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USS Juneau takes shore leave as Federation presence grows on station

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LIGHTSIDE STATION — Crew of USS Juneau (NX-99801) enjoys shore leave on the Spike and welcomes the USS Grace Hopper, a Science and Engineering support vessel to the Aavaro Wilds.

Recognizing the expanding importance and a growing number of long-term projects Starfleet Command has assigned the USS Grace Hopper to the region. The Horizon Class vessel set out from Lightside Station, after an initial meeting with the crew of the Juneau, marking the first time in history two Starfleet vessels were ever in port at the station at the same time.

“The Grace will be helping establish colonies, forward outposts, communication relays, and maybe fend off the occasional pirate,” said Commander Melchor Cole, Commanding Officer of the Grace Hopper.

The ship’s first mission takes them toward Ring 42, a Nivian Ring first discovered by the crew of the USS Eagle (NCC-74659) under the command of Oddas Aria, where they hope to establish a forward operating base for future research crews.

Additionally, the crew of the Grace Hopper and the Juneau assisted in the installation of a so-called “Mega-Holodeck” aboard Lightside Station at the request of the Kalinda authorities. Though the initial installation went well, there were some unsubstantiated rumours of malfunctions, which trapped several members of the crew in an unknown simulation involving ballistic fire and ancient Earth folklore.

When asked about the rumours, including insinuations, the malfunctions caused holograms to express telepathic thoughts.

“It’s too early to say conclusively one way or another if the anecdotes are true, and what the cause might be,” replied holodeck technician Sloan Basil aboard Lightside Station. “We’ll report more developments as they occur.”

After the Grace Hopper pulled out of port, the Juneau began a scientific tour mapping various anomalies along trade routes through the Wilds. Starfleet expects that the mission will allow the Juneau to delve further deeper into the Aavaro Wilds, attending to their task.


Written by Oddas Aria

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