubt find the instruments of torture.


Tatash: What’s the plan?


Blackwell/Yael: ?


Tatash nodded, lifting up the hem of his dress with both hands to take a few steps closer. He didn’t want to risk fraying the edge of course. He might fall over.


Tatash: Alright. I’m not going to do anything to harm the girl, even if she’s absolutely awful. That means we need to distract her when we make our get away. What you thinking of using that dress-o-matic thing for?


Blackwell/Yael: ?


Tatash: Back when we were in the cargo bay, there was a pet, some sort of Lizard running around causing havoc with the guests. Bet if we could lure that here somehow, Effie would have to deal with it. Maybe its hers, maybe it’s someone elses but kids love small animals.


Blackwell/Yael: ?




Major Tatash

Military Intelligence

Starbase 118 Ops



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