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JP: Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo & Lt. Cory Stoyer - It's About Damn Time, Part I & II

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((Beach, Cochtois Lagoon, Deluvia IV, Evening))
(( OOC: This takes place near the end of the party, late at night. ))
It was late; the stars were out and shining brightly on the party. She had already had a bit too much to drink, and was meandering through the sand absentmindedly. It had been a very fun shore leave; she went swimming, diving, museum trawling, and spent time with Serren, when he wasn’t doing stupid stuff like locking himself in the brig.
When she got the invitation that all the senior staff were invited to the after-wedding reception, she was a bit surprised. Ayiana and Valesha didn’t have the best track record with each other. They pretty much danced away from each other. She had no idea how or if any sort of cordial relationship was possible with her.
Cory was happy when the invite to the reception arrived for him.  He of course knew Chris from being in Operations.  He always respected the dependable Petty Officer.  Part of Cory wondered if he would have turned out like Chris if he didn’t go to the Academy or gotten out after his 4 years were up.  Valesha was with him during the crisis on Starbase 173.  He led that away mission.  It was a mess.  Went from fixing reactors to fighting Orions.  He was happy the pair finally tied the knot.
She saw Cory off a ways, and her mind went back to the Skarbek; specifically the last minutes of it, talking with him about their alternate life and the question she popped to him. Unfortunately, he answered it in Real Life, and it quickly spread around the ship. Hilariously, though, some people thought he was talking about Toran; but she was not laughing. She didn’t know what he thought of it. 
The two of them had a sort of unspoken, unconscious agreement not to talk, interact, or otherwise be near each other all shore leave. It seemed to work right up until now. Ayiana knew they couldn’t keep avoiding each other forever, and she was just drunk enough to do something about it.
Cory wandered around the reception. He had a drink in his hand and was looking for a place to watch the crew interact. This had been an emotional shore leave. Cory was glad to have been able to patch things up with Doc Adea.  He smiled as he looked over the group. He had taken a lot of them for granted and really screwed things up.  Cory was happy that Jo and him were able to patch some of their friendship up, even though she wiped the sand with him in beach volleyball. He felt something and turned to see Ayiana walking over to him.  Taking a drink he wished he could walk away, but she seemed determined to talk to him. Seeing a large boulder, Cory sat down as she approached.  He looked up into those familiar blue eyes.
Sevo: Hey, Cory. How you doing?
Stoyer:  I am good, Ayiana.
Sevo: Cory, we need to talk.
That didn’t surprise him.  He didn’t want to talk to her, but she was here.
Stoyer:  What do you want to talk about?
She sat down next to him.
Cory looked over at her.  Thoughts running through his mind.  
Sevo: You know what.
Stoyer: No, I don’t
Sevo: Cory, you and I both know we can’t keep ignoring what’s going on between us in the Skarbek.
Cory took a sip of his drink.  Giving himself a moment to think.
Stoyer: Been doing a pretty good job so far.  
He looked at her again.  Heart pounding in his chest. She looked at him; her heart pounding in her chest.
Sevo: Yea, we have. :: She smirked. :: You know, I would have gone on that diving excursion with Samira if you weren’t there.
Stoyer: Same.  I heard you were staying in an underwater hotel, so I got a beach house.
Sevo: Serren and I thought about it, but ended up going for a beach house too. Think I’ve seen you off in the distance on the grounds.
Stoyer: See it is working.  Serren and you have a great thing.  There is nothing to discuss.  
Ayiana looked at the ground. She wasn’t so sure, and the tone of her voice in her reply mirrored it.
Sevo: ...Yea. Great.
Cory looked away.  Then her tone hit him.  He looked back at her.
Stoyer:  That didn’t sound enthusiastic.  Everything Ok?
Ayiana looked back up at Cory.
Sevo: I’m...not sure. Serren seems okay with everything. But I feel torn. It almost feels like I cheated on him.
It was incredibly ironic; a few years ago, Cory cheated on his wife Petra with Ayiana. Of course, Ayiana knew full-well what she was getting into. This was a bit different, though. Was it really *her* feelings she was feeling, or *Red’s*? Was there a difference?
Stoyer:  But you haven't, have you?
Sevo: I don’t know! Does what happened in the Skarbek count? Do those feelings matter out here? :: She gestured around frantically. ::
That was the question.  He knew “Strip’s” feelings for “Red”.  He also knew that there was a good part of those feelings inside him for the woman sitting next to him.  He admitted those feelings to Genkos.
Stoyer:  That is a good question.  Part of me says yes, but I am not sure how.
Sevo: You know as well as I do that as much as we try, Red and Strip are still inside of us. Everything that manifests in there comes from us. In fact, each time we dive back in there, we seem to be closer. That means that somewhere deep down, we still care for each other like that; maybe more.
Cory looked down at his hands.
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((Beach, Cochtois Lagoon, Deluvia IV, Evening))


(( OOC: This takes place near the end of the party, late at night. ))


Stoyer: Ayiana……..


Sevo: Don’t try to deny it; I’m sure you’ve felt the same as I have of you, and it’s eating me up inside. I also feel for Serren, he’s a great guy, but I don’t feel for him like I do you in the Skarbek.


