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Commodore Jalana Rajel - Rest Now

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(( Federation Dilithium Mine - Backsim ))

The Saurian crouched down to sneak up to the area where the noise came from and peeked around the corner. His large eyes scanned the area. Jalana watched him with a frown, hearing more phaser fire and a loud thud. It took a moment before Camdar came back.

Trex: Two pirates, four officers: Pascal, Strixx, Manfredi and Vok. They are covered in blood and are clearly injured, two looked unconscious or dead. But the pirates appear to be in a frenzy and seemingly unimpressed with being hit by the phasers.

Nugra: Well, that's not a good sign.

T'Seva: Drugged?

Miner: Yeah sometimes they were like that, aggressive and reckless, like they were high.

Jalana thought back to a past mission when they had faced the Syndicate. Back then they had occupied a planet to harvest treesap that was the main ingredient for a rather popular street drug. 

Rajel: Hrm.. 'All time high' caused hallucinations and a high, but it didn't cause that reaction.

Nugra/T'Seva/Officers: response

Rajel: It would fit the description. If the highest stun settings don't work...

Nugra: We might be dealing with a different strain of something.

T'Seva: Blacklight? That causes aggression.

Jalana sighed and nodded. She didn't like that thought but she had to protect her people, if two of them were down and all of them injured they had to act now. And she knew she couldn't. She hadn't even been able to shoot at the man who had attacked her a while ago. She had to leave that to the pros.

Rajel: Do it. Shoot to kill.

She exchanged glances with both Nugra and T'Seva. They knew her well enough to know what that meant. Do it for me. She wouldn't but even if she wanted to, she couldn't. But knowing that they had officers down, Jalana would rather take care of them anyway. They saw their preparations and had to remind herself that it was necessary. 

Nugra: I recommend you stay near me or T'Seva, Commodore, so that you won't have to use your weapon.

She nodded to him, grateful for having her back like that and opened her Medkit to retrieve the Tricorder to have it ready immediately. The other medical officer did the same and they gave each other a nod. 

Rajel: Be careful in there everyone.

It usually went without saying but she felt better to do it anyway.

Nugra: On three.

A deep breath, listening to the groans and shots from next door.

Nugra: One.

A wild scream like an angry animal ready to pounce its prey.

Nugra: Two.

She could see Nugra's muscles tense up.

Nugra: Three!

And off they went. Jalana waited a moment with the other medical officer, allowing Nugra, T'Seva and the Security detail to draw attention first. Phaser and Rifle fire shot through the room. Jalana
turned to the medical officer.

Rajel: What's your name.

She really wanted to know for some reason. A sudden urge. There were so many people on the ship and no matter how much she tries she couldn't know them all. She wanted to know who she was working with. Why now and not earlier? Who knew.

Han: It's Soo Mi, Ma'am. Han Soo Mi.

The Trill nodded and smiled at the woman who reminded her of Ji-hu. Maybe they came from the same region on Earth.

Rajel: Call me Jalana. Keep your head down in there. Let's find the downed officers and get them out of the line of fire.

Han: Got it Ma... Jalana.

They nodded at each other again and then Jalana gestured for them to get in. She crouched down and entered the 'fray'. Looking around she immediately spotted one of the downed officers. She gestured to Soo Mi that she was going that way. A nod in return and Jalana moved quickly,  glad she had changed into pants, which made this easier. She slipped behind cover and peeked around the edge waiting for a pause in shots before she quickly rushed to the other side. She saw the Officer and looked to the raging pirates that kept the others busy. Soo Mi had found the other one and was on her way to him.

At the right time Jalana jumped forward, reached for the sleeve of the officer and pulled him behind cover. She knew very well it could cause injury if she did not check on him first, but if they remained in the line of fire they could both go down. The medical team could fix injuries but not death. But as she opened her Tricorder and looked down at the scan she realized she didn't have to worry about that. Her face hardened with a grim expression as her hand hastily wandered to his neck trying to find a pulse.

Rajel: Come on Vok. ::She mumbled and her fingers ran along the side of his neck, desperate to find just one throb.:: I didn't dismiss you yet.

But he didn't reply, didn't move and no matter how hard and where she checked for any sign of life, be it pulse, reaction in his eyes or other, there was nothing. If she interpreted the readings correctly, he
had been dead for at least five minutes already. A shot in the back. Jalana's shoulders slumped and she placed her hand on the man's cheek, patting it slightly.

Rajel: Rest now.

She whispered and bit her lip before she raised her eyes, staring at the piece of wall in front of her as she took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. If she cried now that wouldn't help anyone. The sounds of the struggle around her were a clear sign of that.

Davis: =/\= This is Lieutenant Lazarus Davis. Syndicate members, we have recaptured with facility. There is a Galaxy class starship out there, and the–the Theseus and Minotaur have been destroyed. You are at our mercy. Any remaining Syndicate operatives, lay down your arms and gather in the mess hall. You will not be harmed. All teams: shuttles have been signaled, prepare to return to the Constitution. Davis out. =/\=

The voice sounded weird, metallic and distorted but she recognized it as Lazarus. She hoped that the pirates would follow his words, she had the feeling that the ones in here would not. She saw though that they were confused. Definitely drugged. But then jumped back into action.

