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Resolution crew brokers peace deal after terrorist incident

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VIONUS IV — The crew of the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) has brokered a peace deal despite an isolated act of terrorism carried out on the ship.

En route to Vionus IV, the Resolution served as third-party mediators between the Thama and the Nascaik, both of whom claimed independent rights to the planet and its resources.

The talks broke down when Ashal Koas, an aide to the Thama delegate, committed an act of terrorism that blew a hole in the Resolution’s hull and left the ship temporarily disabled. This allowed Koas to kidnap the Nascaik delegate, Rossk Ar-Dev.

Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, in command of the Resolution and leader of the Starfleet delegation, called the experience “chaotic.”

“The bio-matter Koas used to disable our systems was actually really ingenious,” MacKenzie said. “Littered throughout the ship, and our systems never detected it as potentially hazardous. When she blew a hole in the briefing room wall and kidnapped Rossk Ar-Dev, the whole thing was literally over in the blink of an eye. It was very chaotic as we tried to assess what happened.

The crew of the Resolution pursued Koas and rescued Ar-Dev, but not before Koas took her own life. The crew determined the aide acted alone, motivated by a personal vendetta against the Nascaik delegate.

Back onboard the Resolution, MacKenzie brought both races back to the table to complete the summit. The deal called for a non-aggression pact between the two races, allowing cohabitation on the planet, and required both races to enter a joint research program that will allow for the mutual exploration of plights facing their respective peoples.

The Resolution now heads to Deep Space 224, where the crew will enjoy shore leave as the ship undergoes repairs and an evaluation of its security protocols.


Written by Addison MacKenzie

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