Stoyer:  That…...that right there…..in the Skarbek...that is my problem.  Am I the same person as Strip?   You are definitely not Red.  I don’t see you beating a Gorn almost to death for pudding.  Maybe a Romulan….


It was a lame attempt at a joke. Ayiana did not laugh. That incident way back on Temlai continued to haunt her to this day. It, among future encounters, festered and fed her disdain for Romulans. It was not something she was proud of.


Sevo: See, that’s just it. The potential for Red is inside of me, but it’s tempered by different life experiences. Would I go down Red’s path if it wasn’t for Starfleet training and a copious amount of counseling? Consequently, her feelings are my feelings, somewhere.


Stoyer:  Somewhere….Strip is completely different from me.  Even without the training.  How can I say those feelings are real?


Sevo: How can you not?


Yeah, how could he not, Cory thought.  They were real and his.


Stoyer:  Maybe they are, maybe they are not.  We have been down this road before…….


Sevo: It doesn’t feel quite the same. Especially after...you know...popping the question?


The question that he answered OUT LOUD.  Cory looked up and closed his eyes.  Of course she heard about that.  Why not, everyone onboard the Gorkon knew about it.


Stoyer:  Look, you can’t blame me for that.  I was just waking up from…….it.


He felt her close to him.  The thought of his arm around Red popped into his head.  He shook it before looking back at her.


Stoyer:  Ayiana, what do you want me to tell you?


Cory stood and faced Ayiana. She paused, thinking about his question. What DID she want him to say? That it didn't mean anything? That he was sorry for feeling? You couldn’t ask someone to apologize for loving another.


Sevo: I...I want you to tell me you didn’t mean it!


But if he did, they both knew it would be a lie and it would eat him up.


Stoyer:  Didn’t mean what?  The answer to the question or……...my feelings for you.


She paused, blinking in sudden confusion and embarrassment.


Sevo: Um...yes? I mean, no! I don’t know! :: She tossed her hands in the air in exasperation. ::


Stoyer:  Look I don’t know what to say or do right now. That is why I have been avoiding you. 


Sevo: Same here. I mean, sort of. I mean...AARGH! :: She yelled in frustration. :: We can’t keep denying the feelings we have for each other!


Cory looked at her.  There was Red showing herself in Ayiana.  A knowing smirk crossed his face.


Stoyer:  Ayiana….you are causing a scene.


Ayiana turned and glared at Cory. A scene, huh?


Sevo: Oh really? You think we’re causing a scene? It’s not like the ENTIRE SHIP KNOWS WHAT’S GOING ON! :: She yelled. ::


Cory worked on keeping his voice calm, but this was getting way out of hand.


Stoyer:  The reason everyone knows what's going on is because you are yelling.  




Stunned Cory looked at her.  He almost took a step back, not knowing what to say or do.


Stoyer: How am I supposed to do that? You seemed to be enjoying making a scene.  


Ayiana dropped her drink on the ground and stared into Cory’s eyes. They were like infinite pools of clear water reflecting a blue sky. Her heart raced, and her face grew warm as her cheeks flushed. Suddenly, she reached up and grasped Cory’s face, and planted her lips on his. There they stayed; lips touching each other for several seconds, but it felt like an eternity. At the same time, it also felt like a [...] had burst; her emotions that had been bottled up and held back burst forward. 


Cory froze when Ayiana reached up and pulled his head down and their lips touched.  He wasn’t sure what to do, push her away, continue the kiss, run and hide….  Cory didn’t think and just went with it.  Everything he had been holding inside and burying deep came out.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.  He held her tight against him.  Time stood still...Nothing else mattered at this moment.


She grasped him in turn; there was a vague sense they were being watched on the fringes of her consciousness, but for right now, it was just the two of them. It felt...right. 


Stoyer: Wow, that was......


She paused and blinked, still looking into his eyes. Her cheeks and lips felt warm.  He looked into those blue eyes and smiled.  She felt warm in his arms.


Sevo: Yeah.....


Stoyer: Ayiana…...


Suddenly, Serren’s face flashed in Ayiana’s mind and she realized what she was doing. Just as quickly as they embraced, she pulled back, letting go of him. She took a step back, covering her mouth with her hands in shock and embarrassment. Her eyes lit up like plates, staring at Cory. Her cheeks flushed even redder, if such a thing was possible. What did she just do?!


Sevo: No, I can’t. This is wrong. oO But it felt right. Oo


Cory felt her push away and he let go quickly.  He could feel the heat rising in his face.  He looked down at her and saw the wide eyed look in her eyes.  Then it hit him also…...Serren.  Curses ran through his mind.  What did he just do? He liked and respected the Trill.  


Ayiana just stared at Cory for a moment, the realization of what just happened finally catching up with her conscious mind. Without saying another word, Ayiana turned on her feet, her long red hair flipping behind her, and quickly dashed off into the night.


Cory stood there with a dumbstruck look on his face.  Gathering his wits he looked around to see if anyone was watching.  Of course there were…..Cursing again under his breath, he walked off to try and disappear, maybe crawl in under a rock.


Stoyer:  This is going to be fun...


Simmed by


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo
Mission Specialist

U.S.S. Gorkon

Image Collective

Wiki Ops

Investigating Diversity and Inclusion Committee (IDIC)





Lieutenant Cory Stoyer

Helm/Comms/Ops Officer

USS Gorkon


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