Nugra: Watch out!

Nugra's sudden shout made her look in his direction, she couldn't see what he referred to but he quickly moved and stood in front of Camdar and then a loud bang and an explosion rattled the room and threw her off her knees. Her ears rang and or a moment she felt disoriented but as she found grasp a thought again it immediately went to Nugra, then to the others.

It was silent now for a moment, then there was a groan, a woman. Who was it? She looked up from behind her cover. What she saw first was a mountain of lizardy skin with red wet spots. Blood! Her eyes widened and she was about to sprint off when she remembered pirates but she couldn't hear them. Carefully she rose and peeked over the edge and as she could not see them she stretched her legs and looked to where she had seen them last. It looked like the explosion had hit them as well, even if  they were still alive they would be suffering hell. Seeing at that they wouldn't fight her that easily she quickly rushed towars Nugra.

Rajel: T'Seva! Are you okay? ::calling out::

((OOC: Cleared that with T'Seva beforehand ))

T'Seva: response

Hearing her voice was a relief. She slid across the floor and came down on her knees next to Nugra as she called out to the other woman. 

Rajel: Check on the pirates. Make sure they don't attack us again.

If they were still able to that was.

T'Seva: response

She looked down at the Gorn and found the Saurian under him, but he was  already crawling out from under the mountain of a man. Jalana ran her tricorder along his body and exhaled.

Rajel: He is alive but badly hurt. He's losing blood, open wounds, organ damage, his blood pressure is unstable... ::She trailed off and then reached into the medkit to retrieve a hypo to stabilize him. She could see that he was unconscious but this would keep him out of it so he wouldn't move and make things worse.:: We need to get him to the ship.:: She looked up and two of the other officers who looked worse for wear nodded and ran out. She knew they would retrieve the antigrav units for transports.::

T'Seva: response

Rajel: Soo Mi what about Manfredi?

No answer.

Rajel: Soo Mi?

A small groan and Camdar had freed himself and was up on his feet, he limbed and didn't look good but he could walk and was rushing to the medic's side. He covered Jalana's view.

Trex: We're here... keep calm.

The words and the non reply alarmed Jalana and she got up to head over and there she saw it. Soo Mi was next to Manfredi, and a large shard of debris had hit her body in a way that it cut right through her. Her face was pale and there was blood, not enough for that kind of wound, but scrapes and cuts over her skin where other pieces of debris must have hit her. An unseemly Trill cuss came over her lips  and she dropped down next to her immediately taking her vitals that were rapidly dropping. She had internal injuries and there was no time to get her to the ship for the surgery she needed, she was fading already.

T'Seva: response

Rajel: Soo Mi, we are here. We'll get you back to the Conny you hear?

Soo Mi: ::barely whispering:: Manfre...

The Saurian had checked on his colleague and his huge eyes looked down to the medical officer. His translator doing all the heavy work today. 

Trex: He's alive. I'll check on Nugra let you know if his condition changes. ::With that he headed over to the Gorn.::

T'Seva: response

Soo Mi smiled, a shake of her lips and it looked a bit like a grimace, her body started to shiver, the pain spiking even on the tricorder display. Jalana put the tricorder on the floor and reached into her medkit with her free hand, trying to remain calm. She wanted to fight for her, make sure she would see the ship again. But if her work in the Emergency room had shown her something, it was that sometimes you
couldn't do anything. The damage was too extensive to do anything here with the means she had. If they had a field medic maybe. But they hadn't. The surgery needed had to be done on the ship and it would take over half an hour to get to it even if they hurried. Anything over 10 minutes would be too late. She hated it, but if she couldn't help her, she could make sure she wouldn't die alone.

Rajel: I'll give you something for the pain. ::The Hypo hissed against the woman's neck who visible relaxed.::

Jalana patted her hand gently and fought the tears, trying to smile for the woman who even now had worried more about Manfredi than her own.

T'Seva: response

Soo Mi's eye lids became heavy, Jalana saw her try to keep them open but in the end she failed. Her breath came ragged.

Rajel: You did well, Soo Mi. Rest. We'll get you home.

As if she had waited for those words the body of the young woman went limb and the only reason her arm didn't drop to the floor was that  Jalana still held it. Her eyes dropped to the Tricorder before she
closed the display and closed her eyes with a deep breath and carefully placed Soo Mi's hand down before she stood up.

T'Seva: response

Rajel: The injuries were too bad, she wouldn't have made it even to the shuttle. I didn't want her to go in fear.

T'Seva: response

The hurried steps of the officers pulled her attention and they brought the antigrav units in from the shuttle that was still waiting outside. They brought one right over to Nugra and began to work on putting him up on it. The surviving officers were able to walk so Jalana indicated where Vok was and stepped aside to make room to get Soo Mior too.

The Trill felt tired, and defated. But they couldn't just stand here and stop functioning. She raised her green eyes to T'Seva and reached out with a hand trying to grab her forearm for a squeeze.

Rajel: Let's get them home.

T'Seva: response

And that was what they did, in silence. The events of the day hanging in the air pressing down on them. Though she stayed at Nugra's side, constantly checking for his vitals. She was not losing him too.

Commodore Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
Image Team Co-Facilitator

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