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USS Constitution wins out over Orion Syndicate in Shahar Nebula

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SHAHAR NEBULA — Under attack by two Orion Syndicate vessels, the Constitution emerges victorious but not without significant damage.

Composed of gas deposits and stellar nurseries, the nature of the Shahar Nebula obscures sensor readings and long-range communications and proved the perfect hiding place for the Orion Syndicate.

Dispatched to investigate unusual energy readings in the nebula, and the reduction in the production of a local dilithium mine, the USS Constitution was unlucky enough to stumble across the pirates’ hiding place and came under attack.

Separating into the saucer and stardrive sections to even the odds, and to protect the civilians on board, the Galaxy-class vessel found herself the victim of underhanded tactics as her shield harmonics were read and utilised to facilitate attacks, including from weapons the pirates were not expected to possess. A tricobalt warhead sheared off the port warp nacelle of the stardrive.

Employing some creative tactics of their own, the crew of the Constitution used the resources at hand to overcome the pirates before they themselves fell to the attack. Experimental dust interacted with the nebula’s gases coated one vessel and damaged its hull through continuous friction, whilst the severed nacelle itself became an explosive projectile which vaporised the other ship.

They rescued five survivors from the first ship before it suffered a catastrophic hull failure and was taken into custody. With the pirates defeated, the reason for their presence became obvious; the dilithium mine.

The Constitution had already dispatched a team to investigate the mine’s reduced production, and they had not heard from them since their departure. Their attackers dealt with, Rajel immediately turned her attention to their retrieval.

“We have people in a mine packed with pirates. I’d rather not have to wait.”


Written by Saveron

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