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Ensign Anton Richards: Homeworld of the Splurge

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OOC: I was posting specific quotes and I just kept laughing, so decided to post the whole thing.




((Holosuite, Deck 5, USS Thor))


Katsim: What is this?  


Fred: It’s our base.  Come on, move.  


Richards: I do like what you guys have done with the place!


Ted: Until we can verify who you are, you really need to keep moving…. Sir?


The man gave Peri a little prod, not painful, but enough to indicate that he wasn’t kidding and so the woman continued marching forward.  Under the watchful gaze of their captors, she and Richards were herded toward one of the buildings and inside. 


More soldiers were there, most in armour, a few people out of armour, but in clothing of the same hue and with the same insignia as the armour.  Around a large table, a mixed group stood, talking, though it stopped as soon as one soldier looked up and saw the prisoners, and he brought them to the attention of the rest of the group.  The tallest of them, his head shaven, turned and glared down at the newcomers.  


Frank: Did you two boneheads ever come to think that when I said “Don’t let anyone into the base”, that bringing two people into the base might be a bad idea?

Commander Frank looked his two guards up and down, as well as Anton and Peri.


Fred: We thought so, but…


Ted: Sir… he said.


Anton could see these poor guys were struggling, and after the whole guns to the head and pokes to the back, Anton wasn’t going to let this end just quite yet. So he waited a half dozen long seconds, While Ted and Fred scrambled for words.


Just when he was pretty sure Fred was going to pass out, Anton stepped in. 


Richards: Commander Sir. We have never met formally. Captain Cool Guy, Sir. Saviour of the galaxy and what have you. We don’t really have time for formalities here. Something bad has happened. I was on my mission from Admiral Peacebringer Sir, when…


Just then, Commander Frank shushed Anton.


Peri glanced nervously over at Richards, then at the commander, who continued to peer down at them, his eyes narrowing. Anton held his ground firmly, in this universe, Anton believed he outranked Commander Frank.


Frank: And who was this that you’ve brought with you. 


Anton looked up towards Katsim, he knew what she was going to say. He preemptively let out a sigh.  


Katsim: Peri. 


Richards: Commander... what Ms. Peri means to say is, “Supreme Commander Peri Protector of Good Things”.  I gave her a field promotion when she was forced to play a crucial role in negotiations with a Splurge Commander. 


Ted: You see Sir? We didn’t know what to do. 


Frank: I see… ::glancing at Ted and Fred:: and where did you pick up, our supposed leaders of peace?


Fred: We just found them in the forest, wandering around.   


Another glance was cast toward Richards, but Peri dared to speak up.


Katsim: We were trying to keep away from Commander...Splurge. 


Richards: You really should tighten up your defenses here, I have reason to believe there could be more of them around here. 


Ted: You see Sir? And then he says stuff like this, which makes me n’ Fred wonder. That’s why we brought him back. Sir.


Frank: I’m quite surprised that you would make such an accurate observation Captain, considering we are on the Splurge homeworld. I’d imagine you are correct!


He looked over Anton and Peri suspiciously once more.


Splurge homeworld? Anton thought to himself. That’s when he remembered what his friend had told him when suggesting the program. 


“Anton Man, Trust Me! Once you see the Splurge City over the horizon. You’ll understand why this is such a great program!


Just as Anton looked towards Peri, a voice cut through his thoughts like a knife, bringing him back into reality. 


Captain Versa: Commander!  What’s going on here?


The tension suddenly grew amongst the group, Commander Frank, Ted, and Fred were all standing at attention. Anton turned to see a tall woman, tanned skin offset by sharp, hazel eyes. Her hair was pulled back into a severe bun, and like the others, she wore armour, her helmet tucked into her arm. 


She was gorgeous, Anton thought, and just before the entire situation became a story about how Anton fell in love with a holodeck character. 


Her voice cut through Anton’s thoughts again. 


The three stood and saluted attentively. 


Captain Versa: At ease!


Frank: Ma’am. We have a situation.


Versa eyed the group up and down before her eyes, locked in on Anton. Her hazel eyes were glistening through… wait… are those tears? Then they were gone, and a strong firm look proceeded over the three.


Captain Versa: Commander, you are dismissed. Be sure to debrief your men, as you know this is classified at Peace Saviour Level 5.


Frank: But Ma’am. I think you should know that they…


Versa cut Frank off, this was good, because Anton wasn’t sure how he was going to explain himself. 


Captain Versa: Now!


Frank/Ted/Fred: ::Comically in unison:: Yes. Ma’am!


Captain Versa: Come with me.


She nodded towards Anton.


She turned and began walking into the direction of what appeared to be a large modular command centre located at the back most portion of the base.


As Peri and Anton proceeded to follow, she stopped once more and turned around. Now what Anton was perceiving in her eyes, was not sadness, or anything that would result in tears. What Anton saw was… Blatant jealousy. 


She looked towards Peri sharply.


Captain Versa: And who might this tag along be?


She glanced at Peri. 


Anton was a bit confused. He hadn’t progressed in the program enough to know who Versa was, but Anton knew that he was definitely supposed to know. 


Katsim/Versa: Response?


Richards: She has been crucial in my survival and in the mission against the Splurge.


Katsim/Versa: Response


[[Tags! & TBC]]


Ensign Anton Richards

Security Officer

USS Thor



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