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Ops crew returns from shore leave, honoured in a Klingon ceremony

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STARBASE 118 OPS — After returning from restful and fun shore leave, the Ops crew are honoured in a Klingon ceremony for their assistance with defeating the Cult of Molor.

Upon their return, they honoured many of the crew with awards celebrating their service on the mission. Later, however, they held another ceremony — one hosted by the Klingon Empire upon embassy grounds. Each officer received honours from Klingon house, Kravzo’ch, as well as awards from the Empire itself. Commodore Sal Taybrim was given the Sword of Kahless for extraordinary service to the Empire, the highest honour given by the High Council.

Duktak Firaqu, recently appointed as the Assistant to the Chancellor, stated; “Commodore Taybrim has the heart and soul of a Klingon and now stands with us as a brother.”

After their battle with the Cult of Molor, time at the resort was just what they needed.

“Vacationing at the resort was a great way to relax,” Petty Officer Lorise Asani said. “Having cabins was perfect for those that have little skill at camping and there was plenty to do throughout the day, from swimming, lounging on the beach to hiking. Coming to the resort was the perfect vacation for the whole family.”

Sources say they spent their leave time on an unknown planet that offered a wide variety of relaxing activities to do and was resplendent with beautiful beaches, forest getaways, and a city complete with an opera house. Reporters spotted Taybrim attending the classic Klingon opera “Aktuh and Maylota” with First Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau.

Few officers embarked on a ‘food heist’, dressing up as workers at a restaurant and sneaking into the food storage to appropriate items for a massive barbecue which was subsequently held that night.

“Well, I’d just like to say that it’s important to separate known facts from rumours and speculation.” Ensign Isaiah Andrews commented when asked about his involvement. “Was there a large-scale barbecue that night? I can confirm that much is true. Was the meat of particularly delectable cut and quality? Again, I can confirm the truth of that.”

Andrews continued, “Now, as to the acquisition of said meats, and whether it was actually ‘heisted’ or perhaps just ‘procured before official permission’, all I can say is that there’s just not enough evidence to confirm or deny any such claims, but I will go on record to say that the net result was such a resounding success that whoever masterminded such an event ought to be commended for his initiative. Uh, or her initiative. Obviously, we don’t know who it was, do we?”

As the crew and the base settle back into a routine, not much has changed. However, Taybrim is conspicuously absent, though no one will reveal why he has suddenly become so reclusive. More details as they come.


Written by Alora DeVeau

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